Winslow's Toy Shop is a toy shop formerly taken over by The Riddler. He used it to create Riddler Robots.


Riddler's Revenge

As Riddler planned to take Catwoman hostage, he created the Riddler Robots and used the toy shop to make more of the robots.

Catwoman's Revenge

After interrogating one of Riddler's informants, Catwoman snuck into the shop and tried to hack the security system only to find out she needed 3 key cards. After stealing the key cards she took out Riddler's thugs she found the robot factory and after fighting many robots she shut down the computer, stole Riddler's money and the factory self destructed.


  • Winslow's Toy Shop is likely a reference to Winslow Schott AKA the Toyman, who typically appeared as an enemy to Superman.

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