Two Assault Rifles in Arkham City.

A Weapon is any object or device that enemies, and occasionally allies, wield to improve their offensive or defensive capabilities. They ranged from simple objects, like Pipes and Baseball Bats, to firearms and explosives, like Shotguns and Grenades.

While in Asylum, City and Origins, Batman did not use weapons himself, and would integrate some of them into counter-attacks and Takedowns. Batman: Arkham Knight allowed players to pick up weapons from the ground, with the exception of Shields, Swords, Stun Batons, and obviously, firearms. Melee weapons provided temporary damage boost and the ability to punch through enemy defenses, but broke after a few uses.

Only Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Azrael could pick up melee weapons.

Melee Weapons

Those were simple Melee Weapons that some enemies used to either increase their attack range or their damage. They could be dodged or removed by disarming the enemy holding them.

Sharp Weapons

Those weapons dealt more damage then normal Melee Weapons and could attack multiple times in a row instead of just once. They could be avoided by performing a Blade Dodge and could be removed by disarming the enemy that held them.

Projectile Weapons

Essentially firearms, those were the most dangerous weapons in a one-on-one fight. There were upgrades that provided additional resistance against them, and in Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins, and also Batman: Arkham Knight they could be jammed with the Disruptor.

Thrown Weapons

In Arkham Asylum, the only throwable weapons were fuse boxes. Henchmen would have to remove them from the wall, but would not use them again if they were on the ground. They could not be countered, and it was difficult to dodge them.

In Arkham City and Arkham Origins, thrown weapons were counterable (by catching them and throwing them back at the throwing enemy), and more dodgeable. All of them could be destroyed with the Special Combo Disarm and Destroy. They also come in greater varieties, including:

  • Bricks and Stones: Thugs on the street would throw them at Batman to provoke him into a fight. Nothing could be done against these, although they dealt very little damage.
  • Wooden Chairs: they were easily broken once thrown or dropped.
  • Rocks: they only appeared in the Hell's Gate Challenge Map, and they were also broken once thrown or dropped.
  • Liquor Boxes: these were much harder. They could only be destroyed after being thrown and hitting the target, or with the Blade Dodge Takedown. They were still usable if they were dropped or if they missed the target.
  • Explosive Projectiles: these were not destroyed if dropped, but could easily be if being hit with a Batarang, Shuriken, Wing-Ding, or Bola, all of which would hit the explosive projectile instead of the thug holding it, which made them more destroyable than other weapons.
    • Fire Extinguishers: these were not destroyed if being countered, or being thrown and missing the target. Once destroyed, they released smoke and disoriented nearby enemies into punching the air.
    • Propane Tanks: these were destroyed once being thrown or countered. Once destroyed, the released blast would knock down nearby thugs.

In Arkham Knight, a playable could now pick up a throwable weapon and throw them to thugs, which made them much more destroyable. More throwable weapons were introduced:

  • China Vases
  • Cinder Blocks
  • AC Units

Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons were only dangerous if the player made contact with them. Some were lethal obstacles, while others triggered story sequences.

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