Waynetech Loop is a Batmobile AR Race Challenge, located on a hidden underwater facility. The race is part of the Waynetech Racetrack DLC pack. The race is unique; instead of the default Lap-based or A-to-B races, the player is put into an infinite loop inside a glass tube, and needs to pass all 15 checkpoints within a certain time limit.

The player needs to drive through the green area of each checkpoint to pass it. If they don't, they need to retry that checkpoint. The default Batmobile is Arkham Knight Batmobile.


  • Complete under 2:20
  • Complete under 2:30
  • Complete under 2:40


  • When attempting this race with the default Batmobile, It's Battle mode can be used to instantly stop the car, allowing tighter movement. This is especially useful when the player has more than enough time and the green area is mobile.
  • Avoid hitting obstacles. While this might seem obvious, if the player accidentally hits one while driving on a wall or ceiling, they might not have enough time to get back to the height required to pass the checkpoint.
    • However, if you need to get down quickly, hitting an obstacle can be useful.

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