Uncontainable is a Predator A.R Challenge map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It is located on Port Adams. It consists only of Militia Themed enemies, and was the first Dual-Play Predator challenge added to the game. It is a part of the Crimefighter Challenge Map Pack #2.

The playable characters are Batman and Robin.


  • Take out half of the enemies as Batman and the other half as Robin. (6 for both)
  • As Batman, lock an enemy into a room using the RHD, and take him out as Robin.
  • As Robin, order Batman to take down an enemy. (Dual play takedown)


  • In Story mode, a missing firefighter can be found on this location, surrounded by several armed Thug Themed regular enemies.
  • Before 1.10 patch, this challenge caused several game-breaking glitches on ones save file. A fix was released in October 26th. However, this fix only prevents the glitch from occurring, and anybody already affected had to load a Backup save file.

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