Throughout the years, Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, used several hideouts from where he led His Gang. While the buildings varied, they usually shared one common theme: Half of the building was always damaged by his gang, and the other side was left intact, to reflect Harvey's disfigurements.

Incident Report

Arkham City Incident

Harvey took over the Solomon Wayne Courthouse after he was transferred to Arkham City. This hideout included a vat of acid, in case anyone in his "Court" was deemed guilty and executed. Catwoman almost suffered this fate, but was freed by Batman.

After Arkham Knight Incident

After escaping from the GCPD Lockup, Harvey hid inside the Hell's Gate Courthouse, from where Robin found him. After Robin proved to be capable of Combat, he was taunted and shot in the foot by Two-Face, but still managed to take Harvey down while he was distracted by the P.A. system.

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