Trash Disposal is an A.R Challenge Map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It's located on the Hell's Gate Trash Disposal facility, and is unlocked after completing A Flip of a Coin Arkham Episode. The enemies consist of Default thugs, and one carries a detective mode jammer.

The default playable character is Robin.



  • Leave the detective mode detector until last.
  • Do not destroy any sentry guns
  • Shield Bash 2 enemies


  • Do not take sentry gun damage
  • Lock Three enemies into the control room (RHD Required)
  • No Multi Fear Takedowns


  • Do not take sentry gun damage


  • Do not take sentry gun damage


  • Take down two enemies with two rigged weak walls.
  • Do not take sentry gun damage.

Harley Quinn

  • Destroy all sentry guns
  • Do not take sentry gun damage
  • Only use loud takedowns


  • Do not take sentry gun damage
  • Destroy two blinded Sentry Guns

Red Hood

  • Do not take sentry gun damage
  • Do not use the Grapnel Gun
  • Shoot the Detective Mode Jammer enemy


  • There is no announcer. Even when using the Voice Synthesizer, there will be no-one talking, and the thugs simply walk to the ordered location.
  • Nora Fries's Cryotank can be seen trashed on a corner of the facility.

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