Titan Henchman
VenomHenchman 01
Biographical information
Full Name Unidentified
Occupation Henchman or Thug
Base of Operations Gotham City
Physical description
Hair Bald
Eyes Unknown (Normal)

Green (Titan)

Height unknown
Weight unknown
Game Information
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

The Titan Henchman first appeared in Batman: Arkham Asylum. He was a convict who was transferred temporarily to Arkham Asylum from Blackgate Prison.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Ark mansVenomHenchman 01

Batman facing the Titan Henchman in Secure Treatment Transfer.

The Titan Henchman was the first Boss opponent in Arkham Asylum. Since Batman could not match the creature's strength, he must rely on his wit rather than his fists to take on the Titan Henchman. He must stun him before this mutated experiment will be vulnerable to his attacks. The Dark Knight could throw multiple Batarangs at the beast and allow him to charge and crash into the wall, which temporarily stuns him. He can then beat the dazed Titan Henchman with his fists before the disoriented monster can react.

Upon losing Dr. Young's support on the Titan Project, the Joker allowed himself to be captured and sent back to Arkham Asylum so that he could start a riot, locate Dr. Young's notes, and complete the Titan Formula himself. After he was captured by Batman at Gotham City Hall, the Joker was driven back to Arkham, where a team of guards escorted him through the Intensive Treatment Center Lobby. While he was taken through the Holding Cells by an unidentified guard and doctor, the Joker broke free and released all the prisoners in the Holding Cells. Batman attempted to pursue him and was attacked by the inmates. As Batman fought them off, the Joker ran amok through the Processing Corridor, and killed the security guards in his way while his accomplice-in-crime, Harley Quinn, released all the inmates in the Intensive Treatment Center. Once the cell doors were unlocked, the inmates killed many of the asylum guards and followed the Clown Prince of Crime as he carried out his plans. Joker pumped his Joker Toxin into the Decontamination Chamber, which killed security personnel and inmates alike. Being Dr. Young's benefactor as "Jack White", the Joker was aware of the Titan Henchman's location in the Intensive Treatment Center. With an army of his thugs, the Joker invaded the Transfer Loop, and easily overwhelmed the three guards who tried to stop them. The mob proceeded to Secure Treatment Transfer. In the ensuing confrontation, most of the security guards were caught by surprise and overpowered. The brief confrontation left all the guards dead with the exception of one who managed to drag an injured colleague to safety inside a nearby guard booth and lock himself inside. The Joker dismissed his men and awaited Batman's arrival on top of the suspended transfer box which housed the Titan Henchman. Batman found the dead bodies and vandalized asylum property in the Joker's wake and followed the green arrows that Joker had spray-painted on the floor of the Transfer Loop, which pointed toward the seemingly locked door that led to Secure Treatment Transfer. As Batman approached the door, it opened, and revealed the Joker inside standing on the prisoner transfer box. Batman threw a Batarang at the villain, which missed. Batman vowed to find the Joker, who calmly replied: "Oh, I'm counting on it. Just not yet!" With that, the evil clown pulled a lever which unlocked the door to the prisoner transfer box, and released the enraged Titan Henchman. Furious at his long hour of captivity and with his sanity was truly lost to the incomplete Titan Formula, the Titan Henchman leaped onto the floor of Secure Treatment Transfer, and was ready to tear apart the only living thing in his view: Batman. The hulking monster blinked in the new-found light, but then quickly recovered and lunged for Batman. The Joker had arranged for Batman to follow him to Secure Treatment Transfer so that he could test his newest recruit on him. Fortunately for Batman, he was able to outwit the beast. The Titan Henchman constantly charged the Caped Crusader in an attempt to bowl him over. Batman dodged these charges, which allowed the Titan Henchman to crash into the wall and disorient himself. Even more angry, the Titan Henchman stormed toward Batman after clearing his head, resorted to picking up the deceased security guards' corpses and threw them at the Dark Knight, who escaped most of its attacks. In his fury, the Titan Henchman punched the floor with his massive fist when Batman attempted to draw closer. As the fight climaxed, the Titan Henchman sudenly grasped its chest. Staggering between the guard stations, the monster fell backwards and crashed to the floor, dead. After he used his Detective Mode, Batman realized that the Titan Henchman had, in fact, died from a fatal heart attack, that most likely brought on by the incomplete prototype Titan Formula. An interrupted passage of blood to his heart had doomed him during his battle with Batman. 

Ark mansVenomHenchman 02

Batman standing as the victor over the dead Titan Henchman.

The Joker was mildly annoyed by this failure, and remarking: "Note to self, need stronger test subjects." He then activated the transport cell which had previously housed the Titan Henchman to take him into Extreme Isolation. After the Joker's escape, Batman tried to follow him to Extreme Isolation, only to have the computerized transport systems be jammed by the Joker. After he found out that the Joker had used a corrupt security guard named Frank Boles to kidnap Commissioner Gordon (who was on the island to supervise the Joker's return to his cell), Batman left Secure Treatment Transfer to rescue him. The Joker went on to perfect the Titan Formula and create an army of his own super-powered henchmen to battle Batman.

Incident Reports

Arkham Asylum Incident

Once at Arkham, this convict was experimented on by Arkham Asylum doctor, Penelope Young for her top-secret Titan Project. The Titan Project was supposed to increase a patient's strength against some of the more strenuous treatments, but Young was secretly studying clandestine research on Bane. Young had Bane shipped to Arkham from Blackgate, where she strapped him down inside the Experimental Chamber of the Medical Facility. After she drained Bane of his steroid drug, Venom, Young began studying how to produce Titan, a much stronger version of Venom that was capable of causing similar results with a much smaller dose requirement. It turned people into hulking, raging monsters. As a side effect, it also temporarily reduced the user's reasoning abilities to Hulk-like proportions, and effectively drove them insane. When Young heard that the medicine dosage for the Blackgate Prisoners was permitted, she took one of the prisoners to test her a more Venom-like version of her formula on. This prisoner mutated into a hulking, ravaging, berserk monster with enhanced strength and surprising speed. Dr. Young confined the Goliath to a high-security treatment cell in the Extreme Isolation area of the Intensive Treatment Center while she developed a stronger version of the Titan Formula for her mysterious benefactor, Jack White.

Young eventually realized that "Jack White" was in fact the Joker, and he was trying to use her to create an army of mutated monsters to unleash on Gotham City. After a change of heart, Dr. Young tried to back out, and attempted to give Joker his money back. Meanwhile, the forgotten Titan Henchman, who was still transformed by Dr. Young's incomplete version of the Titan Formula, remained locked up in a high-security, metal transfer box in Extreme Isolation. Six armed and armored security guards remained on duty to guard the area from Secure Treatment Transfer at all times.

Arkham City Incident

The Titan Henchman did not appear, but Penguin, Joker, and Harley Quinn (later) were revealed to possess some of the Titan Formula in addition to actual Titan-enhanced thugs.


  • The Titan Henchman bore a striking resemblance to both Amygdala and Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow from Batman Beyond.
  • It's likely Titan Henchman are a stand-in for Amygdala.

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