Batman cold cold heart

The Thermal Gloves in action against Mr. Freeze in Cold, Cold Heart.

The Thermal Gloves are a new gadget used during Cold, Cold Heart. They were built into the XE Suit and were used by Batman to free people that were frozen in ice blocks, break through ice formations, and take down enemies.

Incident Reports

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

During New Year's Eve, Batman discovered that Mr. Freeze and Penguin's Henchmen possessed cryo-genic weaponry. To counter-act those new weapons, and the chilling environment within GothCorp, Batman acquired the XE Suit and used the Thermal Gloves. Batman used the Thermal Gloves to release the frozen victims.


  • After he weakened him, Batman defeated Freeze with a thermal-charged punch.
  • The Thermal Glove's heat got absorbed by the Batarangs in order to create the Thermal Batarangs.
  • Besides unlocking a few Takedowns based on the icy environment, they worked exactly like the Shock Gloves.

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