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Penguin on the roght


El-pinguino (1)

Biographical information
Full Name Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Occupation Restaurateur
Arms Dealer
Base of Operations Iceberg Lounge, Gotham City, Arkham City
Affiliations Hugo Strange
Solomon Grundy
Tracey Buxton
Physical description
Hair Black

Bald (Arkham Knight)

Eyes Blue
Height 4' 10" (1.47 m)
Weight 175 lbs (79 kg)
Game Information
Voice Actor Nolan North
Ian Redford (Arkham VR)
First Appearance Detective Comics #58

(December 1941)

Look around you. This horrible bunch of psychopaths are all begging to join up with me, but unfortunately for them, I only take the best. And today, best means whoever can kill you.
— Penguin to Batman

A brutal and sadistic crime lord, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot was known in the Gotham City Underworld as The Penguin who funded much of its criminal operations as one of its biggest black market manufactures. Directing his affairs from a dilapidated ship, the Final Offer, Oswald was seen as a reputable business man to the people of Gotham, but in reality, was a sadistic, mass murdering gang leader.

Cobblepot began to accumulate his power within Gotham City's criminal underworld, and began to build up his own forces to carve up a piece of the black market for his own profits and purposes. After he formed an alliance with Black Mask, the most powerful and sadistic crime lord in the entire city, who had put a $50 million bounty on Batman himself, the Penguin sought to crumble his competition, particularly the Falcone Crime Family and aid in killing the Dark Knight in order to consolidate his own power over the city. He served as a minor antagonist in Arkham Origins, the tertiary antagonist of Arkham City, the quinary antagonist of Arkham Knight, and the main antagonist of the GCPD Lockdown DLC of Arkham Knight.


Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot was born into one of Gotham's wealthiest families; a dynasty of generals, mayors, and industrialists. The Cobblepots were among the founding fathers of the city, however, a long-standing rivalry with the Wayne Family led to them encountering financial difficulties, and had them neglect their successful newspaper business in favor of a hotel chain. As a result of those difficulties, Oswald's father, Tucker Cobblepot, neglected his son, and packed him off to boarding school in London. Feeling abandoned, and ostracized by his fellow students for his grotesque appearance, Oswald skipped more and more classes, and preferred to associate with the criminal elements and other unsavory types outside of school.

Eventually, the family businesses, and Penguin's father along with them, went bankrupt, which gave Oswald a lifelong grudge against the Wayne Family, in particular the last member, Bruce Wayne, who Oswald saw as nothing more than a spoiled little rich boy. By that stage, Oswald had abandoned his education altogether, and preferred to educate himself into a criminal lifestyle in order to rebuild his family fortune.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

As an adult, Cobblepot established himself as an international criminal and arms dealer who was known as the Penguin, and returned to Gotham with plans to build a criminal empire within the city. Having purchased an aging cruise liner that was named the Olivia B. Meredith from a group of Somali Pirates, Penguin renamed it "The Final Offer", and exploited a legal loophole by selling weapons on-board, sales which would be illegal on US soil, but were perfectly legal on-board. He also used the casino on-board as an additional source of revenue, and cheated people out of their money. Penguin had, by that stage, developed something of a sadistic streak, and brutally killed anyone who had done something to wrong him, whether it be to fail in their duties as a henchman, or an attempt to cheat at gambling. The bodies of those who had wronged him were displayed in the Theater of his ship as a grim warning to others.

Penguin began to target his main rival for power in the city, Black Mask; both sought to usurp the grip that the Falcone and Maroni families held on the city. His assistant, Candy, revealed to him that Black Mask was actually billionaire businessman, Roman Sionis, and Cobblepot vowed to pay him a visit.

Arkham Origins Incident

Penguin. Not a dime changes hands in this city he can't tell you about. If anyone knows where Black Mask and his assassins are, it's him. But Penguin's hard to find. His men are doing a deal here. I'll make them talk.
— Batman reasoning that Penguin knows where to find Black Mask since the surveillance drone belonged to him
On Christmas Eve, Cobblepot had Alberto Falcone kidnapped and taken to the Final Offer in order to make his family get out the weapon's trafficking business. He also arrived at Lacey Towers, and intended to kill Roman Sionis in his safe house, but instead found the body of Sionis' girlfriend, Tiffany Ambrose strung up from a chandelier, and a body in a black mask lying at his feet. Checking the body for Sionis' tell-tale pacemaker, Cobblepot found nothing. While in the apartment, Penguin accidentally left his fingerprints on the wall after he stabbed the body with his umbrella, which lead the G.C.P.D. to think that he was behind the murder.

Penguin's first encounter with Batman in his office on-board the Final Offer in Arkham Origins

Not wanting to be found at a crime scene, Penguin fled back to his ship where, unaware that he was wanted for murder (especially when his men bribed the cops to avoid pressing charges), he proceeded to host his annual fighting tournament in the ship's Boiler Deck. Having heard of the arrival of eight assassins from one of his GCPD plants, he also proceeded to sell several of them various arms, including Bane's army as well as Deathstroke and Deadshot. He also dispatched Ricky "Loose Lips" Leblanc, one of his arms dealers, to supply weapons to one of the gangs. During the festivities, Penguin began torturing Alberto, but was interrupted by Batman, who began to interrogate him as he smashed him into a mirror on the wall in his office.

Penguin started to tell Batman about a murder at Lacey Towers when Deathstroke used his Remote Claw to drag Batman out, and attacked him in the Fighting Pit. Penguin watched the fight between them, but when Batman won, he slapped Candy's butt, and then locked himself in his office with Tracey Buxton and Candy and sat out the remainder of the evening.

Afterward, Batman called the cops to seize the Penguin's illegal weapons and used his weapon Disruptor to destroy the locks from being opened on 6 stolen weapon crates that he found out about from Barbara. Penguin's actions to Alberto Falcone also succeeded in forcing his father out of the weapons racket, which also increased his popularity among the criminal underworld, and resulted in at least one of Firefly's men to consider quitting and transferring to Penguin's job.

Cold Cold Heart Incident

Sometime after Christmas, Penguin encountered Mr. Freeze, and provided him with muscle in exchange for cryogenic weapons that GothCorp had been developing. On New Year's Eve, Freeze and Penguin's thugs raided Wayne Manor, and captured Ferris Boyle. Batman tracked them to GothCorp, where Penguin was waiting. On the way to the lab, Penguin and his men betrayed Freeze, and demanded the weapons in exchange for Boyle. Batman intervened, which gave Freeze time to retaliate. He froze Penguin and his thugs in place, and blocked the path. Penguin pointed Batman to finding a cryodrill, which he had sent his men to get at My Alibi. Later, Batman returned with the drill, and opened a path to Freeze. However, he left Penguin there, much to his anger. He was later arrested along with Boyle, and Freeze and taken to Blackgate Prison.

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident

Following the breakout attempt at Blackgate, the Penguin decided to use the opportunity to go on a recruitment drive, and hired the best and the most hardened criminals for his gang. Also, he intended to utilize the prison's munition supply in order for his gang to gain dominance over both of Black Mask's and Joker's gangs.

After taking over the entire Cell Blocks portion of the prison, Penguin hosted several cage matches between his men and Bronze Tiger, who refused to join his forces.

During one such fight, Batman managed to make his way into the Penguin's fighting arena. After a brief brawl with Bronze Tiger, Batman tracked down Penguin who was hidden in a deeper section of the Cell Blocks. After he caught up to him, Batman faced off against Penguin who ordered his men to kill him and sent his drones to detect him. After Batman successfully took down the Penguin, he told Batman that he was obviously one of the least most dangerous inmates there and there was no need to lock him up. Batman replied that although he was not a physical threat, he was still a master manipulator and schemer and: "someone who's more than earned their place in this prison". Penguin tried to reason with Batman again, but Batman told him that he was also trying keep the people of Gotham safe from his criminal activities and hung him up and left.

In the aftermath, Penguin bribed a guard to help him escape. The guard was cocky and rude to Penguin. Penguin then attacked him, and asked how many of his men were in the prison and how many were out of it. He obtained his trademark umbrella from the guard, used it to kill him, and then left.

Between Arkham Origins and Assault on Arkham Incident

During the years between the Christmas Eve Incident and the Arkham Asylum Incident, Penguin began posing as a reformed criminal, while in reality, he continued the arms selling business, became a criminal broker, and bought much of the Bowery, including the Cyrus Pinkney Natural History Museum, and turned it into the Iceberg Lounge.

Posing as an up-market restaurateur, Penguin became convinced that he had finally found the public acceptance that he had always craved from Gotham's in-crowd and elite, who saw him as a legitimate businessman. But beneath the surface of the Iceberg Lounge, a trendy nightclub that was converted from the themed restaurant of an old natural history museum, lay darker secrets, such as the nightly brawls to the death in the Gladiator Pit, massive stashes of weapons, and a chamber where those who had wronged Penguin were fed to a giant shark named Tiny. Below the lounge itself was a chamber that contained Solomon Grundy, a zombie-like creature which Cobblepot had used as punishment for his henchmen if they failed him.
He belched smoke and laughed, laying his cards on the table. A 3, a 4, a 5, a 6, a damn 7! A straight flush. Next thing I'm thrown out on the street, penniless.
— Zsasz recounting Penguin cheating him out of cards

Penguin would later inadvertently help create the serial killer Victor Zsasz. Zsasz was playing poker in the Iceberg Lounge and started to doing very well. He eventually worked his way up to Cobblepot's personal table in the back. Throughout the night, Zsasz was winning hand after hand. Then, Zsasz then went all in, thinking he would win with his four 6's. The Penguin taught the young man that the only person who wins in the Iceberg Lounge is the owner. Penguin cheated, pulling out a 6 that he had hidden. This gave him a straight flush of a 3, a 4, a 5, a 6, and a 7. He took all of Zsasz's money and kicked him out. This led to Zsasz's first murder, killing a man in anger because he demanded Zsasz's money.

One night, Penguin caught a man cheating at cards and tortured him in front of the crowd. The man's friend retaliated by smashing a glass bottle apart and running the bottom deep into Cobblepot's left eye, which blinded him and giving him the appearance of always wearing a monocle. Penguin, having had his assailant blinded and thrown onto the Gotham Freeway at rush hour, sought the finest doctors to remove the glass, only to be told that the attempts to remove it would potentially kill him. Cobblepot eventually became content with it, and believed that it gave him a more "unique" look.

He would sometimes call on Deadshot to kill anyone who crossed him, citing that he was the best assassin that he knew, and that had to be true as Penguin went by the motto: "I only take the best."

Assault on Arkham Incident

I heard you can get us into Arkham.
That I can, son. I've made arrangements to get you into the crazy farm.
— Penguin discuss his deal with Waller to Deadshot.

The Penguin was hired by Amanda Waller to supply arms to the Suicide Squad, and get them into "the crazy farm". However, he caught sight of Harley Quinn (a member of the group) and reacted with rage: she and the Joker had once stolen a truckload of cigarettes from him and had crashed it into the water "just for a laugh". However, Deadshot offered to kill Harley himself and pointed out that it would be bad for business if it was known that the Penguin had double-crossed his clients.

Fearing damage to his reputation, Penguin let the Suicide Squad go with the warning not to show up on his turf again. He gave them a one night stay in the upper floor rooms, and supplied them with whatever they needed before demanding them to "get out of his sight".

Road to Arkham Incident

Penguin was presumably arrested at some point and transferred to Arkham Asylum when it was re-opened. There, he was a patient of Dr. Young's. He got out of the asylum before the Joker's takeover, by presumably bribing his way out.

Arkham Asylum Incident

Since he was released before Batman had arrived, Penguin was not encountered on Arkham Island during the riot. However, his personal belongings could be found in the South Corridor in the Arkham Mansion as a riddle in the Riddler's challenges for Batman. It's possible that Penguin was never sent to Arkham and the display case was for evidence that the guards liked to keep on display.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident

When Quincy Sharp sent a notice to Cobblepot for his eviction from the Museum, he instead wrote an angry letter to City Hall and informed the Mayor Sharp that he would not leave. Hugo Strange sent the TYGER Guards in to evict Penguin, who had his men shoot three veteran officers in retaliation. Found guilty of murder, Cobblepot was allowed to keep his museum, which was then a part of Arkham City. Soon after being incarcerated in Arkham City, Penguin started to enlarge his own gang and met Lester Kurtz, who wished to join the gang after fleeing from the Joker's. Unlike Joker, Penguin didn't want to put Kurtz through any initiation, and just told him to follow orders and that he'll be paid. Penguin then turned to another thug who was named Grisby, and revealed a picture that showed him double-crossing him by giving information to Harley Quinn.

He then sent a panicked Grisby to "the man downstairs" and sent him down through a trapdoor. Kurtz asked him what was in the trapdoor, and Penguin simply replied: "Pray you never have to find out." Since Grisby had told the Joker about the raid on the security armory that was planned by the Penguin, he told his thugs that they would have to get the weapons before they got to the armory. Due to the unexpected appearance of the Joker's goons, Kurtz had to destroy the guns, and infuriated Penguin, but Kurtz was able to talk his way out of being sent "downstairs", and instead had his pay cut in half, and also made him lead a strike on the weakened Joker's hideout the next day. To be sure that he didn't escape, Penguin told his men to lock Kurtz up for the night, but Kurtz escaped anyway by knocking out the goons.

Arkham City

Wakey-wakey, Wayne! Oh, what's wrong? You need me to call your butler?
Ah, you remember me. I'm touched.
— Penguin taunts Bruce Wayne

Penguin was first seen when Bruce Wayne was thrown into the prison-city, and he knocked Bruce out with a

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Penguin00:41

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Penguin

stomp to the face. Penguin then took him into the slums, where he attempted to beat him with brass knuckles, but Bruce countered, broke his hand, and escaped after he took out Penguin's henchmen and Penguin himself. After his encounter with the Joker, Batman tried to go to Mister Freeze's makeshift lab in the old G.C.P.D building at Amusement Mile, and found out that Penguin and his goons had taken Freeze captive. After one of his goons let slip that Penguin had Freeze taken to the Museum, Penguin tried to lock Batman in the building, although Batman made it out due to acquiring the city's municipal codes for his Cryptographic Sequencer. Batman then made his way to the Museum, although Penguin tried to blow up some of the highway in the city, to ensure that Joker couldn't get the upper hand and cut off his forces.

When Batman made it to the Museum, he tried to hack his way into the building, and found out that his hacking device was not working properly because of three communications jammers that were set up by the Penguin. When Batman returned from destroying the three jammers, he found out that Penguin's goons were not only holding Freeze hostage in the War Room, but several undercover police officers as well, who were sent in by Commissioner Gordon. As soon as Batman came to rescue them, he entered the Gladiator Pit, where he witnessed one of the officers get shot from behind by Penguin with his umbrella. After Batman refused to be part of the Penguin's exhibits, the latter sent in the inmates that wanted to join his gang to take Batman down, as part of his initiation into his gang. After Batman had defeated the criminals, Penguin released a Titan Henchmen to finish Batman, and revealed that he had a supply of the Titan Formula. Batman was able to defeat the other criminals and the Titan Henchman, but found that Penguin had already retreated to the Iceberg Lounge.

Following him, Batman found that Penguin was using Freeze's Freeze Gun, and had already frozen three of the police officers, and left them for dead, but Batman was able to save them. Batman then found out that the gun had a protective shield that protected its user, which meant that he couldn't stop Penguin. Batman then went to find Freeze, who eventually revealed that Batman could use a weapon's disruptor in Freeze's suit to jam the gun, as well as take the shield down. After retrieving the disruptor, and freeing the rest of the police officers that were held hostage in the Armory in the process, Batman returned to the Iceberg Lounge, and was able to jam the freeze gun. A panicked Penguin wondered why the gun was not working, before being uppercut by Batman, who sent him into the air and down onto the ground.
Please! Don't hurt me!
I can't promise that.
Heh heh. Me neither.
— Pretending to surrender, Penguin reveals the ace up his sleeve
Batman hit penguin

Batman uppercutting Penguin into the air in the Iceberg Lounge after disabling the freeze gun with the disruptor

Penguin begged for Batman not to hurt him, but Batman told him that he couldn't let him go unharmed. Penguin then used a detonator which destroyed the iceberg pillar that Batman was standing on, and knocked down him into a room that was below the lounge, where he revealed that he had Solomon Grundy chained to a wall. After Batman defeated Grundy, Penguin attacked Batman with his grenade launcher. Batman was able to apprehend Penguin, however, and returned to the Trophy Room, where Mr. Freeze was waiting.

Mr. Freeze, wanting payback for the torture that he had endured, stomped on Penguin's already broken hand, which caused Penguin to scream out in pain. Batman ordered Freeze to stand down. Freeze obliged, but proceeded to grab Cobblepot, and smashed him into the exhibit in which a League of Assassins' Ninja was captured in. Freeze then told Penguin that he would regret what he did to him.

Penguin was then locked in one of his own displays (ironically, the one that he had saved for Bruce Wayne), and was not seen in the story after that. In the Museum, Two-Face's gang were seen making fun of Penguin for getting locked up in one of his own exhibits and claimed that Two-Face would be back. If Batman returned to the Museum after had Two-Face taken over, he learned that Penguin had hid himself behind the display and was not even noticed by Two-Face, and thus, saved from death.

After Arkham City Incident

As there were many people who were falsely imprisoned by Hugo Strange in Arkham City, Penguin was also released as a result. While waiting for the compensation from the city to arrive, Penguin returned to his ancestral mansion, which was now marked for demolition to make way for the newer buildings. He searched through the rooms as one of his thugs suggested that they wait for the money to come in before they try starting up a new business. However, Penguin was smarter than that; he cracked a floorboard and pulled out the deed to North Refrigeration, just the business they can use as a cover for shipping illegal goods.

Before Arkham Knight Incident

Your "puddin" is pushing up daisies.
— Penguin taunts Harley

At some point afterward, Penguin, alongside Two-Face and Harley Quinn, were called in by Scarecrow for a meeting. While waiting, Penguin proceeded to smoke one of his cigars in front Two-Face, with the latter threatening him to keep it out of his face. Penguin then proceeded to make a tasteless reference to Two-Face's origin, while both he and Two-Face were being called "bozos" by Harley before Scarecrow told them to stop. Penguin then noted his arrival with the implication that he was late, and stated it was about time that he showed his face (with Harley Quinn making a dark reference to the injuries Scarecrow had sustained from Killer Croc). After Scarecrow explained that they were present because they feared Batman, Penguin arrogantly told him that they knew and asked him to tell them something they don't know. The Arkham Knight then arrived and told Two-Face that killing Batman was his job. They then agreed to enter a truce to kill Batman.

Sometime later, Penguin expressed his dislike of the Arkham Knight, called him a cocky gobshite, said he wasn't the first Bat-fanatic to muscle in on their turf, and expressed that he had no intention of trusting him. He then blew off Two-Face's insistence that the coin said to give him a chance and stated that he'd rather look a man in the eye when making deals, and also threatened to kill Two-Face in spite of Scarecrow's ceasefire after the latter made a sarcastic remark about Penguin's height. After being told to let the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow run their army and chase Batman while they took care of themselves, Penguin told Two-Face that, getting his cut aside, he wouldn't have anything to do with the latter's bank heist, before being told to make sure that their men were armed and their guns were loaded. Penguin then agreed that he'd do that, for as long as the truce was in effect.

Sometime later, after a meet at the docks that ended in failure, Penguin discovered the sole surviving member of his group at the meet with a broken arm and noted that he seemed like he had a round with Solomon Grundy. Although thinking that the man had betrayed them, the man then explained that someone got the drop on all of them, with Penguin deducing that it could only have been the Arkham Knight, which the man confirmed. Penguin then proceeded to break the other arm, in response to the phrase: "don't shoot the messenger."

Arkham Knight Incident

Keep handing out guns to any idiot that shows up with a fist full of money.
— Penguin's orders to his men
Nine months after the events of Arkham City, Penguin, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, and all of Batman's other foes joined together to destroy the Dark Knight while under the command of Scarecrow. He sent Harley to Blüdhaven to rescue Poison Ivy, who was wanted by Scarecrow as part of his plans. Penguin remained in radio contact with Harley the entire time, and usually insulted her (mostly about her intelligence) or the Joker. Just as all the other villains had a specific role to carry out, Penguin's role was specifically to provide weapons and arms to the militia forces and the other villain crews, including Two-Face's, despite their mutual hostility toward each other. However, the Arkham Knight had ensured that there would be a truce between them by interrupting a planned double-cross to kill Two-Face's men during an arms deal and leaving only one survivor to tell his boss of the incident.

Penguin was smuggling guns from Gotham City to Blüdhaven, the home of Nightwing. Batman tracked Cobblepot down and interrogated him on the location of Barbara Gordon and the Arkham Knight. Oswald revealed that they were meeting with businessman, Simon Stagg. Penguin's men soon subdued Batman which allowed Peguin to escape. However, that came at the cost of the weapons cache being blown up by the Dark Knight, who had been saved by Nightwing. Penguin later got a call from another of his trucks, told them to lose Batman, and threatened to inflict bodily harm if Batman managed to find the cache. He also reminded them when they claimed that they couldn't see Batman that didn't mean he couldn't see them. Ultimately, they failed to prevent Batman from detonating the cache at Sionis Industries. Penguin later received a call from his third truck. Already irate at having lost two caches, he then angrily called them "sodding useless" and, after sarcastically accepting their apology, then proceeded to threaten to castrate them if Batman got to the third cache. He then blocked their calls, and was apparently being too irate with having to learn that Batman was pursuing them.

Penguin soon captured Nightwing who had snuck into his last weapon hideout at the AmerTek Building at Otisburg on Founders' Island alone, and then proceeded to make a video feed to Batman at the Water Filtration Plant revealing that, stated that he decided to "do a little taking of his own" in response to Batman's destruction of his various caches that night with the implied threat that he was going to kill Nightwing as revenge, and also hit Nightwing and called him a "cocky little bastard" after the latter told Batman that he found Penguin and that he's right where they wanted him. Batman soon came to his rescue and the two defeated Penguin's men, only for Penguin to hold Nightwing hostage at gunpoint just after Batman proceeded to rig the final cache to explode. Unfortunately for him, Nightwing escaped his grip and and he and Batman subdued Cobblepot before they blew up his weapon cache in front of him and knocked him out as Penguin angrily threatened to kill him.
Aww.... You look tired. Taking me down took a lot out of you, I can tell. There's only so much the human body can take before it fails.
Seeing you in here keeps me going.
— Penguin's attempt to taunt Batman backfires

Batman then imprisoned him in the GCPD holding cell. If Two-Face was imprisoned beforehand, Penguin said he should have told Scarecrow that it was a bad idea to involve him, only to be vaguely threatened by the latter. Penguin decided to talk business with Deathstroke, who informed him that if he lost a bit of weight, he could be a good combatant. He also made fun of Riddler, Deacon Blackfire, and Azrael. He was annoyed by Pyg's lack of concept about personal space, immediately telling him to back off.

Penguin also was alluded to in a hallucination of Joker's of the near future where Joker was forgotten, where it was revealed that the Penguin in one year's time would have usurped Joker's position of being the most well-known archenemy of Batman and even had a museum exhibit that was dedicated to him.

GCPD Lockdown Incident

What's going on down there? Why am I stuck in a lift with no lights?
We cut the power boss, like you said.
AFTER you morons! Cut the power AFTER I get out!
— Penguin yells at his blundering thugs
BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160302030524

Sometime after the Knightfall Protocol and the presumed death of Batman, Penguin's thugs stormed the GCPD Prisoner Lockup so that they could release him from police custody. That gained the attention of Nightwing (who had himself learned of the breakout when foiling several members of Penguin's gang's attempts at retrieving a stash of Penguin's illicit funds that Penguin had attempted to direct them toward earlier) who traveled from Blüdhaven to make sure that the Penguin didn't escape.

After the thugs secured his release, the Penguin entered the elevator and instructed them to cut the power after he got out. They did so too early and that trapped the Penguin inside the elevator. That also turned off the lights, which forced him to stand in the dark as his thugs worked to help him escape. When he attempted to hail the thugs, Nightwing, while posing as one of the thugs, proceeded to act like they can't do anything before mockingly revealing that "[the thugs] got [their] asses kicked." Penguin then recognized Nightwing with some disgust. While he was in the elevator, Penguin started to panic as the dark "Brings back bad memories". Nightwing turned the power back on (which also restored the lights in the elevator) after he dispatched Penguin's armed thugs and Penguin began to taunt Nightwing as his thugs arrived in a chopper in bust him out. Nightwing taunted Penguin back by telling Lucius to cut the lights to the elevator much to Penguin's anger and stress. After dispatching the thugs on the roof, Nightwing mimicked the voice of Penguin's thugs and told him that they had captured Nightwing. Excited to see him, and overwhelmed, Penguin got out of the elevator lighting a cigar, but looked up to see Nightwing perfectly fine and his thugs knocked out and he told Nightwing to "sod off" in defeat and got put back in the elevator. Penguin arrived back at the Lockup and Aaron Cash told Penguin it hadn't been the same without him as he took him back to his cell and he told Cash to "get stuffed" before being put back in jail and foiling his attempt to escape.

After GCPD Lockdown Incident

It was assumed that the Penguin was put on trial for his various crimes of gunrunning, conspiracy, attempted escape from prison, kidnapping, attempted murder and racketeering.


Penguin was known for his extravagance and brutality, and his brilliant and unorthodox mind naturally lead him to positions of power and respect. He demanded things done his way, and had an intense love of money. In his own words, he 'takes only the best' -- that went for weapons, equipment, assassins, and the like. That said, he felt the need to overcompensate for his shortcomings and comical stature through material wealth and violent outbursts. Penguin also takes pride in his aristocratic status and the influence and power on his family name in Gotham, speaking about it as if it were still happening despite the Cobblepots having lost most if not all of their influence. This also shows why he enjoys the very best; having lived a life of privilege, luxury and entitlement, it was simply a thing he got used to in his childhood and seeks to regain the power and wealth he lost through his crime empire. Though this makes his personality slightly sophisticated it does not hide who he is; a person who enjoys the suffering of others. His hedonistic desire for self-pleasure was displayed by how throughout the series he makes sexual advances on female characters, such as both of his female assistants Candy and Tracey Buxton, and an imprisoned League of Assassins Ninja in his display case.

The one thing Penguin craves above all else was the subjugation of everyone and power over everything, something which he could only achieve through fear and total control as to overcompensate his insecurities regarding his stature. This can be attributed due to his megalomania and Napoleon Complex and, being helpless for most of his life towards his father's abuse has caused his one and only desire to dominate over others, forcing them to be helpless so he can feel powerful. This can cause him to act extremely agressive, over dominative and ruthless towards everyone which leads him to flippantly shout out or even kill his own men over betrayal or irritations. He controlled his empire and men with fear, either intimidating them with a false cockney accent or brutal torture. Though he appears menacing and powerful, when faced with a truly powerful opponent, such as Catwoman or Batman, Penguin reveals that which he is; a grovelling coward. Despite this he has at times been defiant. A notable example is right when his final weapons cache had been destroyed, although he was being pinned down by Batman he managed to find the courage to angrily threaten to kill him and even provoked Batman to kill Penguin himself, or he would kill the Dark Knight, though it's unknown if he was serious regarding this. It should be noted however, that he reverted to his more cowardly mannerisms shortly thereafter, when Batman, while under the influence of the Joker infection, threatened to kill him out of irritation (though this only occurred if Batman still had traces of the Joker in him; otherwise, Penguin will remain defiant in large part due to his now knowing that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same due to Scarecrow's news reveal and Batman being cured of the infection).

Living a troubled childhood has seemed to have an effect on him. Behind his intimidating demeanour, Penguin is actually terrified of the dark, as apparantly he lived inside of a closet when he was a boy, and was extremely uneasy when while breaking out of GCPD, became trapped in an elevator which brought back "bad memories.' He is also shown to be very coarse, often using various curse words of British origin. He also is shown to be misogynistic and potentially homophobic (and also overall very offensive to various groups), as evidenced by his repeatedly referring to Catwoman and Harley Quinn by various terms as 'bitch' and 'harlot,' and also refers to his own forces as 'ponces' and also referred to Nightwing derogatorily as a 'fairy' twice, he also refers to the Arkham Lunatics as 'dribbling monkeys' in a discussion with Hugo Strange relating to his using them as target practice.

Penguin was also demonstrated to have a somewhat sarcastic demeanor, especially during the time of Scarecrow's attack. His sarcasm had been demonstrated twice: The first time was around the time where Batman is pursuing the third North Refrigeration truck and coaxing them into going to the third weapons cache, where Penguin when being called and apologized to by his minions as they're trying to flee Batman, he proceeded to "forgive" them just for saying sorry. The second time was while escaping from the GCPD, as, when his thugs are inquiring about his status inside the blacked out elevator, Penguin claimed that he was "having the time of his life" being trapped in the elevator. Both times, the thugs asked him if he meant it with a puzzled tone, only for him to scream what he actually meant (that he lost two weapons caches already, and threatening to castrate them if it goes up to three; and declaring that being locked in the elevator brings back very bad memories, respectively).

Physical Appearance

Arkham Origins

In Arkham Origins, Penguin was younger and had a half-full head of black hair. Like all versions of the character, he was short in stature and hefty in weight. He wore a custom brown coat with a collar that was lined with white fur over a silk button up shirt, along with black gloves, pants and shoes. He smoked a cigar and carried an umbrella, the latter of which was implied to come from a collection of such.

Arkham City

In Arkham City, Penguin was older. His hairline had receded significantly since Origins. On his eye was what at first glance appeared to be a monocle, but was later revealed to be the bottom half of a broken glass bottle that had been shoved into his eye during a bar fight at the Iceberg Lounge. As the result of either heavy smoking or an unspecified injury, Penguin also had a speaker in his throat. He wore a dark fur-lined black jacket over a button up shirt with a white cravat around his neck. After his fight against Bruce Wayne, his left hand was broken. It was shown in a cast for the remainder of the game.

Arkham Knight

Penguin's appearance in Arkham Knight had changed significantly. By that point, all of his hair was gone; or possibly he decided to shave off what was left. The voice box and pseudo-monocle from Arkham City remained, of course. His wardrobe was also significantly less elegant-looking; instead of the extravagant suits that he wore in previous installments, he wore a simple white button shirt with a loosened black necktie, as well as black pants with suspenders, and wore finger-less gloves on his hands. He was also shown to be wearing a watch on his wrist and a gold chain around his neck. His hand injury by Bruce was also healed.

Psychological Profile


Real Name: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

GCPD Profile

Initially affiliated with various street gangs and suspected of opportunistic fencing, Oswald Cobblepot is now believed to be the mastermind of an underground arms trade business. Additional alleged illegal businesses include a city-wide gambling ring, international arms smuggling, racketeering, and murder. Recent rumors also have him running an underground, unlicensed fighting ring. Several warrants exist for Cobblepot’s arrest, but he has never been served, due to a highly secretive off-the-grid lifestyle. Cobblepot’s name is not on the lease for any of his businesses, he owns no property, and pays no bills in his own name.

Of note: The only transaction Cobblepot has been officially associated with was the purchase of the Final Offer, an aging Somaliland-registered freighter believed to operate in U.S. waters.

Dr. Penelope Young 


Psychological Profile: Pushed into schizotypal behavior by an inferiority complex. Cobblepot's specific eccentricities revolve around an obsession with ornithology and intense ideation based around umbrellas. Even within the confines of the asylum, he has managed to create working umbrellas with "trick" features. Maltreatment by other inmates and probings into possible sources for his insecurities always trigger intense overcompensation on his part, in the form of rantings about his business acumen and misunderstood intelligence.

Additional Notes

His off-putting, antisocial behavior is frequently at odds with his need to be valued and admired.

He is compulsive about his sartorial appearance, which argues with his avoidance and denial of his physical shortcomings.

Dr. Hugo Strange

Oswald Cobblepot A.K.A Penguin

Extortion File


  • Criminal and financial mastermind
  • Driven by a need to prove himself in spite of his comical appearance
  • Employs various weapons, many based on umbrellas and birds
  • Possesses an enormous amount of power and influence over the Gotham Underworld, granting him access to impressive amounts of technology and thugs that rivals even that of the Joker.


Arkham Origins

  • "...the Bat Man? You expect me to believe that? Listen-I happen to know that the Bat Man's got way more important things to do tonight than mess with our shipment, and that's saving his own ass. So next time you wanna make up a story, you'd better hope the person you're tellin' it to ain't dumber than you are! Oh wait. That's right... THERE AIN'T NO ONE DUMBER THAN YOU!"
  • "I don't care what you think you saw. If you're not back 'ere with my money in the next ten minutes, I'll cut your damn eyeballs out. And then you won't have to worry about seeing nothin' ever again. Is that clear!?"
  • " Al right everyone, listen up. I know I oughtta cancel our annual Boiler Deck fights after what happened tonight in Jezebel Plaza, but just to show you what a nice guy I am, the fights are still on. So get yourself down to the ship right now if you want in on this. Do I make myself clear? Now get on down here. I ain't waiting for lagers."
  • "Welcome, welcome to this year's Boiler Deck fights! You know, I always get a laugh outta you first round lot. That's why I keep you boys 'round. Well that an' I need someone to clean out the pisser! An' don't think I didn't notice those of you who didn't bet on yourselves. You're either cheap or lacking confidence. Neither are desirable qualities. I'll sort you lot out after the tourney. But let's get started! Who's ready for some action?"
  • "Oh, come on ladies! Stop trying ta keep yer dresses clean an' fight."
  • "Come on, now. I've seen school girls with more grit!"
  • "That the best you can do? You hit like a ponce!"
  • "Miserable. You're all miserable ain't ya?"
  • "C'mon, son! At least make a show of it."
  • "Ooh! You are a wanker, aren't ya?"
  • "Kick 'im in the 'ampsteads!"
  • "Crack on, now."
  • "Alright lads, the rest of you losers-to-be, are gonna have to embarrass yourselves without me. God knows you can do it. I got some business to take care of in me office, and I don't want to be disturbed. Tracey'll be running the fights till I get back."
  • "Now where were we, Candy?"
  • "Now you best listen, Falcone......'cos this is the last time I'll ask'."
  • "What are you gonna tell yer father?"
  • "I see your lips flappin, Berty, but they ain't makin' the sound I want to hear."
  • "You idiots better kill him-cos if not, you better 'ope he kills you."
  • "Punch him in the FACE!"
  • "Don't stand there! Kill'em!"
  • "What are you waitin' for!?"
  • "Are you waitin' for a personal invitation?"
  • "Kill'em you bloody wankers!"
  • "C'mon now! Remind me why I pay you ponces!"
  • "Kick his arse you numpty prats!"
  • "Now hold on, hold on a bloody minute!"
  • "I seen your act. I ain't done nothing you'd not'a done."
  • "I don't keep tabs on every geezer with a grudge. You're not a popular bloke in this town."
  • "Eck...Wait-Wait...Lacey Towers. There was a murder...It was supposed to be his safehouse...But Ol' Black Mask-e's got problems of'is own, I'd say. Someone broke in there and-"
  • "Nice seein' ya, Batman. Feel free to let yourself out."
  • "You'll have more luck gettin' into a nun's skivvies than gettin' into this room. Go on, then. Beat it a bit harder. Really make me feel it."
  • "Well, as you can see, I got me 'ands full. 'ave a Merry Christmas, and piss off."
  • "Candy? What a treat! Where you been, luv?"
  • "Ah, yes. Catch anything interesting?"
  • "Oh?"
  • "Now, what would Roman want with that lot, I wonder? I think it's time to break out some our new hardware. We need to keep an eye on our friend, Black Mask."

Progress of henchmen

  • "You're curdling the herd, Batman. Taking out my weak links. Apparently there's a lot of weak links in that room."
  • "I never knew my mutts were poodles." (Deathstroke)
  • "You worthless poppets are getting exactly what you deserve." (Deathstroke)
  • "I'm starting to think I'm gonna fire the whole lot of ya!" (Deathstroke)
  • "And why are we losing?" (Deathstroke)
  • "Look. There's three of you. And only one of him. So I don't care how you do it. Just KILL him." (Batman)
  • "You two? Against the Bat? Oh, bloody 'ell."
  • "Already down to two are we? Don't worry, Batman. Plenty more where they came from."
  • "Do me a favor, Batman. Put these last two out of their misery so I don't have to listen to their bloody whining."
  • "Oh, I've got plans for you, Batman. BIG plans."
  • "You don't think I'm gonna forget this, do you Batman?"
  • "So. Last of the lot. And from the sounds I'm 'earing, my guess is, this won't be your finest moment." (Batman)
  • "Alright, son. Now is your chance to shine. So wipe away those tears and do your bloody job!" (Batman)
  • "My last three men." (Deathstroke)
  • "My last three. Oh, you're gonna pay, Deathstroke. You're gonna pay."
  • "My last two men. To hell with you, Wilson!"
  • "My last two. Oh, I'm gonna make you suffer, Deathstroke."
  • "You haven't beaten me yet, Deathstroke. I still have one more gutless mutt up my sleeve."
  • "It would seem, you sir, are the last lump of stupid standing. Good luck. I mean it." (Deathstroke)
  • "Listen now. Don't give up. A thousand Benjamins for the mercenary's head."
  • "Wonderful display, Wilson. Just wonderful."
  • "Lovely show, Slade! Lovely show!"

Predator Broadcasts (Terrified)

  • "I had no idea you were a lot of cream-puff, poncey wankers!"
  • "Oh man up, you numpty prats!"
  • "You mugs quite your moaning, or I'll come down there and give you something to moan about!"
  • "Well, it's only a matter of time now, ain't it? Bloody 'ell." (Batman)
  • "Careful, Batman. The terrified and desperate can be unpredictably lethal."
  • "Oh, please. Just finish 'em off so I don't have to witness anymore of this debacle." (Batman)
  • "Insolent cretins! Feed him to the fish, or I'll feed you to the fish!" (Deathstroke)
  • "Gutless morons! I want him in pieces!" (Deathstroke)
  • "Insolent, gutless, dribbling toads! I want Deathstroke dead. Now!"
  • "You bloody toads! I'll make you pay for your incompetence!" (Deathstroke)
  • "I'll use simple words to make sure you cretins understand. Get Deathstroke!"
  • "Warrior's code. Bullocks! Just kill 'em, I don't care. They're damaged goods anyway."
  • "What is this code you live by, Slade? Is it true? Do you save the "Deathstroke" for the worthy?"

Cold Cold Heart

  • "If this goes sideways, you come runnin'."
  • "I know you won't. Boyle's got the codes you need, an' I ain't givin' 'im up 'less I get what he's givin' ya."
  • "What I'm interest in is the weapons I was promised. I know you're holdin' out on me."
  • "Oh-ho! I think you're confused about what is about to 'appen 'ere."
  • "As soon as you show us that big fishbowl, my boys'll blow it open."
  • "And if that don't work, I'll be sure to blow your precious code right out of Mister Boyle's 'ere's brains."
  • "Gettin' what I was promised ain't got nothin' to do with gettin' what I want."
  • "Bloody'el. You're supposed to be the genius, aren'tcha? And you think you can out-muscle me? 'Ave a look around!"
  • "Yeah? So? SUE me! AFTER you give me what's hidin' in that back room, of course."
  • "You again!?" [to Batman]
  • "You. This is your fault. You get me out a'this!" (Batman)
  • "Boyle's got codes he needs access some kind of a'superweapon. And now you let'em have it!"
  • "Yeah. Yeah. Look-you want to save our friend, Mister Boyle, yeah? But you'll never break through this ice. GothCorp has a device.. a uh-it's like a drill-a cryodrill."
  • "I 'ad my men bring all our-acquisitions to the My Alibi night club. For safekeepin', of course."
  • "What are you waitin' for? Get to My Alibi, get that drill and get back here!"
  • "All those assassins and he still ain't dead. It's like a bad joke." (Batman)
  • "You gonna just stand there? I'm gonna freeze t'death!"
  • "You wanna save Boyle? You're gonna need that drill."
  • "You know what I'm gonna do when I out a'here? I'm gonna 'ave Candy pour me a nice, hot bath. And then I'm gonna drown you in it!"
  • "Are you completely and utterly dense?"
  • "Get-get over 'ere you numpty bugger! Put your scrawny little neck in my 'and so I can strangle some sense into you!"
  • "You're gonna get me out a'this damn iceberg?"
  • "But-you can't leave me here. I'll freeze to death."
  • "Oh. So, you come back to gloat, 'ave ya? I'll 'ang you with that bloody cape. You 'ear me!?"
  • "Let's be reasonable. You're not gonna let me die 'ere now are ya... Are ya?"
  • "I'm gonna make your life a livin' 'ell. You hear me you pointy-eared freak!?"
  • "C'mon, Batman. You got a price, yeah? Name it-it's yours."
  • "You can't leave me 'ere, Batman. I'm freezin' to death!"
  • "You're a cold-hearted bastard, you know that."

Arkham Origins Blackgate

  • "Batman! Welcome to my arena!"
  • "Much more entertaining than the usual exercise hour in the yard, I think you'll agree!"
  • "Your timing is perfect! We're fresh out of prison guards to challenge our reigning champion...Bronze Tiger! Simple rules, gentlemen-the one that doesn't die keeps fighting!"
  • "Tiger, you became my toy when you declined to join the ranks of my soldiers!"
  • "'s play or die!"
  • "Enough gabbin'! TO THE DEATH!!!"
  • "Come on! Finish him off! Do it!"
  • "Oh Turner, you fool! Don't dance with him! Kill him!"
  • "Come on! Show him what you're made of!"
  • "Punch him! Kick him! Do something!"
  • "Hope you learned your lesson, Batman!"
  • "To the death, Batman! Finish him!"
  • "This is my arena, Batman! You're my toy to play with!"
  • "Get in there! Make him pay for defying me!"
  • "Kill them both!" (after Penguin got shot in the arm by Bronze Tiger)
  • "Hurry, you fools! At this rate, I'll finish my entire sentence waiting for you!"
  • "Finally!" (after the munitions door unlocks)
  • "Wrong, Batman...I've claimed this turf, and you're the one who's trespassing!"
  • "With what's beyond this wall, I have everything I came to Blackgate to find!"
  • "Then I'll show everyone who thought I was finished!"
  • "Only the strong survive, like back in my arena! And I intend to survive!"
  • "I've got a name for you lad from where I come from, pansies!"
  • "Oh, please! Just finish them off so I don't have to witness anymore of this debacle!"
  • "You really think you're a match for my men?" (laughs)
  • "You messed with the wrong Cobblepot!"
  • "I'm sure we can be reasonable about this, Batman."
  • "I'm talking common sense...I mean obviously, I'm one of the least dangerous blokes in here."
  • "I mean, heh heh...look at me!"
  • "Aww, you flatter me, Batman."
  • "But what reason could there be to cage a poor, flightless bird like myself?"
  • "Down, you fool! Get me down!"
  • "As long as I'm paying you, I'll speak to you however I please, fool."
  • "Now, did you bring what I requested from the prisoner belongings lockup?"
  • "At least you've done one thing right today."
  • "You know, I thought it'd be easier to run my empire from in here than outside, where the Bat could interfere."
  • "Aw, well, I have many bases of operation in this city. How many men do we have?"
  • "I think you mean eleven." (kills the bribed guard that freed him with his umbrella)
  • "And hopefully they won't have as much trouble taking orders as you did."

Assault on Arkham

  • "Right. Right. Come in."
  • "Welcome to the Iceberg Lounge. I'm just finishing my supper."
  • "Lawton? I never pegged Deadshot for a team player."
  • "That's a good one!"
  • "This man is the best assassin I have ever seen, and I only work with the best." (Deadshot)
  • "I can, indeed."
  • "I've made arrangements to sneak you into the crazy farm. Follow them to...You!" (Harley Quinn)
  • "Clown!" (Harley Quinn)
  • "You cost me money, Funny Girl. Her and her loony boyfriend lit my truck of cigarettes and drove into the river just for a laugh!" (Harley Quinn and Joker)
  • "Nobody steals from me and walks away. It's bad business, luv." (Harley Quinn)
  • "Get her out of my sight, Lawton." (To Deadshot about Harley Quinn)
  • "There's your files. Rememorize the contents. You can grab some shut-eye in the rooms above."
  • "You deploy tomorrow night under the cover of darkness, and then I never want to see any of you on my turf again." (The Suicide Squad)
  • "Now get the hell out of here!"

Arkham City

  • "Well, look who it is." (Bruce Wayne)
  • "Welcome to hell, Brucey-boy."
  • "Nighty-night." (Bruce Wayne)
  • "Lights out, rich boy!" (Bruce Wayne)
  • "Wakey-wakey, Wayne!"
  • "Oh, what's up? Do you need me to call your butler?"
  • "Aw, you remember me. I'm touched."
  • "Your family destroyed mine, Wayne. This...well, let's just call this good, old-fashioned revenge."
  • "GET HIM!"
  • "Ah! Hurt him! I think he's broken my bloody hand!"
  • "Do you know who I am!? Open this damn gate now!"
  • "When this lot is done with you, I'll personally break every bone in both your hands!"
  • "Someone! Open this freakin' gate!"
  • "You're gonna pay for this, Wayne!"
  • "Get this gate open! Now!"
  • "Don't let him get away!"
  • "Help! Get me out of here!"
  • "I knew you were too chicken to face me, Wayne!"
  • "Go on! Run! Climb like a bloody monkey. It won't do you any good! I own Arkham City! You hear me? I own this town!"
  • "You can't run! You can't hide. I'll have a thousand people out looking for you and when they find you, you're going in my collection! Understand?"
  • "Can you hear me? What's going on? Oh, for the love of..."
  • "If any of you idiots at the GCPD are still capable of breathing, switch to channel Puffin-Zero."
  • "Do you understand. Puffin-Zero, now!"
  • "Good. Make sure it stays that way."
  • "Let's get this straight. Are you telling me that you all are so incompetent that you need me to come down there and help you search a room?"
  • "Well, it sounds like that's what you're saying."
  • "Good. Oh yeah, one last thing. I hear Batman's coming your way. Good luck."
  • "Keep him busy. I've shut down all access to the GCPD. He's not going anywhere!"
  • "I'll have to cut that tongue out of your head, boy. I don't like people tellin' tales on me."
  • "You can 'ave him, Batman. I'm safe and sound here in my Museum. Try and get me if you like."
  • "I've got plenty of surprises ready for you if you do, starting right now."
  • "See, I told you it would work. Blow the bridges and cut off the clown's forces. Easy."
  • "So?"
  • "And your point is?"
  • "Try to take some of them down before you die, son."
  • "I don't think I want you breaking into my little home, Batman."
  • "What's going on out there? One of the jammers' signal's disappeared!"
  • "Well find out! And while you're doin' it, make sure the other jammer's safe or I'll find you and I'll stick what's left of it up your..."
  • "Batman's done something to the jammers up top! Where are the rest of you idiots?"
  • "Just set it up wherever you are. Do it now! Batman's probably on his way down there! Understand?"
  • "What the hell is happening down there? Hello? Is someone going to answer me? I give you one simple task: stick up a couple of freaking machines. And what? You couldn't even get that right? I hope Batman broke every body in your stupid bodies. I hope you're lying there, desperately trying to breathe through fractured ribs and punctured lungs. If you're not, you'd better summon up whatever strength you've got left and run, 'cause after I'm done with the Bat, you're all next!"
  • "I wouldn't do that if I was you."
  • "Show 'im what we've got."
  • "So Batman, you'ere for the cops? The Ice-man? Or me?"
  • "Aren't you scary?" (Batman)
  • "Am I really?"
  • "Listen, I'm what you might call, a collector."
  • "If someone wants it, I like to think... I've got it."
  • "And if I don't have it, I'll get it."
  • "So here's the thing. Back there, I've got a cabinet with your name on it, just waiting to be filled. And as luck would have it, here you are, standing just where I want you." (Batman)
  • "So, what you do think? Are you going to be a good boy and give up nicely?" (Batman)
  • "I was hoping you'd say that. Look around you. This horrible bunch of psychopaths are all begging to join up with me, but unfortunately for them, I only take the best. And today, best means whoever can kill you." (Batman)
  • "Come on out, lads. It's initiation time!"
  • "Maybe you all didn't hear? If you don't kill him - then you don't get to work for me!"
  • "The only way to get in my nest is to kill Batman. You understand?"
  • "It's like you're not even trying. It's simple. Kill him, join me."
  • "I don't pay you lot to dance, I pay you to fight. So, fight!"
  • "What are you waiting for? Hurt him!"
  • "C'mon! Put some effort in!"
  • "Kill him! Kill 'im! Kill HIM!"
  • "Get 'round him! Hit him!"
  • "I want to see his face."
  • "Show-me-his-face!"
  • "Kill him! Kill him!"
  • "Hurt him!"
  • "You weren't supposed to do that, Batman."
  • "You're forcing me to bring out the big guns."
  • "Aw! He's doesn't look happy to see you, Batman! Good luck!"
  • "Stay where I can see you, Batman."
  • "You wouldn't believe the fight the old snow man put up. Still, I got what I wanted. That's all that matters." (Mr. Freeze)
  • "Hold still, boy!"
  • "When you're done in here, feel free to join me in the Iceberg Lounge so I can kick your arse again."
  • "Enjoy the copsicle!"
  • "Sorry about that Batman. Have you met my little friend down there?"
  • "Meet Tiny. Who'da thought a big fish could be so useful? Not me, that's for sure."
  • "He's like a mobile garbage truck. Whatever I drop in that tank, just...vanishes. Poof. Problem gone."
  • "Hello, Batman. Can you hear me? 'Course you can."
  • "Thought you'd like a little entertainment to go along with the ice skating."
  • "Tell him your name, son."
  • "Oh! This piggy's still got some life in 'im. Good. Let's hear him squeal."
  • "What you're hearing is the sound of an undercover cop having his fingers frozen to sub-zero temperatures."
  • "Now, I wonder what would happen if I take this hammer and..."
  • "Well, what do you know? His whole bloody hand explodes."
  • "You better, son. Batman's on the way and the last time I saw him, he didn't look very happy."
  • "Tell the boys there's an extra hundred grand in it for whoever brings him in alive."
  • "Hello, Batman! I know it's you! What is it? Finally grown a pair and come to find me?" *"Well, good luck!"
  • "You again? What's wrong with you?"
  • "Don't you give up, Batman?"
  • "This place is mine, Batman. Piss off outta here!"
  • "Watch the birdie, Batman!"
  • "You can't win, Batman!"
  • "Stay still, you wanker!"
  • "Hold still, you wanker!"
  • "You're mine, Batman!"
  • "Hold still, Batman!"
  • "Stay still, Batman!"
  • "Tell you what, Batman. I'll give you this one for free."
  • "Come and 'ave a go. If you're not scared, that is."
  • "What is it? You think you can beat me?"
  • "Come on then, son. Give me your best!"
  • "What?" (Freeze Gun disabled)
  • "C'mon, fire, damn you!" (Freeze Gun disabled)
  • "What the hell is wrong with this thing?" (Freeze Gun disabled)
  • "Stay back, stay back!" (Freeze Gun disabled)
  • "Stupid. Piece. Of. Crap." (Freeze Gun disabled)
  • "Go in, damn you." (Freeze Gun disabled)
  • "What the hell is wrong with you?" (Freeze Gun disabled)
  • "Come on." (Freeze Gun disabled)
  • "No! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me."
  • "Me neither."
  • "I tried to help you, Batman. I gave you the opportunity to end this and walk away, but oh no. You had to be the big man."
  • "Well, guess what? From up here, you look pretty small."
  • "Aw! Don't look so sad, I've got a little surprise for you down there."
  • "I found him down there when I bought this place. Comes in handy!" (Solomon Grundy)
  • "Looks like you made him angry, Batman. Good luck with that." (Solomon Grundy)
  • "I don't think you wanted to do that, did you? Oh, well." (REC on Solomon Grundy)
  • "Enough with the bloody explosives! I mean it!"
  • "Those things are antiques! Leave 'em alone!"
  • "No! What the hell are you doing?"
  • "What the hell are doing?!"
  • "Stop that!"
  • "No!"
  • "Oh, you're asking for it now, Batman! Let's see how much that ugly son of a bitch can take!" (Solomon Grundy)
  • "Oh, that looked like it hurt, didn't it? Good job that bugger's immortal!" (Solomon Grundy)
  • "What have you done? You little... You can't kill him! You can't!" (Solomon Grundy)
  • "Well what do you know? You really can't kill that bastard!" (Solomon Grundy)
  • "Oi!"
  • "Just you and me left! The Bat vs. the Bird!"
  • "Well, look who it is. Mr. Fr..." (Mr. Freeze)
  • "This isn't over!"
  • "I'm a patient man. I can wait!"
  • "You're going in my collection, Batman. I always get what I want."
  • "My family used to own Gotham. It will again."
  • "I'll take this all back. Just wait and see."
  • "Laugh, boy. I'll get outta here, and then you are gonna regret this." (Two-Face's Henchman)
  • "What!?" (Two-Face's Henchman)
  • "He wouldn't dare." (To Two-Face's Henchman about Two-Face)
  • "You tell Harvey that even if he sets one foot in this place, I'll kill him. I'll tear him in half, though, he'll probably like that, won't he?" (To Two-Face's Henchman about Two-Face)
  • "Piss off!" (Catwoman)
  • "Please, don't hurt me! I didn't mean it." (Catwoman)
  • "Well, look who is back to see me. What's up, Batman? Did a little bird tell you that Two-Face was back?"
  • "Who do you think you talking to? Oswald Cobblepot doesn't hide from anyone, understand? He just... he just didn't see me." (To Batman about Two-Face)

Museum Cases

  • "The joke is definitely on these losers! Tell me, what do I need to do to stop you sending these goons into my home, Joker? Kill you?" (Joker's Henchmen)
  • "A little bird told me that Bruce Wayne is on his way to be a part of my collection. When I get my hands on that spoiled little rich kid, I’ll make him regret what his family did to mine." (Bruce Wayne's Exhibit)
  • "Now this little minx is a real puzzle. Where did she come from? How did she kill eight of my men before we managed to hold her down and beat her into unconsciousness? All I know is... I like her pajamas." (League of Assassin's Ninja)
  • "Hugo Strange is watching you! Yeah, right. Pity he wasn't watching this TYGER Guard when we went to work on him with blow torches and iron bars."
  • "This will be the jewel of my collection! Coming soon!... the Batman!"
  • "Take a good look into the eyes of a monster! A deeply disturbed serial killer, a man responsible for the murder and subsequent mutilation of over one hundred men, women and children. You are looking at... Zsasz!" (Victor Zsasz)
  • "Don't send your boys over here Harvey. Next time I’ll cut 'em in two... come to think of it, you'd probably like that, wouldn’t you?" (Two-Face's Henchmen)
  • "Press the button and watch the puppet dance." (Scarface)
  • "This is all that's left of a man who spent too long in the shark tank."
  • "Can you smell that? That's the smell of someone who tried to steal from me and spent four hours in a hot oven as punishment."
  • "Recognize Joker's pets? Me too. That's why I had them shot and stuffed!" (Bud and Lou)
  • "This is what happens when you try and get clever with me. Look closer! Do you want this to happen to you?"
  • "This one's just waiting for the clown's girlfriend to show up. She'll be good for minutes of entertainment before I cut her head off!" (Harley Quinn)
  • "A prize-winning cryogenic scientist pushed to the edge of sanity by a desire to help his poor, dying wife... Or an old man, captured by me and stuck on the grill?" (Mr. Freeze)
  • "The Clown Prince of Crime... Bah! This guy needs putting down like a sick puppy. He's been an inconvenience to my operations too long and to be honest, I really don't find him that funny." (Joker)
  • "Who doesn't like machine guns? These little beauties fire over 100 rounds a minute and even better, are so inaccurate, you don't even need to try. Just pulling the trigger means somebody in the room will be lying in a pool of blood in seconds."
  • "You are looking at the world's most advanced refrigerator. Stick a sickly scientist inside it and you've got Mister Icebox himself." (Mr. Freeze's Suit)
  • "Look at all these lovely shotguns. I remember when these was all you needed to rob a Gotham bank or two."
  • "These sniper rifles can blow a single hair of a man at a thousand yards. Aim a little lower, and there won't even be a head left."
  • "Use these grenades to flush out all the dirty little vermin that likes to hide in dark corners."
  • "How good is this stuff?! Stops a nine millimeter at close range and keeps you warm in the cold." (TYGER Shield)
  • "Take a look at this lovely bit of kit. Pull the trigger and smile as three and a half pounds of explosives hurtle towards the sneaky little runt who thought he could get away from me." (Missile Launcher)
  • "Now when you really want to surprise the sneaky little bitch who's hunting you down, use these! Nothing yields surprise like a pound of C4 blowing your legs off when you least suspect it." (Mines)
  • "Check out these little beauties. State of the art military hardware means no one will be able to hide in the shadows." (Night Vision Goggles)
  • "Interference generators. At the flick of a switch, turns even the most technologically prepared attacker into a caveman feeling their way into the dark." (Backpack Jammer)

Progress of Henchmen

  • "Four left. Work - harder!"
  • "Three of you left? What is this a freakin' dance competition? Kill him now!"
  • "I want him found. He's taken out three of you."

Predator Broadcasts (Calm)

  • "If that disruptor stops working, Batman will be free to stroll right into my lovely museum, and if you let that happen, I'll make you you all get to see what I'm keeping under the Iceberg Lounge." (Signal Jammer)
  • "That disruptor is the only thing keeping you alive. If it stops working, it's not Batman you need to be worrying about." (Signal Jammer)
  • "I'm looking forward to sticking that ugly, pointy-eared freak on display. Make it happen."
  • "I want him stopped quick! Bundled up, and stuck on display. You understand?"
  • "You 'orrible lot look just like the people to stop Batman. Don't disappoint me."
  • "I'm paying you to protect that thing! Don't let me down." (Signal Jammer)
  • "Don't disappoint me again. Stop - Batman - Now!"
  • "Don't you dare let 'im get to my disruptor!" (Signal Jammer)

Predator Broadcasts (Nervous)

  • "I've got a lovely one-armed mercenary up here just waiting to come down and teach you lot what it means to fail me. Shall I let him out of his cage?"
  • "Do I need to remind you that I will personally choke the life out of everyone who's let me down?"
  • "Is it too much to ask that you just do your jobs and stop him? Tell me it's not."
  • "C'mon. Pull yourselves together. I'm paying you for results, give me them."
  • "You're supposed to be good at this! He's making you look like idiots!"
  • "This is not making me happy. He's making you lot look like fools."
  • "Stop 'im. He's making you lot look like a bunch of girls."
  • "Do not fail me. I will not forgive you. Understand?"

Predator Broadcasts (Terrified)

  • "Alright, listen to me now. If you don't stop him, I'm going to have someone drive around what is left of your poor, miserable families and hurt them. Then, I'll make them call you up and beg for your lives. Then, I'll kill them."
  • "Are you scared? Good. Fear makes you better. Fear makes you win. If you don't win, I'll make you more scared than you can possibly imagine."
  • "You're all that's left between me being happy and me being very, very, very sad. And if you make me cry, I'll make you cry."
  • "All alone, son. You better not piss me off by dying. I'd hate to have to wake you up to kill you again."
  • "You're all letting me down. I think that I am going to have you all killed."
  • "This is all wrong. Pull it together, or I'll get someone to pull you apart."
  • "None of you are on my Christmas list this year!"
  • "Find him! Kill him! Do it!"
  • "It's just you, son."

Predator (KO'd Henchman)

  • "I'm one man down. That's not good, is it? Still, I hope that the rest of you do your best not to disappoint me."
  • "I'm running out of patience, you're running out of people. Let's see what runs out first."
  • "I've lost one of you idiots. Let's end it there."
  • "Are you mucking me about? Find him!"

Harley Quinn Story Pack

  • "Harley! Quit wasting time you stupid mug. We need Poison Ivy in Gotham now if our plan to destroy Batman is gonna work."
  • "My, my, touch a nerve, did I? Good. Now hurry up and find Ivy."
  • "You useless harlot! I knew we should have sent one of my men to do this job. I told Scarecrow you were nothing but trouble."
  • "I bet you do."
  • "I must say I'm impressed by the way you handled yourself back there. I could really use a girl like you in my organization."
  • "Aw. How much, luv? How much to get you on my payroll?"
  • "Quinn! Keep it quiet. You don't want to attract too much attention."
  • "If I was you I'd check to see if these coppers got Ivy on the wire."
  • "Just get to the computer and find Ivy!"
  • "C'mon then, let's finish this thing before we upset Scarecrow. And neither of us want that."
  • "What's it matter? If Scarecrow says we need Ivy to take out the Bat-trash, then we need Ivy to take out the Bat-trash."
  • "That's what I meant, Harley, that's what I meant..."
  • "Quinn. Better move your arse. My men spotted Nightwing just outside."
  • "And you don't want unnecessary complications."
  • "Right, well... I don't even know how to respond to that."
  • "Well, well. Ain't that a bloody surprise. Now grab Ivy and bring her outside. I've got a car waiting for ya. Scarecrow will be very pleased with our work."
  • "Why you little..."
  • "Just get back to Gotham."

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • "Gotham's finest." (To Two-Face about the dead GCPD Officer)
  • "Batman?! Don't worry about Batman. He's about to become extinct." (Henchmen)
  • "You see, I told you. He couldn't even keep up with you two in crappy little truck. He's overrated! Anyway, listen up! I've got something to say." (Henchmen)
  • "As you're aware, and this truly breaks my heart, lads, we've been working with the other freaks to take down the Bat: together. I know. I know. It's been hard. But, look on the bright side... We're bloody rich!" (Henchmen)
  • "Look at it all! Lovely, lovely money! And it's all mine."
  • "Don't worry son. You'll get yours, I promise. Now, any more, stupid bloody questions?" (Henchman)
  • "We wait. Just keep handing out guns to any loser who comes in 'ere with a fist full of cash. This arrangement with Scarecrow is strictly short term. The clown's dead and Batman soon will be. Then Gotham's ours for the taking. And I am going to take. I want it all. If someone even looks at this city, I want my cut." (Henchmen)
  • "Now that's not very nice, is it?" (Henchman)
  • "Give that man a cigar! 'Course we're gonna to kill that ugly, twisted son of a bitch! We're gonna kill 'em all lads!" (To Henchmen about Two-Face and the rest of the villains)
  • "So that's who 'e had? The commissioner's little girl?" - Penguin recognizing the Arkham Knight from Batman's interrogation.
  • "They were going to see some geezer called Simon Stagg. I think he runs a pharmaceutical company or something!" (Batman)
  • "I'm not! I swear! They said he's about to leave Gotham. Those airships over the west river belong to 'im!" (Batman)
  • "It won't do you any good!" (Batman)
  • "Scarecrow's gonna break you! You are going down, Batman!"
  • "What is it?" (Henchman)
  • "Well lose him!" (Henchman)
  • "I don't wanna hear that. If you bring him anywhere near my guns I'll do you some serious damage." (Henchman)
  • "Where is he now?" (Henchman)
  • "Just cause you can't see him doesn't mean he can't see you!" (Henchman)
  • "Next I hear from ya it better be good news!" (Henchman)
  • "Good until you called. Why am I hearing your bloody voice?" (Henchman)
  • "Ah! What now?!" (Henchman)
  • "Why are you all so soddin' useless!" (Henchmen)
  • "Oh, that's alright then. Apology accepted." (Henchman)
  • "NO! NOT REALLY! He's already gotten two of my caches. If he gets number three, your family jewels are comin' off. Now lose him!" (Henchman)
  • "Cocky little bastard." - Penguin insulting Nightwing after he punched him in the face
  • "You've been takin' from me all night Batman. It's time I did a little takin' of my own."
  • "Well, ain't this cozy!" (Gun to Nightwing's head)
  • "You need to keep an eye on this one, Batman. He's a bit too careless for my liking." (Nightwing)
  • "Come any closer and you get to see the contents of his head!" (Nightwing)
  • "Flying who? What you on about?" (Nightwing)
  • "Shut up, ya fairy!" (Nightwing)
  • "I said, shut it!" (Nightwing)
  • "You're about to suck down your last breath, boy. I'd make sure you say your goodbyes." (Nightwing)
  • "You hear that, Batman?! You're gonna wished you never messed with me." (Gun to Nightwing's head)
  • "Nobody takes from Penguin, nobody!" (Batman)
  • "You've ripped me off one too many times." (Batman)
  • "No! Stop!" (Batman)
  • "I'll kill you!" (Batman)
  • "You bastard! I swear to God, you better kill me Batman, otherwise I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna -" (Knocked out by Batman)
  • "Ooh, my head... eh... wh-where am I?" (Regaining consciousness inside the Batmobile)
  • "No!... NO!" (Batman)
  • "Those guns... they were mine!" (Penguin's Weapons Caches)
  • "You're nothing without your little helpers. I nearly had your boy, didn't I?" (To Batman about Nightwing)
  • "What's the matter, got you rattled?" (Batman)
  • "Empty threats, Batman. We all know you don't kill."
  • "Heh heh! I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow. Good nights kip can do wonders mate." (Batman)
  • "You smug bastard. I might've known it was a Wayne under that mask. What's the matter? Bankrupting my family's business wasn't enough, you had to go and kick ten tons of crap outta people too!" (Batman)
  • "Yeah, and yours are dead!" (Bruce's parents)
  • "Ah, what's the matter, touched a nerve? This caped crusader lark really work when everyone knows who you are, does it?" (Batman)
  • "Face it, after tonight Batman's dead in the water. You better find a new costume old boy! What will it be next? Ooh, I know, how about a Squirrel?" (Batman)
  • "Keep ya cape on. I'm coming." (Batman)
  • "See that Batman? That's loyalty." (To Batman about his henchmen locked up at the GCPD Lockup)
  • "Not happy unless ya sticking that pointy little nose into my business, are ya? You stopped me this time, but I'll be out soon enough, don't you worry 'bout that." (Batman)
  • "Awww... you look tired, mate. It's taken it outta ya putting me in here. I can tell. Only so much the human body can take before it gives up!" (Batman)
  • "I'll wipe that smug look off your face, just you wait!" (Batman)
  • "Oh, now you wanna to talk! Well I've got bugger all to say to you." (Batman)
  • "Get outta my sight. I've just about had a gullet full, now piss off!" (Batman)
  • "I'm not in the mood for your games, Batman, not by a long shot."
  • "I want my phone call. My lawyer's gonna have a field day - entrapment, assault, not providing adequate sanitation while in custody. You watch., I'll have this lot banged up by morning!" (Batman)
  • "I'm gonna get you back, you better believe it. I'm gonna stick my umbrella where the sun don't shine!"(Batman)
  • "Well well, would you Adam and Eve it. Bruce bloody Wayne and Batman. The two people I hate most in this world standing right in front of me!" (Batman)
  • "I've never forgiven you Wayne, the Cobblepots should be running this city not your stinking family!" (Batman)
  • "My old man lost all that money and who did he take it out on? Muggin's here! Shipped me off to that poxy boarding school." (To Batman about Stanley Cobblepot)
  • "I could've told Scarecrow a long time ago that getting you involved in all this was a big mistake!" (Two-Face)
  • "Get ya snout outta my face, Pigman!" (Professor Pyg)
  • "That's the last time I work with you, Dent!" (Two-Face)
  • "Let me know how the praying works out for ya!" (Deacon Blackfire)
  • "I'm always looking for talent. Let's talk." (Deathstroke)
  • "Tell me, Nigma, if you're such a smart-arse what you doin' in here?" (Riddler)
  • "No one said this was fancy dress!" (Azrael)
  • "This son of bitch killed fifty of our men." (Joker Hallucination)
  • "Tracking US down? We caught you!" (Joker Hallucination)
  • "What's going on? What happened to the bastard!?" (Joker Hallucination)
  • "It's me. Please. What'll it take for you to stop?" (Joker Hallucination)
  • "Please don't shoot. Think of all we've been through." (Joker Hallucination)
  • "Thank... you." (Joker Hallucination)

GCPD Lockdown

  • "What the bloody hell's going on up there? Why am I stuck in a lift with no lights?" (Henchman)
  • "After, you moron! Cut the power after I get out!" (Henchman)
  • "Someone talk to me! What's going on?!"
  • "Why the bloody hell not?"
  • "Hang on... who's... Oh, no! Not you!" (Nightwing)
  • "Piss off, pretty boy!" (Nightwing)
  • "Yeah, I'm having the time of life in here." (Henchman)
  • "No you idiot! It's pitch black. I hate the dark. Brings back memories. Bad ones."
  • "Ha-ha-ha-ha yes! The light's on! I'm getting outta here, pretty boy! I can hear the welcome party as we speak." (Nightwing)
  • "No!" (Elevator power and lights cut off by Lucius Fox)
  • "You are? Where's Nightwing?"
  • "Oh, I do."
  • "Oh, sod off." (Nightwing)
  • "Get stuffed." (Aaron Cash)

Game Over Lines

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over The Penguin01:13

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over The Penguin

Batman: Arkham Origins

  • "And THAT'S why I'm the boss. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got business to attend to. Piss off!" (Batman)
  • "Boys, get 'im outta here, and don't ding up any of the gear. That's worth some money!" (Batman)
  • "Awww, it's a real shame you're dead. You're actually worth more alive." *laughs** (Batman)
  • "Worlds Greatest Assassin? YOU? Bollocks!" (Deathstroke)
  • "Someone rip off his mask for my collection, at least its not spandex." (Deathstroke)
  • "Break out the Champagne, boys! I think it's goin' to be a very, very good year." *laughs** (Bruce Wayne or Batman)
  • "What's a'matter, Brucey boy? D'ja choke on a pate? " *laughs** (Bruce Wayne)
  • "And THAT'S how you ring in the New Year!" *laughs** (Bruce Wayne or Batman)
Batman- Arkham City - Game Over- Penguin00:39

Batman- Arkham City - Game Over- Penguin

Batman: Arkham City

  • "And there was me thinking it was going to be difficult. Get him out of here!"
  • "Anyone want a slightly used Batsuit? I'm sure the blood'll wash off."
  • "Someone cut the mask off his face. No need to be gentle."
  • "Having a little lie-down, are you? Enjoy it. It's your last."
Batman- Arkham Knight - Game Over- The Penguin01:47

Batman- Arkham Knight - Game Over- The Penguin

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight - All Harley Quinn DLC Game Over Death Scenes-000:44

Batman Arkham Knight - All Harley Quinn DLC Game Over Death Scenes-0

  • "Well, would you look at that? A new stuffed head for my cigar room. Someone get me a hacksaw."
  • "Aw, don't be sad so Batman, Gotham's in good hands now. I'll take real good care of it."
  • "Take comfort from the fact I never got a hold of ya, would've been real messy."
  • "Come in here, thinking you can take me. You were way outta your depth boy and just paid the price." (to Nightwing, during dual-play combat.)
  • "You and Batman were friends right?! Now I hate your guts, but that's harsh." (to Nightwing, if executed.)
  • "(Laughter) I told Scarecrow sending you was a bad idea. I guess I'm gonna have to send one of my own men to finish the job. (Laughter)." (Harley Quinn)
  • "Should've known better, you never send a harlot to a man's job! (Laughter)" (Harley Quinn)
  • "Look at you, just as useless as The Joker. My only regret is I didn't kill him myself." (Harley Quinn)
  • "Not so cocky now, are ya?" (Laughter)
  • "(Laughter) You had it coming, pretty boy. Give Batman my regards."


Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Batman: Assault on Arkham

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Knight

Behind the Scenes

In the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map, it was Penguin's birthday with signs that said "Congratulations" and "Happy Birthday" in the lounge and Killer Croc was the only one who was invited or attended -- or, at the very least -- the only one who stayed around for Penguin's birthday when Batman showed up. In Arkham Asylum, there was a poster on the wall that advertised the Iceberg Lounge, that stated the date of the event as July 13th.


  • Penguin wore a top hat in his promotional art for Arkham City and yet was never seen wearing one in the final game. In fact, Penguin was never seen wearing a top hat or a suit in any of the Arkham games (with the exception being his biography in Arkham Asylum). However, a render for Penguin in Arkham City did have him wearing his top hat.
  • While the Penguin did not appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum, his top hat and a collection of his trademark umbrellas could be seen behind the glass display case at the South Corridor in the Arkham Mansion. An advertisement for his club, the Iceberg Lounge, could also be seen in the Transfer Loop at the Intensive Treatment Center in William North's Office. His name also appeared on Joker's "Party List."
    • Coincidentally, the riddle involving the poster for The Iceberg Lounge contains the word North on it, even before a sequel (in which Penguin would be voiced by Nolan North) was confirmed.
  • Despite being born in Gotham, Penguin spoke with a lower-class English accent, possibly due to his time in a London boarding school, as stated in his bio. It is also possible that he preferred to speak with this accent, to distance himself from the person that he used to be, which a hallucination of Joker also speculated was the case.
  • Similar to Batman, Penguin didn't have an heir, although he did intend to groom Tracey Buxton to be his heir during the events of Arkham Origins.
  • In the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map, Penguin could be seen instructing his thugs to attack the player, while on the other side of the room, Killer Croc was watching the fighting while smoking a cigar and drinking.
  • Strangely in Lacey Towers while scanning his fingerprints, it said that he was 4'6", whether this was intentional or an oversight, remained unknown. In Arkham Asylum, he was listed as 5'2" in his biography.
  • The Penguin has an electrolarynx in his throat, implying that he had suffered damage to his vocal chords, either by his constant smoking of cigars, or possibly at the hands of Batman.
  • He isn't voiced by Nolan North in the game Arkham VR, which has lead some players to believe that Penguin's British accent is indeed fake. However, the game is implied to be a dream (and dreams don't always reflect the real world), so it remains unknown if this is actually true.
  • This version of the Penguin appeared in Injustice: Gods Among us in the Arkham Asylum stage and would attack the player if they entered that area along with Two-Face, Riddler and Killer Croc who proceeded to beat the player into the next area.
  • In Arkham Origins, the bottle that would be smashed into his left eye socket was missing, which showed that the incident had occurred between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum.
  • Penguin had watched Batman in a fighting arena three times. In Arkham Origins, he watched Batman fight Deathstroke in the Boiler Deck Fighting Pit on his cargo ship, the Final Offer. In Arkham Origins Blackgate, he watched Batman fight Bronze Tiger in his fighting arena at Blackgate Prison. In Arkham City, he watched Batman fight the inmates in the Gladiator Pit in the Museum.
  • Despite the fact that Assault on Arkham had taken place before Arkham City, Penguin's left hand was bandaged up just like it was when it was broken by Bruce Wayne at the beginning of Arkham City. It was either a fashion idea, or he had simply injured it.
  • Based on Penguin's exchange with Nightwing in the climax of the Gunrunner Most Wanted mission in Arkham Knight, Penguin was unaware of the existence of the Flying Graysons.
  • In GCPD Lockdown, it was revealed that Penguin was afraid of the dark, as "It brings back bad memories". This phobia was presumably caused by Batman. This was mentioned twice, once by himself, and once by Nightwing, who then asked Lucius to remotely turn off the lights from the elevator that Penguin was trapped in.
    • Penguin might also be claustrophobic, a possibility that was mentioned briefly by his henchmen. That was strange because Penguin didn't seem to show any signs of claustrophobia when he was locked in a display case in Arkham City. However its possible that Penguin developed claustrophobia after Arkham City as a result of being locked in the display case.
    • His claustrophobia combined with his fear of darkness caused Penguin to panic frequently, hyperventilate, and even clamed that he would quietly turn himself in or go back to his cell if Nightwing could get him out of the elevator that he was trapped in.
  • According to Penguin's Evidence Room recording, he was Aaron Cash's favorite criminal, largely due to his being one of the few constants in Gotham City.
  • Oddly, Penguin had a display case for Zsasz in his museum; this is strange, because one would think Penguin would actively avoid coming remotely close to Zsasz, due to cheating him out of his money and leading him to become the nihlist serial killer that Zsasz is.
  • The Penguin, despite his stature, can wield a sniper rifle. This is shown in the comics.
  • If it were not for Joker stealing Black Mask's position as top crime lord of Gotham and having no interest or joy in organized crime, Penguin may not have become the powerful player in the underworld that he was by the later years of the Arkham series.
    • If Joker was indeed created accidentally by Batman at Ace Chemicals, that would mean that both Black Mask's downfall and Penguin's status would have been (very) indirectly be caused by Batman himself.

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