The Joker's Funhouse

Owned by

The Joker, Sionis Industries


Joker's Funhouse, The Joker's Amusement Park


The Joker's Henchmen


Harley funhouse

Harley's Funhouse

The Joker's Funhouse (Harley's Funhouse) is a part of Sionis Industries that was owned by the Joker. At the front of it, there were huge Nutcrackers. Joker's Henchmen were found almost everywhere around the place. There was a lot of falling debris as seen in the trailers as a huge clown face fell from the roof. There was also a rollercoaster that took you around the place, the Joker sat at the top, and watched the mayhem that he caused. After Joker's death, Harley Quinn took control of the Industrial District and called it Harley's Funhouse.

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