"(The) Ghost" is a vigilante crimefighter in Gotham City.

Incident Reports

After Arkham Knight Incident

After Scarecrow outed Batman's identity to the world, Bruce Wayne and Alfred seemingly perished in an explosion that destroyed most of Wayne Manor. Later, as two thugs attempted to rob a rich family (mirroring Batman's birthstory), they were stopped by a flaming, almost demonic being that resembled Batman.

Arkham Episode Incidents

During Catwoman's revenge on Riddler and Robin's arrest of Two-Face, their lackeys talked about a ghost that had started stopping crimes around Gotham.


  • Fear Gas (Very likely, albeit not confirmed)


  • Its identity is not certain, but it's implied and speculated by many that Bruce simply adapted another identity for himself. Its demonic appearance matches perfectly the fear gas hallucination Scarecrow witnessed before his arrest.
    • In a Reddit AMA, Sefton Hill wrote in regards to Arkham Knight, "I liked the very end! When Batman is left with no other option, he still manages to find a way out. To become an even more badass version of Batman. How cool is that?" which suggests that Batman did indeed fake his death and returned as a stronger, darker Batman as "Ghost".
  • "Ghost" remains unnamed, but several thugs use the name to describe the nightmarish creature.
  • If the creature indeed is Bruce, the nickname Ghost is fitting, as in some continuities, Bruce as a kid was a fan of a hero called "The Grey Ghost".

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