The TYGER Security Cameras are CCTV's that are placed all around Arkham City in the four different districts. Those cameras monitored and recorded prisoner activity in Arkham City.

In order to get all of the cameras in a district, you need to find a 'relay hub' in each area that could be hacked into by using the Cryptographic Sequencer after you got the TYGER Master Control Codes from a TYGER Helicopter during Protocol 10.

Incident Reports

Arkham City Incident

Hugo Strange used the cameras to see what the inmates were doing, as well Batman, Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, and other major villains. Batman could destroy the cameras with a Batarang or other gadgets.



  • There is a total of 48 TYGER Security Cameras in the game, which meant that the player would have to destroy 12 cameras in all 4 districts in the game.

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