Female Ninja

A League of Assassins Ninja holding a sword in her Character Trophy in Arkham City.

Sword was a long, sharpened piece of metal with a handle and/or hilt, that was used as a close-quarters weapon and appeared in Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Batman: Arkham Knight.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

Deathstroke attempted to use his pair of specialized swords in order to assassinate Batman on Christmas Eve to gain "Black Mask's" 50 million dollar reward. Both swords were eventually thrown aside by Batman before, during, and after their showdown. Also in Shiva's Most Wanted Side Mission, there were Ninjas that she commanded. In addition, in the boss battle when the Martial Artists appeared, Shiva used her own sword to fight Batman.

Arkham City Incident

Almost every member of the League of Assassins wielded swords. The infantry ninjas used those weapons against Batman and the entrance of their headquarters was accessible by any fitting sword, and was used like a key. Ra's al Ghul used his sword in his fight with Batman and to kill Hugo Strange. Ra's was "killed" after he tried to impale both Batman and himself with it. Talia al Ghul used her sword, hoping to kill "Joker", and Batman used it to defeat Clayface.

Arkham Knight Incident

In the Arkham Knight's Army, there were soldiers that looked like ninjas that held swords. Batman had newer moves to battle against those enemies.

Ra's Swords and Talia's Sword from Arkham City can be found in the GCPD Evidence Room and it is revealed they were recovered from Arkham City following Joker's death.

In the The Season of Infamy DLC mission The Shadow War, Ra's al Ghul wields a sword during his brief fight with Batman, should Batman choose to resurrect him.



  • All blades in both games (besides Ra's' and Talia's) looked very much like the real life, Chokuto, which is a straight Japanese sword that was used prior to the 10th Century. Deathstroke's pair looked much like a Chokuto too, but with a special hilt that fitted his armor's appearance.
  • Technically, Batman used Talia's Sword like a gadget in Arkham City in his battle against Clayface at the Monarch Theatre.
  • It was hinted that the Arkham Knight possessed a sword. A close examination of his side revealed something that resembled a handle or a hilt, which improved the chances that he possessed one.

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