Special Combo Disarm and Destroy was a Combat move in Batman: Arkham City in which Batman grabbed a nearby enemy's Weapon and destroyed it. The move permanently disabled:

  • Guns
  • Blunt weapons such as baseball bats, pipes, and sledgehammers (except the one of Mr. Hammer).
  • Sharp weapons such as knives and broken bottles.
  • Projectiles such as boxes, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, and rocks (in the Hell's Gate combat challenge map). This move is the only means to destroy boxes and rocks; players could use batarangs to destroy explosive projectiles such as fire extinguishers and propane tanks instead.
  • Stun Batons
  • Riot Shields

If there were no enemies nearby with weapons, or the player accidentally chose the wrong attack direction to where there was no weapon to destroy, Batman simply performed a simple Special Combo Takedown.

In-Game Animation Sequences

Batman had different ways to destroy different weapons, animation-wise. He did the following things:

  • Snatched a gun and disintegrate it.
  • Snatched a pipe and bend it at the middle.
  • Snatched a bat and smash it on his thigh to break it.
  • Snatched a sledgehammer and break its lever on his thigh.
  • Held a thug's wrist with one hand and break his knife or broken bottle with the other.
  • Hit a thug on his sides, then trip him (which somehow made his box or rock fall on the ground and break apart); or snatched his fire extinguisher or propane tank and throw it on the ground hard to make it explode.
  • Snatched a stun baton, lightly stunned the thug with it, then broke its head from which the electricity came out.
  • Held the upper side of a shield with one hand, punched the thug holding it through the glass to separate him from it, then kicked on it to break it.


Special Combo Disarm and Destroy was a tremendously useful move. It was wise to use the move repeatedly in a battle to clear the area of all weapons, and even afterward, as the Takedown performed in absence of weapons that could easily thin the enemy ranks including armored foes.

While he was performing either move, Batman was not susceptible to harm. Even a Titan Henchman's Charge passed straight through.


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