Robin preparing to attach a Snap-Flash to one of Harley Quinn's unsuspecting Henchmen in Harley Quinn's Revenge.

The Snap-Flash is a small explosive gadget used by Robin. It is a small, slightly lethal mine that could be stealthily planted on an unsuspecting thug's back, and detonated to knock down the enemy and those close to them.

Incident Report

Harley Quinn's Revenge Incident

Robin used his Snap-Flash mine to explosively take out unaware henchmen while he sneaked into the Steel Mill to save Batman from a depressed Harley Quinn after the Joker's death.

Arkham Knight Incident

They could be used whenever you played as Robin. In combat, they work the same as before, and can be planted on downed enemies. However, in Predator Mode they cannot be planted on downed enemies, but instantly take out their target and sometimes those close to them, likely to compensate the increased amount of enemies.


  • Due to similarity in function, it's possible they could be derived from the Concussion Detonator.
  • When detonated, Snap Flashes add combo multipliers to the combo meter. Robin is, however, vulnerable when he attaches Snap Flashes onto enemies as it is quite slow.

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