Skeletons are a unique type of enemy found in Batman: Arkham Asylum. They appear as greyish human Skeletons with an ominous glow emanating from their bodies. They are only encountered in the Scarecrow Nightmare levels. There are two variants: Normal and Titan-enhanced. Titan enhanced Skeletons behave much like the Titan Henchman, except for that they crumble instantly upon hitting a wall. When a Skeleton is hit, it makes a slight cracking noise and when defeated, it crumbles (or shatters) to a pile of bones.



The equivalent of Knives and Stun Batons.

Skeletons that use two of them have a similar stance to the High Security henchman.

Skeletons that use one torch use it like a Stun Baton.


Despite their appearance, they are the equivalent to pipes.


  • While it is implied that the skeletons are actually inmates only seen through the hallucinations, it doesn't explain how they go down much easier than real inmates. It could be that the fear toxin actually makes the user stronger, or it could be that Batman saves no punches when he thinks they are aren't alive/real.
    • Interestingly however, a Titan Skeleton goes down simply from colliding to a wall, while an actual titan henchman requires this to happen multiple times, in addition to repeated punches. This was possibly because it would take longer to fight several Titans of normal health.

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