Sionis Indutries

Owned by

Black Mask (Roman Sionis)




Sionis Industries Employees

Sionis Industries is a business company that was owned by Black Mask and was based at the Industrial District.


Sionis Industries was a company that was owned by Roman Sionis, A.K.A Black Mask within the Industrial District. They manufactured steel, and appeared to have taken over the Steel Mill. Sionis Industries has joined with The Joker's Funhouse and the Joker.

In several screenshots, Buzz was seen inspecting Sionis Industries. The Riddler had also taken a small part of Sionis Industries.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Arkham Origins Incident

Arkham Origins Multiplayer

Cold Cold Heart Incident

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham City Incident

Arkham City Incident

After Arkham City Incident

Arkham Knight Incident



  • Even though Black Mask didn't have many appearances in Batman: Arkham City, his company, Sionis Industries, appeared almost everywhere, and possible referenced his role in Batman: Arkham Origins. Also, in Arkham City, Joker took control of the Steel Mill, and even further referenced the plot of Arkham Origins.

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