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Silent Takedown is a Takedown in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Batman: Arkham Knight in which Batman silently rendered an enemy unconscious. The move was slow, but if it was necessary to make a quick escape, pressing the Strike button during a Silent Takedown performed a Knockout Smash which instantly rendered the foe unconscious, but it was noisy enough to attract attention.

Incident Reports

Initiation Incident

Bruce Wayne used Silent Takedowns against his fellow students while he trained under Master Kirigi in Initiation.

Arkham Origins Incident

Batman utilized Silent Takedowns during his second year as a crimefighter. The move could be upgraded to take less time.

Arkham Asylum Incident

The very first appearance of Silent Takedowns. They worked similarly to the other games, but Batman couldn't perform Knockout Smashes yet, which left him more vulnerable if he was seen. A Trophy/Achivement reqired players to clean any Predator Room without being seen and using only Silent Takedowns.

Arkham City Incident

The first appearance of the Knockout Smash. They worked identically as they did in Arkham Origins.

Arkham Knight Incident

The move gained some updates. Batman, Robin and Nightwing could perform the move if they were above the enemy, and jumped down behind their enemy to take them out. If the character had access to the Multi Fear Takedown, they could initiate it from a Silent Takedown as long as an another enemy was within range.

In addition, there's a small window during which that move could be performed after an enemy had already seen the player. If the character suddenly appeared in front of a single henchman, he would be scared/confused, which allowed players to take them out. However, that may not always work, as the henchman might instead shoot and inform other enemies.


  • In Arkham Knight, several previously Loud Takedowns could be performed silently by some characters, such as the Grate and Ledge Takedowns.
  • Only one playable character could not perform Silent Takedowns, Harley Quinn. Instead, she used Loud Takedowns, which otherwise worked identically, but produced noise, and caused other enemies to investigate.
    • Joker, Red Hood, and Harley were the only characters who could not perform Knockout Smashes, however their Takedowns were naturally faster as they didn't spend time to leave their enemies alive.

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