Silent Knight is a predator challenge map in Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is located on the Medical Facility, and is the very first Predator challenge in the series.

There are two special variants, Extreme and Paging Dr. Joker (for the Joker DLC).

A remastered version of this map has been released as a part of the Community Challenge Pack in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Medals (Arkham Asylum)


  • Silence Is Golden - Sneak up behind a henchman and perform a Silent Takedown
  • Blast Zone - Explode a weak wall into a henchman to knock him out.
  • Mind Your Head - Knock down a henchman with a Batarang and then take him down.


  • Three For Three - Take down 3 henchmen with 3 different walls at once using Explosive Gel.
  • Break Through - Line Launch through a window into a henchman on the other side.
  • Aerial Assault - Glide kick a henchman and then knock him out on the ground.

On expert difficulty, Vantage points detonate if Batman tries to use them.

Paging Dr. Joker

When played as the Joker, there are no medals, and the only objective is to simply kill everybody and survive.

Medals (Arkham Knight)


  • Perform a glide kick into a ground takedown.
  • Line launch through a window into an enemy.
  • Take out enemies using 3 different weak walls primed with explosive gel.



  • Hit 2 enemies with caltrops.
  • Perform 2 ledge takedowns.
  • Perform 3 whip trips.


  • Electrical blast 3 enemies at the same time.
  • Take out an enemy while he is following voice synthesizer orders.
  • Perform 3 grate takedowns.


  • Startle 2 enemies with Azrael
  • Sabotage an enemies gun and make it backfire to knock them out.
  • Perform a glide kick into a ground takedown.

Harley Quinn

  • Perform an aerial attack into a ground takedown.
  • Perform a super stun into a ground takedown.
  • Perform a drop attack into a ground takedown.


  • Perform a slide attack on 3 enemies.
  • Perform 2 corner takedowns.
  • Do not use the grapnel gun.

Red Hood

  • Remain unseen.
  • Quickfire shoot the last enemy.
  • Flash bang 3 enemies.

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