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The Shock Gloves are a set of electrified gauntlets worn by Electrocutioner and later Batman.

Incident ReportsEdit

Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Electrocutioner uses the Shock Gloves to try to kill Batman in Penguin's ship, the Final Offer, but is easily taken down by a kick to the face. When Black Mask reunites all of the assassins in the Royal Hotel, Electrocutioner is killed by being thrown out from the window. Batman, seeing the dead body of Electrocutioner, takes the Shock Gloves from his body and uses them for the rest of the incident.

Batman uses the Shock Gloves as a defibrillator to restart Alfred's heart after Bane dropped debris on top of him. Batman also uses the gloves to stop Bane's heart in order to stop its beats from powering the Joker's electric chair. Later, Batman used the gloves to restart Bane's heart, maintaining his "no-kill" rule in spite of the mad clown's and unstable mercenaries best efforts.

The shock gloves are also regarded as one of the most overpowered items in the game due to the fact all enemy tactics are rendered useless and no thug can block their powers.

Assault on Arkham IncidentEdit

Batman once again uses the Shock Gloves but they have been heavily modified and now appear as Brass Knuckle like and pulls them out of his Utility Belt. He uses them while fighting King Shark although one of them is destroyed.

Batman: Arkham Knight Edit

The gloves can be seen in the evidence locker in the GCPD, where it is revealed that Batman turned them in shorty after the Christmas Eve incident, with no one knowing why Batman would turn in such a powerful weapon.


Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

The Shock Gloves allows Batman to block electric attacks, instantly disable some enemies, like the ones with a shield and an electrical baton, and short circuit some objects within the environment. They also have to be recharged to be used again, if the battery is not full, the player cannot use them.



  • The concept of the Shock Gloves was first seen in Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition, for the Wii U.
  • The gloves can also be used as a defibrillator as hinted by Electrocutioner's threat in the Final Offer and demonstrated by Batman reviving Alfred and Bane in the game.
  • The power gloves in Arkham City Lockdown are similar to the Shock Gloves.
  • In Cold, Cold Heart, they are replaced by Thermal Gloves once Batman puts on the Extreme Environment Batsuit.

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