Scarecrow's Henchmen in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Scarecrow's Henchmen are a group of criminals that work for Scarecrow.

Incident Reports

Arkham City Incident

Scarecrow's Henchmen were presumably active in Arkham City, mostly behind the scenes. During Protocol 10, several of them were either killed by opposing gangs or failed to find shelter during the missile strike that was enacted by TYGER.

Maxresdefault (1)-2

Scarecrow thugs in Arkham City, during Protocol 10

Arkham Knight Incident

Scarecrow's Henchmen later united with every other villainous faction in Gotham in an attempt to bring Batman down once and for all. Many were instructed to loot, rob, kill, injure, and riot as much as they wanted in order to create chaos in the streets. Some had bombs implanted in their heads by The Riddler in an attempt to get blood on Batman's hands. They were also seen assaulting many members of the Station 17 Fire Crew. Over time, most of Scarecrow's henchmen were defeated by Batman and the remaining members were arrested by the GCPD when they took back the city.

Batman- Arkham City - Easter Egg -14 - Scarecrow Thugs?01:03

Batman- Arkham City - Easter Egg -14 - Scarecrow Thugs?


  • Scarecrow's Henchmen's appearance in Arkham City was most likely a glitch.
  • Scarecrow's Henchmen's outfits in Arkham Knight resembled construction worker uniforms. This could have allowed them to infiltrate various buildings throughout Gotham City and plant Fear Toxin bombs without raising suspicion.

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