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Biographical information
Full Name Timothy Jackson Drake
Occupation Student (formerly), Teacher, Crimefighter
Base of Operations Gotham City
Affiliations Batman
Alfred Pennyworth
Physical description
Hair Brown (Shaved)
Eyes Blue
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)- Arkham City

6ft 0in (1.83m)- Arkham Knight

Weight 170 lbs (77 kg)- Arkham City

189 lbs (85kg)- Arkham Knight

Game Information
Voice Actor Troy Baker (Arkham City)

Matthew Mercer (Arkham Knight)

First Appearance Batman #436 (August 1989)
I won't let you down, Bruce. I'll keep fighting. Always.
— Robin

Tim Drake was in the audience when the Flying Graysons were murdered, where he witnessed Batman leap to the scene. Inspired by Batman's heroics, Tim had closely followed the chronicles of Batman and Robin.

Eventually deducing their secret identities by using self-taught detective skills, Tim had convinced Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson - now Nightwing - that a new Robin was needed in the never-ending battle for justice.

Tested by the Dark Knight himself with a grueling training regimen, Tim had earned the right to become Robin, and had since lived up to the name.


Unlike his mentor who can be cold, distant and emotionally closed off, Tim Drake's Robin is a mixture of idle wit and a caring side. Tim had a strong relationship with Barbara Gordon, Batgirl and Oracle which was shown in A Matter of Family Incident the two would banter, trade remarks and possibly even become flirtatious. By Arkham Knight Barbara and Tim began a strong relationship and once the player reached 100% completion the two marry. While overcoming Harley Quinn's thugs at the Panesa Movie Studios he shared many similarities with Nightwing with the same cockinessss and brashness in his attitude yet in no way arrogant to think himself unstoppable.

Tim at a young age was an average sleuth and near-genius intelect after witnessing the murder of the Flying Graysons Tim was able to deduce the identity of both Batman and Robin by closely following their adventures. After Dick Grayson left to become his own hero, Nightwing Tim realised that someone else would need to carry on the mantle of Robin after grueling and intense training from Batman himself Tim has earned the title of Robin and lived up to his predecessors. However despite him not being as equally matched as his mentor Robin could be equally as brutal towards his enemies that Batman could going as far to break their arms, choke them out and leave them dangling on a rope but he would only limit himself to severely injuring his foes and never crossed the line and killed his enemies.

Robin's relationship with Batman was least to say complicated while the two deeply loved and cared for one another and there was definitely a sort of father-son bond it was strained at times possibly due to Batman having difficulty to trusting others or because of the supposed death of Jason Todd. As shown by Arkham Knight and City, Robin and Batman communicate using sarcasm, banter and coldness towards one another. When Robin was taking Christina Bell back to her cell Tim quotes "I'm sure she wouldn't mind the awkward silences." Up to the fourth game Tim has become notably more assertive towards Batman going as far to unwillingly follow his orders to uncover the cure for the Joker Infection and once he discovers that Batman himself was the fifth Joker he insists that he gets into the cell so that Robin could handle Scarecrow himself.

Despite this Robin was in no way dependent or relied on Batman in fact he himself launched a one-man assault on Harley Quinn's gang in Arkham City to rescue Batman from her captivity. Tim also banters with his enemies which was shown at the Movie Studios where he encountered Harley once again and told her "he doesn't take you very seriously, neither do I." Robin was also underestimated by his enemies and many people in Arkham City quoted they weren't afraid and could defeat him with ease.

Incident ReportsEdit

Before Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

Tim Drake was in the audience the night that the Flying Graysons were murdered, where he witnessed Batman leap to the scene. Inspired by Batman's heroics, Tim closely followed the chronicles of Batman and Robin. About six months after Jason Todd's "death" and exile from his family, Tim Drake revealed to Batman he had deduced his secret identity as Bruce Wayne and instead of wanting to reveal Wayne's secret, he wished to fight alongside the Dark Knight. After some time of intense training in the martial arts and stealth, Tim had proven himself more than worthy of the role as Robin. In order to keep himself at top notch to aid Batman in confronting the criminal element in Gotham City, Tim also underwent cagefighting on his spare time.[1]

A Matter of Family IncidentEdit

Robin assist Batgirl in rescuing her father from The Joker and Harley Quinn. While Batgirl handled the bombs and hostages Robin went around looking for Joker and more bombs, calling Batgirl when he finds them. Eventually he tracks Joker and Harley down to the main tent and assist Batgirl in stopping Joker and Harley. Joker attempts to shoot Robin before fleeing but is pushed aside by Batgirl at the last moment, saving his life. This is presumed to be one of if not Tim's 1st outing as Robin without Batman as in addition to being noticeably cockier, more hotheaded and more quick to jump into fights without observing first compared to his appearance during Arkham Knight he also seems to be lacking coincidence in his own skills, suggesting to call in Batman at the start of the incident and being unable to disarm bombs, having to call over Batgirl to do it for him and was unable to act on his own without orders from Batgirl. Further proving this to be one of his 1st outings as Robin he was taking Joker's general mocking personally and had to be calmed by Batgirl several times and was almost killed by Joker at the end but was pushed out of the line of fire by Batgirl at the last moment.

Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

Although mentioned a couple of times, Robin was not directly involved in this incident.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City IncidentEdit

After his mentor's horrific night at Arkham Asylum, Robin alongside Alfred continued to help with uncovering dirt on Hugo Strange, although Batman had said that it was too late and knew that Strange probably had a back-up plan. Tim also entered Arkham City himself a couple of times.

The first time, he ended up jumping into a fight with Harley Quinn after seeing them jump some inmates for their medicine. After easily defeating her henchmen, he faced off against Harley and easily defeated her, and then quickly rushed back to the Batcave and thought that no one had noticed.

After Robin had surfaced to Wayne Manor, Bruce asked him about his patrol to which Tim nodded and said that everything was good, only for Bruce to throw his Shuriken on the table and he told him to be more careful where he had left them. Not wanting Strange's men to bust down their door, he implied that he should keep going.

Later, while Batman was on a stake-out mission in Arkham City, Robin posed as a street crook to investigate a new fight club in the prison. After seeing how all the other criminals had set up their base of operations, he was quickly approached and attacked by some crooks who he defeated and interrogated and pointed to the Cyrus Pinkney Natural History Museum. After entering and exploring the museum's attractions, he was knocked out by Sickle.

Later, after Robin had awoke, Penguin revealed himself and claimed that they were in a fight to the death and whoever won would join his gang. The battle started and Robin noticed that most of the inmates were brawlers with no previous experience. As the fight continued, Penguin decided to speed things up by adding a Titan henchman. After slaughtering the remaining contestants, the TITAN henchman turned his eye on Robin, who he brutally beat and nearly choked to death, and was only saved by Bane who had come to get the Penguin's TITAN formula.

Tim then quickly escaped back to the manor while Alfred had tended to Tim's wounds. Alfred warned him to keep his exploits to a minimum.


Robin controlled by Poison Ivy at the Courthouse in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown IncidentEdit

In Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, Robin was hypnotized and put under the control of Poison Ivy to take down Batman.

Trapped within his own body, the mind-controlled Tim was forced to fight for Poison Ivy. During the resulting battle with Batman, Robin was defeated and sprayed with an antidote that knocked him out.

Arkham City IncidentEdit

As Batman was looking for Ra's al Ghul by following one of his Assassin's blood trails, he was ambushed by three of the Assassins. Just as things were looking dire for Batman, Robin whistled, caught the Assassins off-guard, and floored them with a few quick swipes of his Bo Staff. The lead Assassin, who had a sword to Batman's throat, told him to get Robin to stand down, even though Robin said that he could take her. As the Assassins vanished, Batman chastised Robin for getting involved, and insisted that he had it under control. He then asked why Alfred had sent him, to which Robin explained that he was worried about him. He was then given a vial of Batman's Titan-infected blood and was ordered to analyze it and start searching the hospitals and emergency rooms in Gotham, as Joker's infected blood had been planted there. Robin stated his intention to do that and come back to Arkham City to help him. However, Batman insisted he could handle Arkham City alone and reminded Robin that Gotham is priority. Robin then expressed concern regarding Hugo Strange knowing his secret identity and may potentially expose him but his mentor assured him that he will find a way should it come to that. Robin then handed Batman the Line Launcher before reminding him that he'll be on call if he needs him.


Robin in Batman: Arkham City

Later in Wonder City, Robin could be heard via the comm network. He said that the Titan-blood could be in at least 2,000 people by the morning, with the first fatalities expected to be soon after.

After Protocol 10 was stopped, Robin went back into Arkham City to look into Black Mask's activities. He then found out that he was trying escape again, so he stopped his thugs and Mr. Hammer in his factory and his freight train, destroyed the control box that was controlling the train, and stopped Black Mask and his plans.

Harley Quinn's Revenge IncidentEdit

Shortly after the events of Arkham City, Robin was told by Oracle that Batman went missing two days earlier in Arkham City in an attempt to foil a revenge plot from Harley Quinn. After infiltrating Batman's last known location, Robin quickly encountered Harley's thugs. After dispatching them, Robin discovered Batman's belt. Continuing his search, Robin encountered a gigantic Joker Statue, which was made out of scrap metal with a glass holding bubble that had Batman meditating inside of it. After examining the device, Robin learned that the bubble was quickly running out of oxygen and learned that Harley Quinn had the only override to release the ball. Robin encountered Harley and several more of her thugs in a dry dock not far away, along with three other cops that she had taken hostage.


Robin saves Batman from Harley Quinn with a Shuriken in Harley Quinn's Revenge

After dispatching the thugs and Harley and saving the cops, Robin returned to Batman's prison and was attacked by several waves of thugs, which included one Titan Henchmen. After beating all of the thugs into submission, and even the Titan henchmen, Robin freed Batman and returned his utility belt to him. Harley then revealed on the speakers that she had planted bombs in the building. Batman ordered Robin to get the cops to safety and that he would deal with the bombs. After he had successfully defused the bombs, Batman encountered Harley and several Mechanical Guardians of Wonder City that were painted to look like Joker. After Batman had destroyed the robots, Harley revealed the Giant Joker Statue had housed a large bomb and was going to go off any second.

After escaping with Harley, Batman couldn't find Robin and frantically asked Gordon, who was outside Harley's hideout; If he had seen him, to which Gordon said he thought he was with Batman. Fearing that Robin was killed in the blast, Batman let his guard down and began to mourn. Harley pulled a knife and prepared to kill Batman, however, she was stopped by Robin, who had not only survived the blast, but managed to rescue all of the cops. After he realized that Robin was safe (and secretly hiding his relief that his adopted son was okay), Batman told Robin that he was done there and left the area. Gordon then asked Robin if Batman was OK, and Robin told Gordon that he would be fine, but in reality, knew that Batman was not fine as a worried expression had appeared on his face.

Before Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Tim continued his training in the Batcave, however he found this difficult because Bruce kept pointing out his mistakes. At this time the two along with Alfred discussed fixing up the Batmobile. Realizing that the damage was too extensive, it was decided that they would recruit Zimmer to build a new one. Tim relished the chance for more training without Bruce's criticism while he would be in Germany.

After Bruce got back, he brought Tim in to help discuss the Mayoral campaign of Commissioner Gordon, but more likely, he was simply trying to get Tim to pursue his burgeoning relationship with Barbara.

Tim was also working as a teacher at his former school, Robinson Academy. He once used his position as Bruce's ward to gain his class entry to Wayne Laboratories where they would study some of the last remaining samples of Titan. This field trip happened to coincide with a raid by some henchmen of Batman's enemies who were trying to steal the samples to get out from under their bosses influence. Tim pretended to have been knocked out so he could change into Robin, defeat the bad guys and rescue his class.

As soon as the day was over, he went right back to training, performing markedly better than seen earlier, as he was determined to be a better Robin than either Dick Grayson or Jason Todd.

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Batman has Tim working on a cure for the "Joker Disease" and monitoring the ones who have symptoms. After the evacuation, Robin contacts Batman that he can help him defend the city but Batman wanted him keep working on the cure so he can handle on his own. Arriving at the studios, Batman hasn't tell Robin about Oracle's death yet. Robin asks Batman that he hasn't heard from Oracle which Batman keeps her death a secret. During the night, Harley Quinn attacks the quarantine zone to free the new Jokers, with Robin successfully holding them off until Batman arrives and together they clear the area. Together, Batman and Robin take down the Joker clones and their last topic is to take out Harley. While Batman remains under the floor grate, Robin confronts Harley and her men behind the gate and Harley points her weapon at Robin before Batman jumps out of the grate and the duo took down Harley and her men. However, before any of them can be locked back up, Henry Adams, the one Joker victim whom was believed to be immune to the disease, begins to show the symptoms and murders the other three before killing himself. Robin locks Harley in one of the quarantine chambers and realizes that Batman is the final Joker and appears to throw Batman into one of the chambers and appears to take over the fight for Batman. However, Joker appears in Batman's head and makes Batman watch Jason Todd's "death." When Batman snaps back to reality, he is standing in front of the chamber with Robin still present asking him to get in. Instead, Batman realizes what he needs to do and throws Tim inside and tells him he is safe in there and that he doesn't want to lose anyone else and informs him of Oracle's supposed death, which devastates Tim, who then rejects Batman and screams at him to stay away from him. Scarecrow takes the opportunity to capture him after Batman leaves, keeping Tim and Commissioner Gordon hostage in Arkham Asylum. Upon learning Tim was taken, Batman decides to surrender to Scarecrow in order to save him and Gordon.

After capturing Batman, Scarecrow orders Gordon to unmask him for the whole world to see. When he refuses, Scarecrow shoots Tim in the abdomen and threatens to shoot to kill should Gordon not comply. Bruce is unmasked and humiliated, but, just as Scarecrow prepares to kill him, Jason Todd arrives and rescues his mentor, allowing him to defeat Scarecrow once and for all. Bruce and Gordon tend to Tim, with the latter saying he will be fine. Bruce asks Gordon to take care of Tim and the others when he's gone.

After Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

In the future, following the Knightfall protocol removing Batman it is revealed that Tim married Barbra. It is unknown if Tim continued to fight crime.

GCPD Lockdown Edit

Tim is out of town on his honeymoon and sent a postcard to Lucius. When hearing the news, Nightwing, who is in town to stop Penguin's escape, gives a passing remark of them "melting [his] heart".

A Flip of the Coin Incident Edit

Robin returns to crime fighting, now flying solo as attempts to take on Two-Face without the aid of Batman. Being forced to cut his honeymoon short, Tim returns to Gotham to take Two-Face back into custody without Batman's aid. He arrives at the Hell's Gate blast furnace and shuts down Two-Face's money laundering operation, with Oracle commenting that Tim is starting to move like Batman however she expresses doubt about him being scary enough to intimidate a thug. The first attempt is unsuccessful so Tim holds him over the edge of the blast furnace and the thug tells him that Two-Face is in the main office. Oracle sarcastically tells him so scary, still not believing Tim will ever be able to scare someone like Batman. Robin arrives at the Hell's Gate Courthouse where Two-Face has set up his operation, and already has burnt half of it as per his M.O. Two-Face mocks Robin's attempt for stopping him, calling him a little punk trying to play hero. Tim throughout the ordeal is doubting himself and is having a hard time adjusting to fighting crime without Batman and is told several times by Oracle that he isn't Batman but can be something greater. Tim eventually fights his way through all of Two-Face's gang and confronts Two-Face himself where Two-Face attacks him. Tim blocks the 1st shot with his shield however Harvey shoots him in the foot dropping Robin to the floor. Harvey approaches, commenting that the boy became a man but it is short lived and flips his coin preparing to execute Robin. However, Oracle saves Tim by activating the PA system, distracting Two-Face long enough for Robin to disarm and take him down, barely surviving his first solo outing without Batman



  • Like Batman, he had a gliding cape and Glide Kick (but could not Dive Bomb). In the PC version you could modify the game to make him playable in Gotham and he does in fact have the Grapnel Boost Mk. 1.


  • Robin has his own set of fighting skills, with him incorporating his bo staff to his combat. In Arkham City Robin's attacks were noticeably slower and weaker when compared Batman and Nightwing. In Arkham Knight his combat skills have improved greatly, now being much faster and stronger. In A Matter of Family Arkham Knight DLC his combat skills are once again slower and weaker to show his lack of experience and training.


  • Robin has similar predator skills to Batman, but cannot perform inverted takedown, mainly because of his young age. He also is capable of performing the fear multi takedown like Batman and Nightwing, but it does takes him longer to terrify henchman when compared to Batman and Nightwing.


  • Grapple Hook/Gun - Used in the same way that Batman used it, only to grapple to Vantage Points and ledges.
  • Zip-Kick - Similar to the Batclaw, but Robin used to hook onto enemies and it propelled him over to the enemy.
  • Bo Staff - Used for offensive and defensive purposes, easily knocked out an average thug and could transform into a ballistic shield.
  • Shuriken - Was a boomerang-shaped throwing weapon that was a non-lethal ranged attack alternative to firearms. A remote-controlled variant appeared in Arkham City, but not in Arkham Knight.
  • Explosive Gel - Used to break down structures and could take down armed and unarmed thugs when used in collaboration with a structurally unsound wall.
  • Smoke Pellet - Used to escape from armed henchmen when under fire or to distract enemies and beat them up or take them down. (Arkham City only)
  • Snap-Flash - Non-lethal explosives that could be placed on enemies and detonated on command to knock down an enemy. It also counted towards your combo in combat. In Knight, they instantly take out their target upon detonating in predator mode.
  • Remote Hacking Device - Used for activating traps on the environment, inherited from Batman after the Knightfall protocol. (Arkham Knight challenge mode only)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Arkham OriginsEdit

The suit in Arkham Origins multiplayer is very armored compared to the suit in Arkham City and Dick Grayson is under the suit. As Dick is a teenager, he is much smaller compared to Batman.

Arkham City LockdownEdit

The Lockdown Robin suit is the exact same as Arkham City Robin.

Arkham CityEdit

Robin's suit has bare forearms, a small cape, and a hood which he wears over his head. It doesn't appear to offer much protection.

Arkham KnightEdit

The design of Robin's suit is very similar to that of Arkham City. However minor changes were made to the suit. The sleeves of the suit no longer show skin and instead of wearing the hood attached to his cape but is laying down, unlike Arkham City where he wore it up. The chest piece of his suit also changed. Giving him more protection in hand-to-hand combat however it appears to still be quite a bit lighter then Batman's as Tim's suit has noticeable damage after catching Harley. The design overall was made to give him a more mature look. The design also gives the benefits of better protection and flexibility.

Psychological ProfileEdit


Real Name: Tim Drake

Dr. Hugo StrangeEdit

Robin a.k.a Tim Drake

Bat FamilyEdit

- Batman

- Nightwing

- Batgirl/Oracle

- Alfred

- Lucius Fox

- Red hood (Jason Todd)


  • Expert Detective Skills
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Master Escape Artist
  • Arsenal of Gadgets and Advanced Technology
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant
  • Weapon Master
  • Marksmanship
  • Master Acrobat
  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Charisma


Arkham CityEdit

  • "I can take her."
  • "Really? That's not what it looked like from where I was standing."
  • "He was worried about you."
  • "Whose blood is it? Oh... it's yours, isn't it?"
  • "I'll get it to the hospitals and come back. You need my help here."
  • "You think? If Strange really knows who you are, what happens if he tells everyone? How will you.."
  • "If you need me, you know where I am."

Harley Quinn's RevengeEdit

  • "I'm in. Any news, Barb?"
  • "Harley Quinn's preparing for some kind of siege, what's she planning?"
  • "Don't worry, Barb, It's me, remember?"
  • "Barb, I've found the missing cops. Quinn's got 'em."
  • "What's she planning..."
  • "I'll be fine."
  • "Ever heard of "thank you?""
  • "So, you miss me?"
  • "They're safe."
  • "Yeah, sure... of course he is."

Arkham KnightEdit

  • "And he's a professional singer? Even Alfred sings better than this guy."
  • "I'd do what he says, he's not always in such a good mood."
  • "Alfred...Alfred, you sonuva bitch you cut my communications."
  • "Get away from me, GO!!!"

Game Over Line Edit

  • "I won't let you down, Bruce. I'll keep fighting. Always."


Batman:Arkham CityEdit

Batman:Arkham KnightEdit


  • Strangely, no mention of Tim's family was ever made, given the importance that his father, Jack Drake, had in the Comics.
  • Tim Drake appeared older than his teenage comic counterpart. This might be because of the games timeline or he may have been Robin for longer. Currently he has been Robin for several months prior to Arkham Asylum
  • Robin's DLC Pack came with two extra Challenge Maps; "Black Mask Predator Challenge Map" and "Freight Train Combat Challenge Map". It also came with two alternate suits; Batman: The Animated Series Robin and the Red Robin suit.
  • Interestingly, the Batman: The Animated Series Robin skin was the Dick Grayson Robin, not the Tim Drake Robin. This was likely due to the fact that Tim Drake in the Animated Series was literally half the size of Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne. Furthermore, Dick Grayson's Animated Series Robin design, was greatly influenced by the Robin costume that Tim Drake had been wearing during and prior to the Animated Series going into production. It was mostly due to the fact as Dick's actual original Robin suit was too ridiculous for the more modern TV at the time.
  • As he was Batman's partner, many thugs had considered him as "some kind of joke" and they thought taking him down would be easy.
  • Unlike Batman, when Robin sprayed his Explosive Gel, it was in the shape of an R, the symbol that was on his suit.
  • While aware of who Jason is due to Batman accidentally calling him Jason at times It is unknown if he knows that Jason is alive or if he ever met him since Jason was "killed" by the Joker.
  • According to Kan Muftic, their design of Tim Drake for Arkham City, particularly his shaved head, was derived from cage-fighters due to their envisioning him as being one on his spare time.[1]
  • When lying to Tim, Alfred warns that if Robin found out, he would lose him. This refers to the episode "Old Wounds" in The New Batman Adventures, where in a flashback scene, the first Robin was dating Barbara, but neither was aware of their identity. The subsequent revelations and the fact that Batman had kept this secret resulted in Dick hanging up the mask of Robin and not forgiving his mentor for years.
  • When asked if he was alright, Batman called Tim "Jason". Batman does this a number of times in the comics following the death of Jason Todd. Robin states that he hasn't done that in a while and foreshadows Todd's survival.
  • In Arkham Knight, If Batman returns to the movie studios after saving Oracle, He can tell Robin that she is safe. Robin won't say anything, but will fall to his knees in relief.
  • Robin, Alfred and Jason are the only members of the Bat Family to have a game over screen for Batman. Instead of mocking Batman, though, Robin will promise to continue his work.
  • In Arkham Knight, Robin's in-game profile states he has blue eyes; however, he actually has green eyes. This can be easily attested by observing his Showcase models.

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