"Ah, both contestants are finally here. Tonight, folks, we'we got riddles galore but first let me introduce my beautiful assistants."
— The Riddler introducing the Riddlerbots to Batman and Catwoman
"Why rely on others for help when you can design, program, engineer and manufacture it yourself."
— The Riddler
Riddler robots

Riddler with his Robots in Arkham Knight

Riddlerbots were a unique type of enemy found in Batman: Arkham Knight. They were designed and built by the Riddler in an attempt to make himself less dependent on Gotham City's average street thugs and criminals whom he considered inferior and useless.

They were encountered in most Riddler Challenges that did not require the Batmobile, behaved like normal human thugs, and yielded the same amount of points when defeated as a human thug.



The most common type of Riddlerbots. They possess no additional gimmics, and can be attacked by anyone.

Blue and Red


The second most common variant. While similar to the default Riddlerbots, Blue ones could only be attacked and countered by Batman, and Red ones could only be interacted by Catwoman. Trying to attack the wrong color causes an electric shock that ends any possible combos and deals some damage.


The fourth version, painted red and armed with machine guns, is only countered in several challenges throughout Gotham. They are the rarest variant of the robots.

Incident Reports

Arkham Knight Incident

Riddler used his robots in his attempt to finally beat Batman. Tired of the failures of Gotham's regular human criminals, Riddler created the robots to hide his riddles around Gotham, as well as using them to fight both Batman and Catwoman during their attempt to free Catwoman from her orphanage prison. Later, Batman collected a voice chip from a destroyed riddlerbot, and used it to control them via his Voice Synthesizer, something that Riddler was not pleased by.

Catwoman's Revenge Incident.

Riddler later planned to have his Riddlerbots bust him out of the GCPD Lockup the day after Halloween. However, after Catwoman broke into his lair, Riddler then sent his Riddlerbots to kill her, but they failed. They were later destroyed for good when Catwoman, after she robbed the Riddler of his fortune, set the factory to self destruct.


  • According to Riddler, they were programmed with a basic concept of religion, with himself as their god.
  • They were somewhat similar to Skeletons from Arkham Asylum. Both are the rarest enemy on their respective game, both fall apart when knocked down and somehow can pull themselves back together.

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