The Riddler spread many different Riddles, Trophies, etc for Batman to find. Aside from those, he hid maps, which told Batman the locations of the Riddler Trophies in the surrounding area.

Incident Reports

Arkham Asylum Incident

There's a Riddler Map in each location:

  • There's a 5th Riddler Map in the Warden's Office at the Arkham Mansion

Arkham City Incident

See: Riddler Thugs

Riddler abandoned the use of Riddler maps, as Batman had managed to defeat him by using them in Batman: Arkham Asylum. He instead hired thugs and sent them undercover to different gangs so they could hide his trophies without suspicion. However, Batman set his cowl identify Nigma's known associates and interrogated them for information on where the trophies were hidden.

Arkham Knight Incident

Like in Arkham City, Riddler Maps where replaced by Riddler Thugs.


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