Richard Flag
Biographical information
Full Name Richard 'Rick' Flag Jr.
Occupation Federal Captain
Base of Operations Unknown
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Game Information
Voice Actor Adam Baldwin
First Appearance The Brave and the Bold #25 (Sep 1959)
I said step away. I won't say it again.
— Rick Flag to Catwoman at Blackgate Prison

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident

Captain Richard Flag is a Federal Agent, who worked for the Department of Justice. He and Amanda Waller staged a riot at Blackgate Prison, to cover up their true motive of releasing Bane from his cell. They hired Catwoman to do so. However, when Batman appeared at the riots, their plans were thought to be ruined. However, they found two more eligible members for their Suicide Squad.

When Catwoman managed to release Bane from his cell, Batman stopped her, but Bane was still on the loose, though weakened. Flag and his men captured Bane and sent him back to Blackgate in an effort to save face and hide their involvement in the riot. He then confronted Batman and Catwoman at the docks, thanked Batman for his assistance, and released Catwoman with an expunged record.

Flag was last seen on a chopper with Waller, Bronze Tiger, and Deadshot, leaving Blackgate.

Psychological Profile

Rick Flag

Real Name: Richard Flag Jr.

Batman's Database Profile


Amanda Waller Profile



Arkham Origins Blackgate

  • "There's too much risk of our exposure. You need to pull the plug." (Amanda Waller)
  • "I don't like it. Deadshot's an unstable personality." (Amanda Waller)
  • "Federal Authorities! Step away from him, Catwoman!" (To Catwoman about Batman)
  • "I said step away. I won't say it again." (Catwoman)
  • "Captain Rick Flag, Batman." (Throws ID Card to Batman)
  • "Believe it or not, Batman, there are federal operations you know nothing about. Because it's better that way. We're securing the facility. Thank you for your assistance."
  • "We'll return her to custody." (To Batman about Catwoman)
  • "And we grabbed him before he even made it to the docks. You saved a lot of lives tonight, Batman. You should be proud." (To Batman about Bane)
  • "Released per your orders, Director. With an expunged record and the secret thanks of a grateful nation. Though I don't know why we don't keep a leash on her. She didn't accomplish her primary mission. We had to give Bane back to save face." (To Amanda Waller about Catwoman)
  • "And what's that, Director Waller? Leading us to those two degenerates?" (To Amanda Waller about Bronze Tiger and Deadshot)



  • Rick Flag appeared to be more apprehensive of the Suicide Squad than Amanda Waller. He distrusted the prisoners she recruited and saw them as "degenerates."
  • Though it was not stated whether that was Rick Flag Jr. or his father, it could be assumed that the former was correct due to Flag's voice actor, Adam Baldwin, having done the role of Rick Flag Jr. in the Justice League Unlimited episode, "Task Force X".
  • In Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Rick Flag's rank was Captain. In the comic books, his rank is usually Colonel.

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