Revive and Shine is an A.R Challenge map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It's located on a train station on Miagani Island. Enemies consist of Militia soldiers, with one Medic. This challenge can be launched from Story Mode.



  • Perform 2 separate Fear takedowns
  • Do not take any damage
  • Take out the medic last


  • Snap-Flash a thug
  • Finish in less than 1 minute
  • Perform a corner takedown


  • Perform a ledge takedown
  • Take out the medic as he performs a revive
  • Perform a corner takedown


  • Perform 2 pounce attacks
  • Perform 2 ledge takedowns
  • Perform a corner takedown


  • Perform a ledge fear takedown
  • Use explosive gel on the medic as he performs a revive
  • Perform a corner takedown

Harley Quinn

  • Perform a beatdown on the medic
  • Take out a deployed sentry gun
  • Perform a corner takedown


  • Take out the medic first
  • Takedown 2 thugs in smoke
  • Perform a corner takedown

Red Hood

  • No detective mode use
  • Shoot an unaware thug
  • Perform a corner takedown

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