The Red Hood story pack
Red Hood Story Pack 4

The Red Hood

is an Arkham Episode story DLC in Batman: Arkham Knight. It takes place after the events of the game. It originally was a Pre-order bonus from Gamestop, but became available as DLC in August 2015.

The DLC includes Red Hood as a playable character, and comes with the Arkham Knight skin for Red Hood, and a small story segment. It also lets Red Hood become playable in AR challenges. It is part of the Season Pass.


Red Hood enters through a glass roof to stop an arms deal between Black Mask's and Penguin's gangs. After neutralizing everybody, he interrogates the last conscious enemy, who tells him about a weapon shipment stored at a dock near Gotham City. Red Hood then executes him.
Red Hood Story Pack 1
At the Docks, Red Hood again takes out everybody, this time in silently, due to the amount of guns carried by henchmen. He interrogates a surviving enemy, who tells him about Black Mask's hideout. He is then too executed.
Red Hood Story Pack 2

Red Hood arrives at Sionis's hideout, and takes out several guards. This draws out Black Mask, who enters his office with several henchmen. After the battle, Red Hood drags the now begging Sionis to a large window in his office. As Black Mask promises "I'll go anywhere you want!" Red Hood tells him "How about you go to Hell?" and kicks the defeated crime lord through the window, and tells him to "Say hi to Joker for me." He then leaves the building.

Red Hood Story Pack 3


  • There is speculation that the Black Mask killed wasn't actually Roman Sionis, but a body double.
    • Black Mask has used body doubles in the past, as seen in Batman: Arkham Origins. In addition, in Origins Batman states that Roman has always been paranoid, and the second interrogated henchman confirmed that Black Mask knew Red Hood was after him.
    • His mask differs from the one worn by Black Mask in Arkham City. As his City mask is supposed to be burnt into his face, a change of masks seems odd.
    • Black Mask begs for mercy, which is very unlike Roman's character. For comparison, in Arkham Origins, he threatened The Joker despite being tied up and betrayed by his own (armed) henchmen.
  • Based on dialogue from some of the enemies, the events of the story take place at least a month after the events of Arkham Knight.
  • This is the only post-Arkham Knight Arkham Episode where the events of the story are not referenced in any way, and Batman is even mentioned several times. This was clearly made to avoid spoilers in a pre-order DLC. However, most observant players might notice that Red Hood's guns are the same ones Arkham Knight uses.
  • Wearing the Arkham Knight outfit causes Red Hood's costume to revert to the default one in cutscenes.
  • If the player zooms in on enemies, they are still visibly breathing no matter what method Red Hood uses to take them out. This also happens when playing as the Joker in Asylum, so it's likely caused by an game engine limitation.

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