Harley and milita

Harley Quinn

Psychiatricks is a DLC predator A.R challenge map that is included in the fifth pack of the Crime Fighter Challenge Maps in Batman: Arkham Knight. The default character is Harley Quinn.


Harley Quinn



  • Take out the medics last
  • Take down an enemy with a weak wall rigged with explosive gel
  • Complete in under 2 minutes


  • Perform 2 corner takedowns
  • Do not be seen
  • Complete in under 2 minutes


  • Startle an enemy and silent takedown him
  • Hit both medics with a Electric Blast
  • Complete in under 2 minutes



  • Use only silent takedowns
  • Perform a Batclaw disarm
  • Complete in under 2 minutes

Red Hood

  • Perform 3 silent takedowns
  • Startle an enemy and quickfire shoot him
  • Complete in under 2 minutes


  • This is the only challenge map that features Harley Quinn as the default character. It's also the only challenge map to have a DLC character from another DLC to be the default character.
  • Psychiatricks is a play on the word psychiatrist, the profession Harleen held at Arkham Asylum.
  • The map features Snowfall. The map used to have a glitch where it both rained and snowed at the same time, lowering the visibility. It triggered In From the Cold Side Mission was not completed in story mode.

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