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A Proximity Bomb is an explosive gadget that was fitted in Deathstroke's wide arsenal of weaponry. It was a large, cylindrical mine that can be stealthfully placed on the floor and set off by a caught-off-guard enemy.

Incident Report

Arkham Origins Incident

If the player were to play as Deathstroke, one of his many gadgets was the Proximity Bomb. It was used much like the Explosive Gel, and were explosive traps that could only be sprayed/placed three times before they needed to be set off.


  • While it's usually not able to perform a Explosive Wall Takedown, it could perform one in "Turning Point".
  • Because of a glitch, avoid using it as the first item unless planned through; as the closest enemy often changes his AI to search, and walked directly into the mine. While other thugs were unaware of the behavior when the first thug walked, as soon as he walked into the mine, everybody went into search mode.

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