Protocol 11 was devised by Professor Hugo Strange as a self-destruct mechanism for Wonder Tower should it be compromised by his enemies, in particular, Batman.

The pass code to this protocol was "Wayne".

Incident Reports

Arkham City Incident

Protocol 11 was devised as a self-destruct order should Batman decide to venture to Wonder Tower.

As Strange lay dying at the hands of Ra's al Ghul with Batman beside him, he activated the protocol in the hopes of destroying both Batman and Ra's. Batman survived the explosion and so did Ra's, but the latter impaled himself with his sword in an attempt to kill Batman and then was impaled by the Arkham City front gates.

Arkham Knight Incident

Protocol 11 was inadvertently the cause of The Shadow War. Ra's injuries from the explosion and his impalement led to him being resurrected with an impure Lazarus Pit beneath Elliot Memorial Hospital. This left him in a zombified state and many members of the League of Assassins wanted to put him out of his misery. Others opposed doing so and lead to a civil war among the League.


  • Many people overlook the fact that Strange also killed the TYGER Guards in the Observation Deck with him. Though their passing was much more merciful; they were unconscious.

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