Prison Officer Riley was a prison guard for the prison airship Iron Heights Penitentiary.


He apparently was involved alongside the Warden in charge of the Penitentiary, Ranken's experimentations on Killer Croc, and was one of two guards charged with holding a key card to the laboratory where Ranken sadistically experimented on Killer Croc. He and the other guard were also charged with evacuating the airship with the key cards in the event of an emergency (presumably to ensure Iron Height's illegal experiments were kept secret).

Sometime later, Killer Croc proceeded to escape captivity and, in an act of revenge against his detainers, proceeded to sabotage the engine of the airship, sending it crashing into the Gotham Bay. Riley and the other prison, following their orders, proceeded to parachute out of the crashing airship into Gotham. Riley was the only one of the two to survive the jump, due to the other guard being killed from a broken neck sustained by the parachute snagging with a crane. Riley himself, however, ended up having to contend to various thugs on the streets swarming him to beat him up (as Gotham City itself was largely evacuated of all civilians save for cops and various criminals due to Scarecrow's terror threat) and being at their mercy. He was eventually saved by Batman, who had been trying to track them down based on information supplied by Prison Officer Blackburn. He then told Batman that he was okay, albeit a bit shaken up. Batman then asked him for his key card. Riley, knowing what handing over the key card would result in, refused, also briefly hinting at their illegal experimentation of various prisoners. However, he eventually relented upon learning that Ranken had been taken captive by Killer Croc and reluctantly gave Batman his key card, although he made sure to tell Batman that when he accesses the room the key cards granted access to, "[the guards] were only doing [their] job." Upon witnessing Batman's detaining of both Waylon Jones and Ranken (the latter due to Batman's discovery of his performing inhumane experimentation on Croc that resulted in the already dehumanized criminal mutating even further), he admitted that what he and the other guards did to the criminals was ethically questionable, but requested that Batman nonetheless keep the prisoners off the streets all the same, as no one wants them on the streets.


  • Similar to the victims in The Perfect Crime, Riley and the other Prison officers encountered during the game are not actually identified by name during the mission. They are only identified after the mission's completion when talking to them.

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