Prison Officer Burfitt was a prison guard for the prison airship Iron Heights Penitentiary.


He apparently was in the know about the Warden in charge of the Penitentiary, Ranken's experimentations on Killer Croc, although he never directly participated in them or saw Killer Croc up close, and also felt that experimenting on someone like Killer Croc was a very bad idea and compared it to playing with fire.

His fears eventually ended up confirmed, as Killer Croc proceeded to escape captivity and, in an act of revenge against his detainers, proceeded to sabotage the engine of the airship, sending it crashing into the Gotham Bay. After the crash, he ended up trapped in a grate and in danger of drowning. He noticed that Ranken was in a similar situation to him during this time. He was eventually saved by Batman, who had just arrived at the derelict airship after being notified of its crash by Nightwing to investigate the cause of the crash. The Dark Knight then inquired about why Killer Croc was detained aboard the penitentiary, and Burfitt alluded to the Warden's experimentation on Killer Croc but didn't elaborate further. He then told Batman about Ranken's being in similar danger when asked if there was anyone else trapped. He was presumably evacuated from the airship by Nightwing shortly afterward. Upon witnessing Batman's detaining of both Waylon Jones and Ranken (the latter due to Batman's discovery of his performing inhumane experimentation on Croc that resulted in the already dehumanized criminal mutating even further), he then expressed surprise at Killer Croc's size, admitting that he never saw him up close before then.


  • Similar to the victims in The Perfect Crime, Burfitt and the other Prison officers encountered during the mission are not actually identified by name during the mission. They are only identified after the mission's completion when talking to them.

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