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Plants 2

Poison Ivy with one of her plants at the Botanical Gardens

Poison Ivy's Plants were venomous plants in Batman: Arkham Asylum.


Batman: Arkham Asylum Incident

The plants were created next to the Glasshouse Entrance door to Arkham East while Batman was going to talk to Aaron Cash at the Arkham Mansion. Cash talked about the plants in the first instance, until Batman changed the subject to where he kept Killer Croc. Cash said that he was in the Secure Transit room back in the Intensive Treatment Center. The plants later overflowed the Intensive Treatment Center when Batman was in


One of Poison Ivy's Plants mutated by Titan on the stairs to the Botanical Gardens

the Intensive Treatment Lobby's exit to the Utility Corridor while the Blackgate Prisoners were entering.

In the Batcave, the plants appeared when Batman was formulating the anti-Titan compound that he got from Killer Croc's Lair. The plants began to evolve around the island, including the Botanical Gardens where Batman fought Poison Ivy.

Some plants appeared even after the player had defeated Poison Ivy.

Batman: Arkham City Incident

Plants 3

Catwoman hung upside down by one of Poison Ivy's Plants in Poison Ivy's Lair in Arkham City

Poison Ivy used her plants to shoot Catwoman and to summon her ''slaves. " At the end of the fight, Ivy captured Catwoman with her plants.

Before Batman: Arkham Knight Incident

Harley Quinn used Ivy´s plants to takedown the Bludhaven Police Department Officers.

Batman: Arkham Knight Incident

Poison Ivy used her plants, in various forms, to siphon Scarecrow's Fear Toxin from the air and to attack the tanks of Scarecrow's Army, by aiding Batman.

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