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Poison Ivy, with her mind-controlled henchmen at her Lair in Arkham City

Poison Ivy´s Henchmen were henchmen that were controlled by Poison Ivy's mind control pheromones. They didn't have a specific appearance or costume. They were the henchmen of other gangs that were seduced by Ivy.



Poison ivy

Poison Ivy



Incident Reports

Plants 4

Arkham Asylum Incident

In Titan-Ivy's boss fight, Batman had to fight the Arkham Asylum Guards. A lot of Ivy's Plants could be found on Arkham Island.

Arkham City Incident


At her Lair, Ivy had a small army of Joker's, Penguin's, and Two-Face's Henchmen, and the TYGER Guards under her control in order to protect her, but that wasn't enough to take Catwoman down, so she had to use one of her plants.

Before Arkham Knight Incident

In the Harley Quinn Story Pack DLC, Harley Quinn used Ivy's plants to take down the Bludhaven Police Officers.

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