Penguin's Dockyard is a DLC Batmobile racing challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight. The track is set on a dockyard film set, and is one of the two racetracks themed after the 60's Batman TV show, alongside Batcave Set.

The default Batmobile is the Classic TV series Batmobile.

Medals (1 Lap)

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Medals (3 Laps)

  • Complete under 2:15
  • Complete under 2:45
  • Complete under 3:15

References to the 60' TV series/Movie

  • A large bottle of "Shark Repellant" can be seen near the ramp.
  • The Batcopter can be seen on several parts of the track.
  • Above the jump near the end of each lap, there are props of the Batcopter, Classic TV series Batman and Robin hanging from the ceiling. During the three lap challenge, these props move, seemingly recreating the "exploding shark" scene of the movie.


  • Judging from the 3-lap medal time, this is the shortest 3-lap era-themed Batmobile challenge.

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