Paulie B
Paulie B
Biographical information
Full Name Paulie B
Occupation Henchman
Base of Operations Arkham City, Tribunal Solomon Wayne, Museum
Affiliations Two Face's Gang
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Game Information
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance Batman Arkham City

Paulie B is one of Two-Face's Henchman. He was in charge of a band of thugs to rob Catwoman's Apartment. Paulie B and his men robbed the apartment and brought the money to Two-Face. Later, Pauli B and his band returned to the apartment and planted explosives on the window. When Catwoman returned to her apartment, the explosives blew up and she was knocked down. Paulie B and his men later fought Catwoman and was knocked down by her.


When Catwoman went to the Museum to fight Two-Face, a thug informed another thug that Two-Face ordered Paulie B to destroy Catwoman's Apartment.

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