Own the Roads
Own the Roads
Enemies Arkham Knight's Militia
Appearance Batman: Arkham Knight

Own The Roads is a Most-Wanted side-mission in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Upon the Arkham Knight's Militia forcefully seizing control of Gotham City, they set up dozens of checkpoints (barricaded outposts with sentries and soldiers stationed in it) to effectively control the roads. Batman can optionally take down each and every one of these checkpoints by defeating the soldiers and finding the commander, before looting his unconscious body of a remote and destroying it, causing the barricades to collapse.

There are eight checkpoints on Miagani Island, four on Bleake Island, and eight on Founder's, making twenty checkpoints in all of Gotham.

Upon finishing this sidequest, all vehicle and drone patrols will no longer spawn in the city.


  • The side-mission's title is a play on the term On the Roads, replacing On with Own to mean setting up checkpoints effectively give them complete control over the streets of Gotham.
  • The Checkpoint Commanders can be identified without Detective Mode; they're the ones with the red lights on their suits.

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