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Nora Fries



Biographical information
Full Name Nora Fries
Occupation Dancer
Base of Operations Lacey Towers
Affiliations Bat Family


Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze)

Physical description
Hair Blonde

Brown (Arkham Origins & Motion Capture Series)

Eyes Blue
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 145lb
Game Information
Voice Actor Annie Mumolo
First Appearance BATMAN: MISTER FREEZE (MAY 1997)

Nora Fries found undying love when she married the shy, but brilliant cryogenicist, Victor Fries.

After she was struck with a rare disease, Victor used his lab to freeze Nora in a state of suspended animation until he could find a cure. Since then, Nora has been trapped between life and death.

Victor became Mister Freeze, and was willing to break every law in his desperate search for a means to cure her.

Incident ReportsEdit

Before Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Somewhere before the events of Arkham Origins, Nora developed Huntington's Chorea, which made her terminally ill. Her husband, Victor, put her in cryostasis, which slowed down the disease and gave him more time to find a cure. She was transferred to GothCorp and remained inside Victor's lab, while he, supported by his boss, Ferris Boyle, worked on finding a cure.

Cold Cold Heart IncidentEdit

After Victor was transformed into Mister Freeze, Nora was taken by Ferris Boyle and taken to the Propellant Lab inside GothCorp. She remained there with her husband and Boyle until Batman came and put a stop to Freeze's plans. While Batman fought with Freeze, Boyle managed to disconnect Nora's freezing system, which caused her to slowly thaw/die. After Batman took down Freeze, he stopped Boyle and reconnected Nora to the freezing system, and thus saved her life. It wasn't truely known what happened to Nora after Freeze was arrested, thus Bruce Wayne decided to put her in Wayne Enterprises inside the lab for development.

Before Arkham City IncidentEdit

When Mister Freeze entered Arkham City, he was promised by Hugo Strange to be able to continue his research on a cure for Nora's Huntington's Chorea. However, Strange took Nora and gave her to the Joker. Joker used that to his advantage: he blackmailed Freeze into making a cure to the Titan disease, and said that he would kill Nora if Freeze didn't do what he told him.

Arkham City IncidentEdit

While working on the cure, Freeze was abducted by the Penguin's men and taken to the Museum. When he was rescued by Batman, Mr. Freeze went back to his lab in the abandoned GCPD Building to make the cure for the disease that afflicted the Joker. When the cure was made, Freeze requested that Batman find his wife.

However, Batman wanted the cure first, which resulted in a fight, which ended with neither of them winning, as Harley Quinn had taken the remaining vial of the cure by cutting a hole behind the safe where it was stored.

After he made his way to the Steel Mill to find the cure, Batman found Nora locked up in one of the Falcone Shipping Warehouses in the Industrial District. After he found her, Batman told Freeze her location. Later, Freeze was found beside Nora in the Warehouse, and promised to find the cure for her eventually.

After Arkham City IncidentEdit

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

In From the Cold IncidentEdit

Psychological ProfileEdit

Nora FriesEdit

Real Name: Nora Fries

Batman's Database ProfileEdit

Nora was infected by a terminal disease called Huntington's Chorea with this problem that she is dying. Nora is put into cryogenic stasis by her husband, Victor Fries. He has been working on a cure for his wife, but then failed by pulling the plug that causes an accident and turning Victor into cryogenic form.

Dr. Hugo StrangeEdit

Nora Fries


  • Gifted dancer

Behind the ScenesEdit



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