A Neural Pellet is an explosive-like gadget used by Deathstroke. It is a compact mine that can be placed on an enemy. When activated, via separate remote, it releases an orange gas that disrupts with their nervous system, and leaves them blind and open for attack.

Incident Report

Arkham Origins Incident

If the player chose to play as Deathstroke, they were granted the ability to place a neural pellet onto their enemies to use it for their advantage. However, Deathstroke could only hold three pellets.


  • Despite being based on Robin's Snap-Flash, it differed greatly from it, as instead of knocking enemies down (or out), it only made them dizzy, and only affected the enemy in whom it was planted.
  • Due to a glitch, if the device was planted stealthily into the back of a sniper, they turned around instantly.

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