Muggs is one of Joker's Henchmen active during the time the Joker took Commissioner Gordon and various GCPD officers hostage.


At some point, Muggs told his superior not to give the latter's idea for the Ferris Wheel Death Trap, and feared that the Joker would most likely execute him, as he remembered what happened to Paulie earlier. Muggs was "rewarded" for that by being told by his superior to guard an implied bogus piece of equipment under the pretense that Batgirl and Robin might be coming up through that area, although it was heavily implied that he might have actually been sent there by his superior as revenge for talking back. While guarding, Muggs voiced his displeasure at his current situation, and decided that next time, even if his boss met Paulie's fate if he came up with an idea and told the Joker, he'd keep quiet.

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