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Mister Freeze
Real name: Dr. Victor Fries


Cryogenicist at GothCorp (formerly), Professional Criminal

Base of Operations:

Gotham City


Icy Blue
Hair: None (Formerly Brown)
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 190 lbs
First Appearance: BATMAN #121 (February 1959)

Voice Actor:

Maurice LaMarche


Ferris Boyle (formerly)



Victor Fries was a brilliant cryogenicist whose beloved wife Nora Fries was stricken with a fatal degenerative disease. He placed her in suspended animation while obsessively searching for a way to cure her, but the corporation that funded his research - and Nora's life - pulled the plug, triggering an accident that transformed Fries' body into a cold-blooded form that must always be kept below zero; at normal room temperature he will die.

Wielding a number of cryogenic weapons, he wears advanced mechanical armor on his quest to bring back his lovely wife and avenge her fate - which he partly holds Batman responsible for.


Victor Fries began his interest in cryonic preservation at a young age. As a child, he froze over a dozen of his neighbors' pets in an attempt to cure them of their sickness, fully intending to revive all of them later. When he was caught, he was sent to reform school and disowned by his parents.

Fries eventually began a career in cryogenics at GothCorp. He later met a woman named Nora, whom he fell in love with and married.

Nora was eventually diagnosed with a terminal illness known as Huntington's Chorea with no known cure. Later he was hired by Ferris Boyle, the CEO of GothCorp. Boyle wanted Fries to help advance the secret cryoweapons program within GothCorp, with Fries as the leader of the project. In exchange, Ferris agreed to help devote GothCorp resources to finding a cure for Nora’s malady. Meanwhile, Ferris was more interested in how Victor had managed to put Nora into cryostasis. He demands Victor into working on the program besides his research on Nora’s condition, telling him that the illness is incurable and that he can’t work on the research overnight. When Victor realized that Boyle did not have any intention of following through on their deal, he decided to research a cure for Huntington’s himself without Boyle’s help. When Ferris found out about this, he threatened to cease Fries' activities and pull the plug, which means ending Nora's life. As the two struggle, Fries was pushed by Boyle into his own chemicals, which transformed his metabolism into a cold-blooded form. Boyle managed to escape the scene unharmed, while several GothCorp security guards were caught in the explosion and were frozen to death. Fries, however, managed to build a suit that helped keeping him alive in normal temperatures.

Incident ReportsEdit

Before Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Freeze is missing from the events of Arkham Origins taking place on Christmas Eve; however, he is active for an unspecified time prior to his actions taken during Cold, Cold Heart on New Years Eve. During this period, Victor puts his wife Nora into cryostasis to buy himself the time required to develop a cure for Nora's terminal illness, Huntington's Chorea. Boyle approached Fries and worked out a deal: Fries would create cryogenic technology (mostly weapons) for GothCorp, and in exchange, Boyle would devote GothCorp resources to finding a cure for Nora. However, even as Victor held up his end of the deal, Boyle kept stalling on his. Victor eventually realized that Boyle was more interested in how he put Nora into cryostasis, thus making him forget about their deal, and decided to research himself.

In response, Boyle and two guards attacked him in his lab and abducted Nora. In the struggle, Boyle knocked over a freeze gun, which struck one of the guards and a large container of cryogenic chemicals. The sudden pressure change caused the container to explode, releasing a plume of chemicals that doused Victor and remaining guard. Boyle managed to escape the plume and fled the lab. The guard tried to flee also, but upon leaving the supercooled lab, suffered heat stroke and died at the doorway.

Victor witnessed the guard's death, and realized that the chemical he had been exposed to had changed his metabolism, and as a result, he would have to keep his body temperature subzero in order to survive. Inside the lab, Victor constructed a makeshift cryosuit out of prototype parts in order to survive. It is noticeably less advanced than the suit he has in Arkham City, as he built it out of spare parts in the lab and not the technology he would create years later.

Cold Cold Heart IncidentEdit

Mister Freeze appears in Cold, Cold Heart as the main villain. Freeze arrives with Penguin's gang and attacking civilians at the Wayne Humanitarian of the Year Awards demanding Ferris Boyle. While Batman is able to keep Ferris safe for the most part, he encounters Freeze, who is able to abduct Boyle and escape. Batman follows after him, discovering along the way that Freeze has equipped some of Penguin's men with cryonic weaponry. While Batman is trying to track down Freeze, he is able to find out that Freeze struck a deal with the Penguin: he supplies Penguin with weapons, and Penguin gets him Boyle and into GothCorp. Penguin gets Freeze into GothCorp, but it's in there that the deal goes sour. Penguin believes Freeze is holding on him due to Freeze's refusal to allow him into a certain section of the lab (in reality, it is a chamber that is housing Nora). At this moment, Batman arrives to see a firefight between Penguin, his goons, and Freeze. Batman drops down and picks off two snipers, and while Penguin's gang is distracted, Freeze freezes them all, retakes Boyle, and creates a wall of ice behind him. Batman not only requires his Extreme Environment (XE) suit, but also a cryodrill to break through the wall. The drill also needs a coolant fluid that was developed by Victor Fries, and it is there in the abandoned lab that he finally discovers the truth.

Batman returns to GothCorp with the drill and is able to access the chamber. After fighting past Freeze's thugs and overloading the cryo-generators, the two begin a battle around the lab. Freeze's makeshift armor is too strong for Batman to damage conventionally, but he is able to find ways to hurt him and disable the propellant tank on his suit. Their fight is interrupted by an alert, signalling that Nora's pod was beginning to fail. Freeze flash-freezes the room before returning to Nora in order to fix the problem, and Batman is able to attack him from below as well as he activates his Thermal Gloves to break his dome and take him down. 

However, as he incapacitates Freeze, Boyle frees himself and uses the ruptered pipes in the room to freeze Batman, who pushes Victor out of the way. Ferris then snaps a pipe from Freeze's suit and begins to beat him to death, while cruelty gloating that he can watch Nora die first. Batman is able to free himself, however and knocks Ferris out with two punches telling the corrupt businessman to " take a seat humanitarian" in disgust. He administers a coolant to Freeze, and then fixes Nora's pod saving her. Batman tells Victor that while he cannot give him peace, he can give him justice. 

It can be theorized that while the Bat did save Nora and Freeze in the end, he stopped Freeze from rescuing her and escaping, something Alfred points out when Bruce realizes that her restoration was Freeze's only goal. The G.C.P.D. picked up Victor and because of his condition they did not put him in Blackgate so they put him in Arkham Asylum when it opened.  

Assault on Arkham IncidentEdit

Freeze's gun is found in the prisoner storage section of Arkham Asylum by Killer Frost and King Shark. Killer Frost attempts to use the Freeze Gun to kill Batman, but she fails.

Before Arkham Asylum Incident Edit

Sometime before The Joker's control of the Asylum started, Mr. Freeze escaped from his cell and fled Arkham Island. Exactly how and when he did this is unknown.

Arkham AsylumEdit

Mr. Freeze's cell, which is in the same wing as Arkham's most deranged cases, can be seen in the Penitentiary area of Batman: Arkham Asylum, and can be scanned to unlock his bio.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City IncidentEdit

Mr. Freeze is blackmailed by the Joker to find a cure for his Titan illness. He is easily able to develop a cure for the disease, but finds that it degrades too quickly to be used, and requires a restorative enzyme. He was going to continue his research only to be manipulated into submission by Hugo Strange, stripped of his suit and weapons, and handed over to the Penguin. Freeze and his suit are displayed separately in Penguin's War Room and Museum respectively. Penguin also stole Freeze's weapons for his own amusement.

Arkham CityEdit

"You will bring me Nora or you will die!"
―Mr. Freeze
Batman, who is poisoned by Joker with the latter's blood, goes to find Freeze in order to get the cure. He discovers that the Penguin has kidnapped Freeze, and tracks him to the Museum. Batman soon finds Freeze locked in a display case under a heat lamp, barely staying alive with the use of a plug that injected chemicals into his body, keeping it at sub-zero temperatures. He interrogates Freeze for the cure, but Freeze requires his suit, and demands revenge on Cobblepot. Freeze is reluctant to help Batman, but agrees after Batman threatens him by removing Freeze's chemicals. After Freeze gives into Batman's threat, he returns Freeze's plug.

Batman gets Freeze his suit back and brings him the Penguin. Freeze gets revenge by stepping on the Penguin's broken hand, only easing up when Batman tells him to stop, and locks the Penguin in one of his own exhibits. Batman asks for the cure, but Freeze explains that it is too unstable for use. Batman realizes that he needs to get the restorative element the cure requires: the blood of Ra's al Ghul. Freeze returns to the GCPD building while Batman goes after Ra's.

After recovering the blood sample, Freeze is able to complete the cure and quickly locks it away in his safe. Batman demands the cure, but Freeze refuses and destroys one of the two vials of the cure. He informs Batman that Joker has his wife Nora and Freeze orders Batman to bring Nora, and launches a full-scale attack against Batman. Batman is able to defeat Freeze and smashes the protective dome around his head to punch him, but stops after a hallucination from the poison.

When Batman attempts to retrieve the cure, however, he discovers that Harley Quinn was able to break into the safe and has stolen the only samples. Batman pursues her but, at the insistence of Freeze, agrees to also look for Nora. In exchange, Freeze gives Batman some Freeze Grenades he had been developing to help Batman break into the Steel Mill. Batman quickly finds Nora in a warehouse on the property of Joker's Funland and informs Victor of her location, reuniting husband and wife.

After Arkham City IncidentEdit

It can be assumed that after the evacuation and shut down of arkham city Mr freeze was taken to temporary holding cells while his wife was taken to his lab

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Freeze may appear in Arkham Knight. If so, it is unknown what role he will play in the story as he could be a potential ally to Batman since he stills has a grudge against Penguin and appeared to make peace with Batman after he found Nora for him in Arkham City.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Arkham OriginsEdit

In Arkham Origins, Freeze appears as his skin is altered into a cold blooded form that was caused by the tank that exploded. He wears a super cooled survival suit in order to keep his coolant subzero temperature to survive and powers up with super coolant on his suit. On his suit has a cryo coolant tank behind his suit, he has right handed cryo cannon which is connected to his suit that fires, a protective dome over his head and a GothCorp logo on his suit. He wears red lens thermal goggles that he uses to scan for targets.

Arkham CityEdit

In Arkham City, Freeze appears without his suit after being captured, he has a chemical coolant on his chest that keeps him alive in his blood and black cryo pants with coolant tubes that connects to the coolant. Freeze wears a new high-tech metallic freeze suit with technology and weaponized cryo equipment and holding a cryogenic freeze ray. He wears a protective dome around his head and wears a new set of high-tech goggles that scans for targets.


Cold, Cold Heart Fight:

In the end of the DLC story, Batman and Freeze battle inside GothCorp in a cooling chamber where Nora was locked up. Like in Arkham City, direct attacks won't work on Freeze, so instead the player must use their predator skills to fight him, althought due to the icy environment only a few options are available:

  • Perform a Silent Takedown from behind (it is best to use this Takedown as a way to start the battle since Mr. Freeze will start leaking cryogenic fluid which will freeze Batman and anyone who gets near him)
  • Perform a Corner Takedown
  • Perform a Weak Wall Takedown 
  • Perform a Explosive Gel Takedown
  • Perform a Vent Takedown
  • Use the Thermocharged Batarang to drop a stalactite on top of him (this is the easiest method to defeat since he will not be able to track Batman down or freeze him if you fail to drop it on top of him).

Once Freeze has lost enough life, a warning signal will state that Nora's Cryopod is losing power, Freeze will turn his attention to her and the player will simply have to get under Freeze for the final Takedown.

Arkham City Fight:

The battle with Freeze takes place in the GCPD lab. Freeze cannot be attacked directly, and instead must be weakened by using the following methods:

  • Perform a Silent Takedown (either behind him, or while crouching on a railing).
  • Perform a Takedown through a glass window.
  • Destroy a wall as he walks past it with the Explosive Gel.
  • Use the Disruptor to disable his gun.
  • Activate magnets with the Remote Electrical Charge Gun.
  • Strike him from behind while riding the Line Launcher.
  • Land on top of him using the Drop Attack or the Glide Kick.
  • Perform a Takedown from a grate.
  • Activate the electrical current between the two frayed wires on top of the icy floor.
  • Destroy a glass ceiling as he walks under it with the Explosive Gel.
  • Perform a Ledge Takedown.

Once Freeze is weakened, Batman must perform a Beatdown and start again. Every time a strategy is used, however, Freeze will deploy counter-measures (usually involving him freezing whatever you used to attack him). If the player doesn't leave any footprint or breaks the line of sight between him and Freeze, he will occasionally send out heat-seeking drones that will bombard Batman once they discover his location. If Batman destroys these drones with his Batarangs, Freeze will simply go to your location by following the trajectory of your projectiles. If the player destroys ice sculptures of Nora Fries, Freeze will be so enraged that he will go to your location. If you throw a Remote Control Batarang at Freeze, it will make him fire his freeze gun at it. Should the player make Freeze hit the ice sculpture of Nora, he will claim that he is going to end you.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Mr. FreezeEdit

Real Name: Dr. Victor Fries

GCPD ProfileEdit

Batman's Database ProfileEdit

Fries was a GothCorp cryogenicist which he started cryogenic technology which helped working on cryogenic weapons for Ferris Boyle, but he had other plans to cure his wife than making cryo weapons. Boyle threatened Victor to cease his activities, pulled the plug and causes an accident by his chemicals that altered Fries' metabolism. Victor built himself a cryogenic suit to start keeping his temperature subzero.

Dr. Penelope YoungEdit


Psychological Profile: Another surprisingly intelligent inmate. Fries' narcissism and antisocial disorders are surpassed only by his intense fixation on his late wife Nora. His obsession with Nora's memory has developed into a variety of psychopathic behaviors, worsened by his narcissistic egomania and lack of concern for others. Fries's peculiar medical condition - which keeps his body temperature below zero and necessitates a variety of complicated security precautions - only furthers his antisocial tendencies.

Additional Notes: Yet another inmate here at the asylum who was formerly a doctor; certainly an odd pattern.

Treatment is difficult due to the frigid temperatures I am forced to endure in his presence.

Dr. Hugo StrangeEdit

Victor Fries A.K.A. Mr. Freeze


  • Scientific genius, with a specialty in cryogenics and cryonics.
  • Employs an extensive array of cryo-weaponry.
  • His body has been permanently altered to survive at a sub-freezing state.
  • Wears protective freezing armor whenever he's out in an above-zero climate.
  • Intense heat can cause massive heat stroke to his sub-freezing physiology.
  • Motivated by his grief and anger over the fate of his wife Nora.
  • Motivated by a desire to be reunited with Nora once more.



  • Cryo-Gun
  • Cryonic Grenades
  • Heat-Seeking Drones


Cold Cold HeartEdit

  • "Bring me Ferris Boyle."
  • "I have no quarrel with you."
  • "I just require a moment of your time."
  • "Give me Boyle or I'll freeze this entire room!"
  • "What's behind this door is of no interest to you!"
  • "This will not end well for you, Cobblepot."
  • "You got what was promised."
  • "I don't want to hurt you, but I will."
  • "This was not the deal we made."
  • "Now you belong to me." [to Ferris Boyle]
  • "Threats are meaningless to a man who has lost everything."
  • "Your body core temperature is running dangerously low, Ferris. All I want is to get Nora and leave."
  • "Then join me in my fate... and freeze."
  • "You still have time Boyle. Or are you so empty you have nothing to live for?"
  • "A few more degrees below zero and we'll see if I need any."
  • "Keep stalling and the cold will do it for me."
  • "I'm taking my wife. You can't stop me."
  • "Nothing matters. Do you understand? Nothing but my Nora."
  • "No. What she wants is to live a long life in the warmth of the sun, her hand in mine." *"But because of him, she'll only feel the icy touch of a man whose emotions run as cold as the blood in his veins!"
  • "Where are the rest of you? Get in here and honor our bargain."
  • "We made a deal. Now get in here and find the Batman."
  • "Boyle is the real criminal here, Batman. Help me get my wife and no one else needs to get hurt."
  • "Damn you, Batman, for forcing my hand."
  • "If Boyle had honored our bargain, none of this violence would have been necessary."
  • "You should be helping me, Batman, not fighting me."
  • "This is none of your concern. It's between Boyle and me."
  • "If this is how you want it to be, so be it."
  • "Do you have any idea what Boyle was doing to her!?"
  • "Do you understand what it's like to have someone taken from you?"
  • "He's escaped!"
  • "He's at tank one!"
  • "He's at tank two!"
  • "He's at tank three!"
  • "He's targeting the reactors!"
  • "Now! While he's frozen!"
  • "How did he escape?"
  • "Do not let him disable the last reactor!"
  • "Let's see how well you do when the air freezes in your lungs."
  • "Get him!"
  • "Hmm?"
  • "You are a nuisance!"
  • "Do not disappoint me."
  • "This man should have been more careful."
  • "This is how the Batman rewards incompetence."
  • "I'll box you in, Batman."
  • "You are resourceful. I'll give you that."
  • "You won't escape that way."
  • "Flush him out. I'll do the rest."
  • "Search the area."
  • "Where are you?"
  • "Your technology is inferior Batman."
  • "You only anger me."
  • "Well, Batman? Come out and do what you came to do."
  • "You will not stop me with these toys, Batman."
  • "It will take more than that, Batman."
  • "I built this suit with multiple redundancies."
  • "Focus, damn you!"
  • "Try that again."
  • "Fools!"
  • "Incompetence!"
  • "Imbeciles!"
  • "Find him!"
  • "You want to stop me? Then come out of the shadows!"
  • "Have you lost your resolve? Mine remains as strong as ever."
  • "My patience wears thin."
  • "You have forced me to do this!"
  • "Do not allow him to escape again."
  • "There!"
  • "I've got you!"
  • "I know you're up there."
  • "My suit is resilient, Batman!"
  • "Find the source of that noise!"
  • "That was the Bat. Find him!"
  • "He's given away his position!"
  • "He's immobilized!"
  • "Do not test my patience."
  • "I'm not leaving without my wife! Do you hear me!?"
  • "What do you see?"
  • "He's right there!"
  • "I am taking Nora. You cannot stop me."
  • "There is no need for this, Batman."
  • "I won't allow my wife to be subjected to any more tests. Do you understand!?"
  • "There he is."
  • "Over here!"
  • "Stay right there!"
  • "You're running out of hiding spots, Batman."
  • "He's here!"
  • "He's there!"
  • "Nora. Hang on!"
  • "No. No!"
  • "Nora!"
  • "I'm coming, Nora!"
  • "Why didn't I just kill him?"
  • "I should have just killed him-him and the Bat."
  • "Hang on, Nora. I've almost got you."
  • "Nora!" (weakly)
  • "Please-you can save her. You'll just have to bypass the-"
  • "Nora!" (lovingly)

Arkham CityEdit

  • "Forget the clown. I want Cobblepot. He has my suit. My weapons. I'll end him for what he's done to me."
  • "You don't understand. I cannot complete my work without it. I must have it. Everything depends on it. Everything."
  • "Do I look like a fool? Why would I tell you that?"
  • "Leave my wife out of this, Batman. Don't let this situation fool you. We are not friends."
  • "No!" [after Batman takes out Freeze's coolant]
  • "Stop!" [after Batman pours out half of the coolant]
  • "There's a security override chip I built into the suit to stop anyone using my weapons against me."
  • "Why don't you go get the security override and figure out a way to stop him yourself."
  • "Where is my suit, Batman? I thought we had a deal."
  • "Find my suit, Batman. Without it, I will not help you."
  • "I cannot help you without my suit."
  • "Have you found my suit? My weapons? I cannot complete your cure without it."
  • "Good. You are taking longer than expected, Batman. Are you sure you will be too sick to defeat the clown?"
  • "Find my suit. Without it, I will not help you and you will die."
  • "You do not look well, Batman. I suggest you hurry and find my suit."
  • "Where is Cobblepot?"
  • "Of course."
  • "You will regret what you did, Mr. Cobblepot."
  • "There isn't one." [no cure for the Titan poisoning]
  • "Perhaps I should elaborate. Creating an antidote to the disease that afflicts the clown was easy. Unfortunately the cure degrades too quickly. It needs a restorative element, some kind of reforming enzyme, without it, it breaks down before it can help the host."
  • "Finding a suitable enzyme is not the only problem. It needs to adapted, bonded to human DNA. That will take decades: time it appears you do not have."
  • "What man?"
  • "Bring him to me. All I need is a sample of his blood. It is your only hope."
  • "Then you and the clown are doomed."
  • "You are a fool, Batman. You have let your only hope escape."
  • "Are you sure this man can provide the missing ingredient?" [to Batman about Ra's al Ghul]
  • "Let us hope you are correct, Batman. After all, your life depends on it."
  • "The missing element you suggest is interesting in a purely scientific perspective."
  • "The structure of the disease that affects you is complicated."
  • "How can this Ra's al Ghul hold the secret to the clown's cure? Batman must have lost his mind."
  • "When this is over, the clown will suffer."
  • "I will not fail Nora."
  • "This is futile."
  • "Impressive, Batman. I doubted you would actually return."
  • "The formula is complete. The bonding process appears to have been successful."
  • "How are feeling? You look unwell."
  • "I'm afraid I cannot do that, Batman."
  • "You have given me your last order."
  • "I think it is. The clown has my wife. Bring her back to me."
  • "Oh, I believe I do.You will bring me Nora, or you will die!"
  • "You are in my world now, Batman. If you will not help me, then you will die!"
  • "There you are!"
  • "Hide if wish, Batman. I will find you and end you."
  • "The clown will pay for taking my wife."
  • "I warned you, Batman, you cannot hide from me."
  • "I can see your footprints. You cannot hide."
  • "I see you, Batman."
  • "Get off me!"
  • "Magnets? They will not help you."
  • "So you wish to use magnets against me? I do not think so."
  • "This room will be your tomb."
  • "Nora! No!"
  • "No! You will suffer for that!"
  • "That was not wise, Batman!"
  • "You're just making it worse. I will not allow you to insult my wife's memory!"
  • "You cannot hide forever, Batman."
  • "Where have you gone?"
  • "I have you now."
  • "I can evolve my strategies. Can you?"
  • "I see you are attempting to use my weapons against me. Do you really think I would allow that?"
  • "Where did you...?"
  • "I learn from my mistakes, Batman. Do you?"
  • "You cannot hide in the cold, Batman. This world is mine."
  • "That strategy will never work again."
  • "The heat of your footprints betrays you."
  • " Your body heat will betray you."
  • "I have you now, Batman."
  • "What? How?"
  • "I can see where you have been, Batman."
  • "No!"
  • "NO!"
  • "What is that sound?"
  • "Nora! You will pay for making me do that!"
  • "That will not happen again."
  • "Please, find Nora. She is all I have left."
  • "It's over."
  • "That was all I could manufacture."
  • "Then what are you waiting for? Go and get it back. The clown must pay for what he has done to us."
  • "Perhaps I can help."
  • "I've been working on a new projectile system. Maybe these will provide the edge you need."
  • "Please, find my wife."
  • "I managed to track Nora down to somewhere in this area. Please find her for me Batman."
  • "Nora! Where is she?"
  • "Thank you, Batman. I doubted you. I am sorry."
  • "I am preparing a solution to remedy whatever damage the clown has caused my beautiful Nora."
  • "Thank you for finding Nora."
  • "My beautiful wife. I am so sorry for all that has happened."
  • "I will fix you, Nora. I cannot live another day knowing this is your fate."
  • "Thank you, Batman. I am sorry I doubted you."
  • "Is she not beautiful? Like a flower, frozen in time."
  • "I owe you a debt, Batman."
  • "Thank you for this."
  • "Yes. My beautiful Nora is now safe."
  • "Leave me with my wife, Catwoman."

​Arkham KnightEdit

Game Over LinesEdit

Batman: Arkham Origins Cold Cold HeartEdit

  • "The thought of killing a man should turn my stomach, but as i look at you now... I feel nothing."
  • "And now your blood runs as cold as mine."

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

  • "Death is cold, Batman."
  • "I will turn your blood to ice."

Batman: Arkham KnightEdit


Batman: Arkham Origins Cold Cold HeartEdit

Batman: Arkham CityEdit


Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

Batman: Arkham CityEdit


  • Mr. Freeze appears in the DLC Cold, Cold Heart for Arkham Origins. It involves him interrupting the "Humanitarian of the Year Awards" at Wayne Manor. This DLC focuses on Freeze's origin story as told in Batman: The Animated Series. The DLC has been cancelled for the WII U.
  • Mr. Freeze's cell, which is in the same wing as Arkham's most deranged cases, can be seen in the Penitentiary area of Arkham Asylum, and can be scanned to unlock his bio, which reveals that he escaped prior to the game.
  • In Dr. Young's notes, Penguin wrote his signature to only state that there is an alliance, presumably the alliance they make during the Cold, Cold Heart DLC.
  • There is a glitch when fighting Freeze. If he sees you with a railing in front of him, he will attempt to walk to you, but will run into the rails. He will continue walking in that direction and will not move at all. The only way to snap him out of his trance, is to hit him with something beside, or behind him.
  • Although Mr. Freeze is generally an antagonist in the game, he also serves as an ally to Batman, as he develops the cure to the disease and gives him the freeze grenades. This reflects his status of being a tragic figure/anti-hero rather than a full on villain. This is also similar to Catwoman's role in the game, as she too helps Batman without being his actual ally.
  • When you complete Nora's side mission and go back to Freeze, his visor will still be broken from the boss fight. But when you go to him at Nora's location and encounter him again, his visor is fixed. It could be possible that Freeze fixed his visor between his appearances.

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