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  • We would have one troll less on this world so I don't see the problem.

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  • Hello. I've been reading on the Batman Arkham wiki for quite some time since I am a very big fan but I think that some things got out of hand within the last few months. This is the reason why I'd like to request adminship. I already asked Doomlurker about this but I never really saw him here so I think I should also ask you. I understand if you're hesitating to give the admin rights to a completely new user but I think a neutral and more objective view on this site is what we need in order to end the edit wars or insulting posts and after reading the current general discussion about edit wars I think I can handle this task.

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    • Daryl, please don't try and start anything right now. We're all trying to work on this place and make it better and that kind of attitude isn't helping. While yes, I would agree that Charon is too new of a user to be campaigning for adminship, please keep in mind that he only wants to help this place get better so there's no need for you to be like that. 

      He has 8x more edits than you do so let's not act like you know how this place runs either. Stay here a little longer, help out a bit more, and when this place is all set and running, then we have time to deal with harassment like this, but let's hope by then you have a little more respect for other users.


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    • Hm... sorry, but as far I know, I don't have the power to make anyone an Admin, and I kinda left the wiki for some time already... a lot of things happened and I found it better to left the wiki, I still have a deeply love for the Arkham franchise, I really do, but I couldn't keep up with the expectations of a wiki that deserve to be as big as this one. When I joined the wiki, there was a lot of pages that didn't exist or didn't have enough information on them, along the low numbers of editors at the time, what made me feel like it deserved more attention and even with my bad english, I decided to help. It went well until the announce of Arkham Origins, when a significant number of vandals appeared and made me go after the previous admin (that was working on another wiki) and asked him to be an admin to stop the rising vandalism. After some time, I noticed that people started to join the wiki and make it a better place itself, along with a better english than I had at the time and more determination than I had to, so I found better to retire from the wiki, since everything looked well. It saddens me to see things as hate and vandalism coming back again and if I knew how to do it, I'd have nominated an admin before. I'd recommend you guys to look after a staff member to nominate a new admin. I hope you all have a good time editing and making the wiki a better place for those who look for information. I apologize deeply for leaving the wiki so suddenly back then and leaving it without an active admin, I'm really sorry for all this mess the wiki's been through too. And one last thing, please, don't harass, insult, mock any of the editors, they're here trying their best to help to make the wiki a better place and don't deserve any of your rudeness. Again, I'm really sorry for all of this.


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