Tape 1

  • Hugo Strange: Patient interview one. Subject's name; Jervis Tetch, A.K.A. The Mad Hatter. Brought to Arkham Asylum by the Batman six months ago. Patient exhibits signs of obsessive compulsion and paranoid schizophrenia. Sit down, Mr. Tetch.
  • Mad Hatter: No time to sit, I need Alice. Where is my Alice?
  • Hugo Strange: Please.
  • Mad Hatter: No time to sit, no time to chat.
  • Hugo Strange: Guard, restrain Mr. Tetch.

Tape 2

  • Mad Hatter: Is Alice here yet?
  • Hugo Strange:
  • Mad Hatter: Really? Do you know Alice too?
  • Hugo Strange:
  • Mad Hatter: Oh, it doesn't matter. It's just chemicals and synapses and rabbits and... Oh, where is Alice?
  • Hugo Strange:
  • Mad Hatter: How did you get it? Did Alice give it to you? Wicked girl! Nasty little thing! Is she here yet?
  • Hugo Strange: Soon, Jervis. Soon.

Tape 3

  • Mad Hatter: Where is Alice? You'd said she'd be here!
  • Hugo Strange: She's here, Jervis. She's right here.
  • Mad Hatter: Alice? Alice come out. Don't pout. don't make me shout. Alice come out. Where are you?
  • Hugo Strange: Take a look at these photos. Tell me who you see.
  • Mad Hatter: Oh, who are these people?
  • Hugo Strange: Take another look. Look at the nice dress she's wearing. Take a look at the hair. It's Alice, isn't it?
  • Mad Hatter: No, no, no. It can't be Alice. Alice has nice yellow hair is isn't covered in blood!
  • Hugo Strange: I think you know who this is. I think you remember that night you invited Stephanie Williams to your lab. How you offered her tea. How many Alice's were there?
  • Mad Hatter: I, I, I can't remember! Oh, please! Is Alice here or not?
  • Hugo Strange: That all depends on how you cooperate.

Tape 4

Tape 5