Leslie Thompkins Medical Clinic at Amusement Mile in Arkham City.

The Leslie Thompkins Medical Clinic is a medical clinic that was created and run by Doctor Leslie Thompkins, a renowned medical professional who dedicated her considerable skills toward helping Gotham City's neglected and impoverished population. The clinic was intended for those who were unable to afford government established medical treatment.

Unfortunately, the clinic was also used by Gotham's criminals as well as child gang members and drug addicts. However, all of Gotham's Underworld seemed to respect the clinic's neutrality.

While the majority of her patients were repeat offenders, Doctor Thompkins attempted to treat each patient with equal compassion and continued to do her job with great perseverance and determination.

Incident Reports

Arkham City Incident

The building where the clinic was became flooded because of the earthquake, but it could be seen at Amusement Mile.

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