The leader of St.Dumas is the unseen leader of the order who only appeared as a body less voice in the game.he is first heard when Batman examines Azrael brain. The voice told Azrael to find and study the Dark Knight so that he may become his successor and become Gotham"s New Savior,but this is not entirely true for when batman examines deeper how finds out the truth.The Order believe Batman to be too weak to protect Gotham so he order to kill Batman and take his place.The voice will continue to talking trying to persuade Azrael to kill Batman untill the player makes their choice.The leader of the order is voiced by  Keith Sjarzabaijka.


  • Since the Order of St. Dumas is heavily based on the Knights Templar, a medieval Catholic Military Order, it is most likely that the Leader would hold the title of Grandmaster.

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