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Batman in Sionis' Safehouse at Lacey Towers

Lacey Towers was a high-end apartment building that was located in New Gotham, in Coventry.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

After he infiltrated the Final Offer and interrogated the Penguin, Batman learned of a murder that took place at Lacey Towers. Black Mask was supposedly the victim.

Alfred informed Batman that the GCPD believed that the Penguin had murdered Black Mask, and also warned that they were already on the scene. When Batman arrived, the area was on lockdown. Bypassing the two SWAT Officers, Batman entered the building. Inside, he found Roman Sionis, Black Mask, supposedly murdered along with Tiffany Ambrose in his safehouse. Batman deduced that the Joker was somehow involved in the murder at Lacey Towers, which resulting in Tiffany and someone who at least resembled Black Mask, as well as the presence of another intruder who fought the murderer. However, due to there not being enough evidence at the crime scene to give many answers to newfound questions, Batman resolved to access the GCPD's main server: the National Criminal Database. Batman left the safehouse, fought against one more SWAT Officer, and left the building.


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