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Kitrina Falcone
Biographical information
Full Name Kitrina Falcone
Occupation Professional Thief
Base of Operations Gotham City
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Game Information
First Appearance Batman #691 (Dec 2009)

Kitrina Falcone is the daughter Carmine Falcone and the youngest of The Falcone Crime Family. Just like Selina she is obessed with feline objects, Kitrina has also trained to become an escape artist to elude capture. Fixated on feline outfits and items, Kitrina became Catgirl and teams up with Catwoman.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

Her name is seen on a chalkboard in the GCPD along with or members of The Falcone Crime Family. Sometime after the mess with Catwoman Kitrina left the family business and worked with Selina with for a while.

After Arkham Origins Incident


GCPD Profile

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