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Killer Croc
Real name: Waylon Jones


Alligator Wrestler, Gangster, Murderer

Base of Operations:



Hair: None
Height: 11 ft 0 in
Weight: Batman: Arkham Origins- 485 pounds

Batman: Arkham Asylum- 580 pounds

Batman: Arkham City- 310 pounds

First Appearance: Batman: #358 (April 1983)

Voice Actor:

Steve Blum (AA, AC)

Khary Payton (AO)


"Black Mask"

"Tick Tock! Feed the Croc!"
―Killer Croc[src]

Waylon Jones, also known as Killer Croc, was one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask (actually the Joker in disguise) to kill Batman on Christmas Eve. Abandoned to his abusive and alcoholic aunt and abused and bullied his entire life due to his appearance, the result of a genetic disorder he was born with, Jones embraced his animal instincts and violently murders and devours his aunt after finally reaching his breaking point. Joining a traveling circus and adopting the stage name, "Killer Croc", Jones bonded with his fellow carnival workers and felt like he had a family for the first time.

This came to a tragic end however, when vicious audience members in Gotham City destroyed the carnival and killed all whom Jones felt affection for. Seeking revenge on all humanity for their crimes, Croc began to devour countless individuals to survive, becoming a monster in body and spirit. Driven by hatred and a lust for blood, Croc regularly works with Gotham's various mob organizations as a brutal and cannibalistic hit-man to satisfy his appetite for violence and money. Seeing all humans as selfish and judgmental sacks of flesh, Jones took orders from anyone who could provide him with money and a larger scope of victims.

He was 28 years old, 10'5, and weighed 485 pounds by the time of Batman's second year at crime fighting.


Born with a rare skin disease that only worsened over time, Waylon Jones was put under the guardianship of his incredibly abusive and alcoholic aunt after his mother died giving birth to him and his father abandoned him. Brutally abused in his home and relentlessly bullied at school, Waylon accepted his place in society as always being seen as a monster.

As the years went on, Jones's condition would make him more and more into a monster, eradicating any traces of humanity that might have been left as Croc became a monster in body and spirit. Always seeking his next meal, Croc has never forgotten the scent of Batman and lusts to kill and devour the hero in retribution for his capture at his hands.

Incident ReportsEdit

Before Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Murdering his aunt after finally reaching his breaking point, Waylon fled from society and eventually joined a traveling circus where he was made part of the freak-show, becoming known as "Killer Croc". Bonding with his fellow performers in the show, Jones finally felt as if he had a family, until a horrendous attack occurred at Gotham City by vicious audience members, destroying the circus and killing all whom Jones felt attachment for.

Regardless, he eventually had various warrants, including 7 counts of assault, 7 counts of aggravated assault, 6 counts of murder of the first degree, 14 counts of murder of the second degree, 12 counts of manslaughter, 4 counts of drug dealing, and 1 count of reposterising.

Seeing humanity as a disgusting waste of flesh, Jones became a cannibal murderer, often employing himself to the mob for money, before being apprehended by Batman on Christmas Eve.

Arkham Origins IncidentEdit


Batman vs Killer Croc

"The only boss a' me!"
Croc is one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask to kill Batman. Croc worked alongside Black Mask as they carried Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb to the execution chamber in Blackgate Prison.

As Black Mask escaped by helicopter, Croc stayed behind to take on Batman, who was in pursuit of the mobster. Eventually, he was defeated, with Batman demanding Black Mask's location. Croc didn't reveal this, but revealed to Batman about the seven other assassins hired before being knocked out, where he was found by the GCPD.

He was then taken into custody by the Gotham police. Croc was seen briefly at Blackgate Prison attacking Batman during the Joker's riot. While the sniper is aiming Batman, who was grabbed by Croc until Gordon knocked the sniper with a bat, the bullet hits Croc causing him to drop Batman and retreat back to his cell.

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

After Quincy Sharp successfully re-opened Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc was presumably transferred to the new facility. It may also be that Croc escaped Blackgate, and was then incarcerated at Arkham Asylum prior to Joker's takeover.

Road to Arkham IncidentEdit

He was under treatment by Dr. Whistler, who really believed Croc had some humanity in him. She kept believing this, even when he bit off guard Aaron Cash's hand. He was never able to escape the island, being held in the sewers, thus causing him to still be on the island when Joker took over.

Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit


Batman and the Joker bypass Croc on the way to the Intensive Treatment Center.

"I've got your scent Batman, I will hunt you down"
Killer Croc was one of the many inmates of Arkham Asylum at the time of the Joker's takeover. His physical condition has worsened considerably since he was hired as an assassin many years ago, as has his mind, becoming far more bestial in nature. Even more deformed and reptilian in appearance (as well as growing even larger), he was imprisoned in the sewer system of Arkham where the staff fed him meat and just tried to "forget about him". When Batman was escorting the Joker through the Intensive Care unit, Killer Croc was being escorted by some of the staff (Including Louie Green), with a shock collar around his neck to keep him under control.

Croc spotted Batman and claimed that he would hunt him down very soon. He was then taken back to his lair by a number of asylum security personnel when the Joker took control of the Asylum. He saw Batman passing by a locked door adjacent to the sewer. Croc punched the door's window, claiming that he would get Batman soon.

Eventually, Batman was forced to enter Croc's lair in order to retrieve the mold required to create the antidote to the TITAN compound, which the Joker was using in his schemes. Batman soon learned of the antidote's location after a discussion with Poison Ivy. He was then followed by another villain, Scarecrow, down into the sewers who threatened to dump his fear gas into the water supply, which would lead straight to the Gotham River. Before he could do so, however, Croc jumped out of the water and grabbed Scarecrow, thinking that he was a lone security guard or inmate. Batman attempted to subdue Croc by activating his shock collar with a Batarang.

Croc flinched for a moment before jumping back into the water, dragging Scarecrow down with him. Batman made his way to Croc's lair, where Croc attacked him several times, only to be foiled by Batman activating his shock collar with Batarangs. Eventually, Croc cornered Batman at the entrance of the lair and charged at him. Unknown to him, Batman had laced the floor with Explosive Gel and detonated it as Croc ran across it. Croc then plummeted into the water below, vowing revenge on Batman.

After Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

Croc was in the Asylum sewers even after the events that happened on the island, after Arkham City, Hugo Strange sent TYGER Operatives to lure him out using human meat. They failed but still obtained Croc and sent him in the city, where he roamed the sewers/subway. A hidden room can be found, it has a dirty, broken down mattress, human skulls, and his collar. Scanning this room will help to solve one of Riddler's challenges.

Arkham City IncidentEdit

Croc makes a brief, non-fighting, appearance. After fighting Ra's al Ghul, if Batman throws a Remote Batarang on a switch behind a gate, Croc will burst out of the wall behind it and recognize Batman. Batman then states that he doesn't want to fight him and just wants to move through. Croc says that Batman's scent has changed and senses death on him, as he goes back to into the sewer, he remarks that there is no need for a fight, as he will feed on Batman's corpse.

Catwoman mentions Croc as an option to open Hugo Strange's vault. Catwoman and several other inmates then claim that Croc ate Scarecrow during the events of Arkham Asylum (but, it turns out that Scarecrow is still alive, and was not eaten by Killer Croc).

After Arkham City IncidentEdit

After the events of Arkham City, Harley Quinn hired Croc to protect the antidote to the joker venom. Batman eventually came to retrieve the antidote but was attacked by Croc. After a brief fight, batman subdued Croc with his last freeze blast.

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Though Killer Croc has not been confirmed to make an appearance in the game it is likely he will make an appearance of some kind as he was the one who disfigured Scarecrow.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Arkham OriginsEdit

In Arkham Origins, Killer Croc's mutation is not as severe as his appearance in Arkham Asylum. Killer Croc has green, scaly skin with a pale, white hue to his chest. He is barefoot (although he has bandages wrapped around his feet), and has bandages wrapped around his hands and wrists. Croc wears black trousers with faint, white pinstripes. He has a black belt around the waist and loose red overalls. Croc is shirtless (a trait he possibly carried over from his career as a wrestler), and has faint, yellow eyes with black, slit pupils. From his chest upwards, Croc has scaly skin, yet, his belly appears to have softer skin and is not scaly like the rest of his body. When he escapes during the prison riot, Croc looks identical to his original version, the only difference being that he is wearing orange prison trousers with a large belt and a very large, padlock-shaped, buckle. Croc has a slightly lean and muscular torso and his navel is visible.

Arkham AsylumEdit

In Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc's mutation has become much more severe. Croc's entire body is now scaly (he still retains the paler hue to his belly and chest), and has a large shock collar to incapacitate him, should he attempt to attack any of Arkham's staff, with a broken chain hanging from the bottom of the collar. He has two ankle cuffs with broken chains on his ankles and is still barefoot (the bandages are missing from his feet and hands). He has brighter, yellow eyes with black, slit pupils and much larger and sharper teeth. Croc wears dirty, orange, stained prison trousers, and has a brown rope tied in a knot around his waist as a makeshift belt. Croc is still shirtless and his physique is more muscular. His entire body is green, and he has a pale, white hue to the underside of his arms, belly and chest.

Arkham CityEdit

Killer Croc's appearance in Arkham City is identical to his predecessor appearance, only Croc is missing the ankle cuffs and his shock collar. Croc is slightly thinner in Arkham City due to lack of fresh food, yet he appears to be somewhat more muscular than in Arkham Asylum.

Psychological ProfileEdit


  • Reptilian Regressive Atavism Physiology
  • Thick, resilient, tough, durable & reptilian-like hide/skin
  • Near-bullet-proof like hide/skin
  • Razor-sharp & very durable teeth and claws
  • Low-Superhuman levels of strength, durability & stamina
  • Heightened senses, and extremely fast reflexes
  • Reptilian-like regenerative abilities
  • Able to survive in water for extended periods of time
  • An intense hatred of humanity
  • Expert wrestler & street fighter
  • Cannibalistic killer
  • Savage, animalistic & barbaric mental state

Patient InterviewsEdit

Killer CrocEdit

Real Name: Waylon Jones

GCPD ProfileEdit

Repeat offender. Unusual appearance. Classic criminal pattern. Broken home. Attended a reform school in Florida. Repeat juvenile offender. Killed another juvenile. Served life sentence in Florida system. Relocated to Gotham in recent years.

Waylon Jones is muscle-for-hire. His unusual appearance and casually sociopath disposition means he will periodically resurface. The challenge for law enforcement is to restrain him in a manner that restricts collateral damage. Strong recommendation of tactical engagement only.

While you are unlikely to confuse Jones for another suspect. Individual's photo IDs should be studied. Jones' unusual condition has caused his appearance to change dramatically over the years.

Tactical advisory based on medical condition:

-Dermal condition appears to have granted tolerance to impact. Including resistance to some small arms.

-Suspect is still growing. Initial intake reports had him at 6' 8 tall. Most recent intake recorded him over 8' 6. Do not assume size is a factor in considering a positive ID.

-Medical staff at various institutions have tried to treat injuries dealt to Jones only to be unable to find evidence of wounding. Suggests possible metahuman healing ability gifted by his overall condition.

Batman's Database ProfileEdit


Dr. Penelope YoungEdit

Psychological Profile: Jones was born with a rare mutation that created a series of physical disfigurements which have worsened intensely with age. His skin is green and scaly and his body has grown to grotesque proportions. While these disfigurements are unquestionably the sources of Jones' various psychological disorders, his intense misanthropy seems to also derive from an understandably difficult childhood which included alcoholic relatives and social rejection by his peers. He increasingly embraces an animalistic, subhuman conception of self.

Additional notes

"His acute misanthropy makes him difficult to treat, he refuses to respond to socialization, reacting only when he is acknowledged as a dangerous beast, which is clearly how he views himself. It may be that his physical disfigurements are so severe, he will never be able to truly integrate into human society. This challenge is made clear by repeated (and occasionally successful) attempts to maim and kill the asylum's orderlies and doctors."


Dr. Hugo StrangeEdit

Waylon Jones A.K.A Killer Croc


Arkham OriginsEdit

  • "You wanted it smashed, so I smashed it!"
  • "Thought I caught your scent."
  • "Comin' atcha!"
  • "Oh, ow!"
  • "You ain't strong enough."
  • "Do your fists hurt?"
  • "You're all mine."
  • "They'll be scrappin' you off the floor!"
  • "Lets add some fuel to this fight."
  • "Lemme show you somethin'."
  • "Yeah, that's right. Come a little closer."
  • "Lemme me show you my piledriver!"
  • "Like my tenderizer?"
  • "Yeah. C'mon in close."
  • "I'll flatten you!"
  • "Catch this!"
  • "Time to make some money."
  • "Time to put an end to this!"
  • "Time to take this seriously."
  • "Only boss a'me is me."
  • "Wait 'till Black Mask's assassin's get through with you-"
  • "Whoever wins is gonna be famous AND rich."
  • "Would ya look who's back for more?"
  • "Not yet you haven't."
  • "Screw this. Want the Joker? Take 'im."

Arkham AsylumEdit

  • "I've got your scent, Batman. I will hunt you down."
  • "A toy collar wont stop me from killing you, Batman. I'll rip you apart, eat your bones."
  • "I'll find you, rip your flesh like paper."
  • "I have your scent."
  • "There you are."
  • "You are mine, Batman."
  • "I can taste you already."
  • "I will feast on your bones."
  • "Your flesh will tear!"
  • "You can't run from me!"
  • "My caves will be your tomb!"
  • "No!"
  • "I will find you!"

Arkham CityEdit

  • "You are not welcome here!"
  • "Your scent is...different. I smell death on you. I don't need to fight you, Batman. I just need to wait. And then...I will feed on your corpse."

Arkham KnightEdit

Game Over LinesEdit

Arkham Origins

  • "I'll line my lair with your flesh, Batman!"
    Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Killer Croc00:38

    Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Killer Croc

  • *Breathes in* "Ahhh, the sweet scent of defeat."
  • "Looks like dinner is served!" (eats camera)

​Arkham Asylum

  • "I will enjoy feasting on your bones!" (eats camera)
  • "Tick tock, Feed the croc!"



  • He and Bane are the only assassin's hired by Joker to appear in all the Arkham games.
  • In one of the three alternate endings in Batman: Arkham Asylum after the credits, Killer Croc emerges from the water by Arkham's docks and grabs onto a floating case of Titan.It is also thought that Scarecrow did the same when escaping Arkham Asylum.
  • If the player makes Batman move about after Killer Croc comes out of the elevator and spots him, Killer Croc's head will follow him no matter where Batman moves about.
  • In the beginning of the game, Joker can be heard saying, "Tick-tock, tick-tock, is that a crocodile I hear?" This is a nod to Peter Pan, which features a crocodile that at one point swallowed a clock, causing people around it to hear the infamous ticking as it drew near.
  • Aaron Cash's missing hand is also a nod to Peter Pan.
  • In Dr. Young's notes, Penguin's signature is seen at the top of his page. This could be a small reference to LEGO Batman: The Videogame, in which Penguin and Killer Croc teamed up in an evil plan to terrorize Gotham.
  • In Arkham's Medical Facility's Sanatorium, an old prison cell is used as a Riddler Challenge puzzle to unlock Croc's Biography. This was most likely Croc's previous cell before he was moved to the sewers. The cell, however, seems to be too small to fit something as big as Killer Croc.
  • After the events of Arkham City, Croc can be seen in the Iceberg Lounge Challenge map teamed up with Penguin and watching Batman fight many enemies while smoking a cigar and sipping from a glass of liquor.
  • In his appearance in Arkham City, Croc appeared to be thinner than when he was in Arkham Asylum. This could be due to the lack of fresh food whilst in the sewers.
  • Croc is actually 11ft tall, it was mentioned correct in Arkham Asylum, but not in Arkham City (in Arkham Origins the younger Croc is only 9ft 8 inches tall).
  • In Arkham Origins, Batman is able to go toe-to-toe with Croc in a hand-to-hand fight, however in Arkham Asylum no such thing is possible. This could be an indication that Croc's further mutation over the course of the years has made his skin so thick that Batman is no longer able to physically harm him (However, it should be noted that when they encountered one another in Croc's lair, the entire area was submerged in deep water. And given Croc's mastery in swimming, it probably shouldn't count as a fair fight).
  • He is one of the few in Arkham City villains to not have a game over scene (along with Bane and Hush) however this can be attributed to the fact that none of these characters can physically kill the player within the game.
  • There is no collar in Arkham City, due to the "No Cell Policy," so he is free to run amok. You can however find the collar in Croc's room in the sewer.
  • Croc's different appearance in Arkham Origins is attributed to the fact that he is younger, and his mutation has not progressed to the point where he is most monster than man.
  • Killer Croc is one of the only five villains to appear in all Arkham games; The other four are Joker, Bane, Riddler and Harley Quinn. Although Riddler never physically appears in Arkham Asylum, he still played a big part of the game and Harley only appears as Harleen Quinzel in Arkham Origins.
  • As seen in the "Gallery" of this page, Killer Croc not only kills his victims by hand. He also shoots them, as he used to own multiple guns. He also used to possess a bag of cocaine (and a weed plant according to rumors) meaning he deals in or more likely (given his human side is that of a street thug) uses drugs.
  • In Arkham Origins, Killer Croc has bandages wrapped around his hands for unknown reasons. The bandages are missing in Arkham Asylum.
  • Killer Croc's physique changes as well as his mutation from Arkham Origins to Arkham Asylum. In Arkham Origins, Croc has has more human-shape physique, but in Arkham Asylum, Croc's physique is more muscular and reptilian.
  • Killer Croc's bio photo depicts him with a stained, dirty shirt; but in the actual games, Croc has his upper body completely exposed. This was probably so that gamers could see the progression of his mutation from Arkham Origins to Arkham Asylum.
  • When Killer Croc emerges from the elevator, the P.A. announces his arrival and grants the guards their "Shoot to Kill" permissions. Although Killer Croc's upper body has no clothing, his bio mentions his skin is so tough it can repel gunfire so shooting would be useless
  • Expanding on this, in Arkham Origins, Gordon hits a Joker Henchman Sniper with a baseball bat, and the bullet grazes Croc's shoulder after he escapes and attacks Batman. This further shows the progress of Croc's mutation.
  • Killer Croc's Arkham Asylum bio lists his occupation as a "professional criminal" but in Arkham City, his bio lists his occupation as an "alligator wrestler, gangster, murderer".
  • Even though his name is on the party list, Killer Croc appears to be the only inmate during Joker's takeover not to be released from his cell as he attacked the door Batman was behind.
  • Despite Killer Croc having a thinner physique in Arkham City, he appears to be somewhat more muscular than in Arkham Asylum:
  • Killer Croc's character trophy in Arkham City has him in a different pose than in Arkham Asylum; in Arkham City, Croc's character trophy has him rearing back as if roaring. Due to Croc being reared backwards, this thrusts his torso out, making him appear more muscular. In Arkham Asylum, Croc's pose had him slightly hunched over. This made his physique slightly less muscular than in the sequel.
  • Also, in Arkham City, Killer Croc's character bio makes him appear more muscular than his bio in Arkham Asylum. However, this can be attributed to the fact that Killer Croc's bio in Arkham Asylum depicts him with a stained, dirty vest on yet, Croc wears no clothing from the waist up (excluding his shock collar and chains) in the actual games.
  • The reason Killer Croc has no clothing on his upper body could possibly be attributed from the fact that Killer Croc's career was that of a professional wrestler. In wrestling, it is a common rule for wrestlers (men only) to be shirtless.
  • When Killer Croc rams into Batman (which occurs if the player is unable to throw the batarang in time), it is possibly a very small trait from his wrestling career as wrestling is a full body contact sport.
  • His role in Arkham Knight remains unknown, though many fans believe Scarecrow will kill him as means of revenge for his attack back at the asylum. He also might be experimented on by Scarecrow.

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