Joker Balloons were part of a small challenge to pop a small, tied down (and together) group of balloons with devious smiles on them.

They were a lot like the TYGER Security Cameras, that were mounted objects that you must destroy for the Riddler's Challenges.

Incident Reports

Batgirl: A Matter of Family Incident

Multiple patches of Balloons were string around Seagate Amusement Park. Destroying them all, along with Joker Teeth and Harley Quinn's Jack-In-A-Boxes were required for a achievement/trophy.

Arkham City Incident

Small groups of Joker balloons were scattered around Arkham City. They were part of Riddler's Challenges and encompassed bits of the Industrial District and Amusement Mile.



  • The balloons could be popped with the Batarang, REC, Freeze Blast or just by passing over them while gliding.
  • Balloons also appeared on Knight, but were purely decoration. They could be popped just like Joker's balloons.

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