The Joker's Party List was a list of potential Arkham Asylum inmates that the Joker hoped to "invite" onto Arkham Island to confront Batman during the island's takeover.

After he confronted and defeated Harley Quinn in Extreme Incarceration at the Penitentiary, Batman came into possession of the list which he took from her. On the list, Harley made pictures about her and the Joker falling in love and also about Batman's grave site. Several names on the list were marked through and had frowning faces beside them. Those that weren't struck through, had smiling faces beside them. When Batman asked what the faces meant, Harley told him to figure it out himself.

Party List Invites


  • One possible explanation for the smiling/frowning faces could be that the frowning faces indicated characters that didn't physically appear in the game while those with smiling faces did appear in the game.
    • It could also mean that those were people who were invited, but Harley didn't particularly like. That wouldn't seem logical, though, as she put a frowning face next to Selina Kyle, who was a good friend of Harley's.

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